Wonder Woman: First Look at Adrianne Palicki in Costume

new Wonder WomanWarner Bros. and DC Comics have released the first photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. The pilot for a new Wonder Woman TV series is being made for NBC and is being executive produced by David E. Kelley.

Palicki stars as the title character with Tracie Thomas playing alter-ego Diana’s assistant, Etta. Elizabeth Hurley will guest as villain Veronica Cale. Others in the cast include Cary Elwes and Pablo Pascal.

The pilot is currently being shot in Los Angeles and production will continue at least through the end of the month. Once the network sees the pilot, execs will decide whether to move ahead with it as a series. Unless it’s a disaster, it’s hard to imagine that the ratings-challenged network would pass on a project that’s getting so much early interest.

new Wonder Woman

What do you think? Do you like the new costume? Are you disappointed that it’s not the traditional outfit? Could that one work today?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Shelly says

    Do not like the new costume, it is horrible.
    The pants run rite into the boots and too much boob, for real!!

  2. Chris says

    I agree with “some” of the other committers…the costume in its right can be summed up as campy, cartoonish, and halloweenish;however, the designer was staying true to the elements of the colors (except for those boots)…the problem when producing comic book mythological characters into realistic live action embodiments can be a challenge for a make-up artist and designer because of the bias perspective that the “animater” or Illustrator for a company may draw out the physique of a woman; i.e. drawing a very sexual toned body which in some cases, real life actresses who are called to audition these roles, of comic book heroines or villians don’t possess those exact semmetrical triats.
    Truth be known, Linda Carter was a sheer facially embodiment of Wonder Womer; however, the frumpiness of her “Bikini” bottom was more of a distraction rather then her lips…seriously, not to bash Ms. Carter, but it did overly exaggerate her hips; thus, the noticible time to see it was whenever Wonder Woman would transform from her original garments to her Swimmer or Biker form during the show. There you can see that her hips weren’t as large as the lower part of her costume revelaed…personally, since it is going to be a live action show, I belive and agree with anyone that the costume should be darkened in color, what can be excused in the realm of comic books is one thing, but when dealing with reality, there has to be some form of rational compromise. For crying out loud, Adrianne in this photo shoot looks like a Power Ranger more than a Wonder Woman…The Boots should be Red as tradition, with a White strip and not a Gold one…Blue needs to go! The leggings, if looking to give comfort and flexibility to the actress should be clothe/spandex, as for the accesories, the Bracelets are nice (They give an slenderness to the foreare, the belt, tiara, and breast plate are horrible…if that is the design for the “Modern” look, than it should be made more metallic looking, and without the red stars [except for the tiara]…it looks as if theres a target for her Cuch from the belt, and do they represent something of Mind Body, and Soul!? The point in the end is that you are trying to reach a new generation and also please and older one, this is a old cliche but a true one, “If ain’t Broke, don’t fix it!”

  3. Paul says

    Actress seems to fit. I can get used to a modern look, but loose the red star on the chest and the thing pretending its her belt. I can stand the blue pants, not my favorite. But to me, Wonder Woman needs to keep her boot colours. Red and White. And the teirra, make it look the same as the comic book at least. If they did the slight changes, then the show will go farther then expected. But to alter Wonder Woman compleatly, this could kill the season.

  4. Jay says

    I think the outfit is awful. If they want to give her pants then at least stick to the comic book and her current look. The boots should be red. That outfit is way too shiny. And yes the metal needs to look like metal. I think that Adrianne looks awesome and can do the part justice.

  5. says

    I am a fan of comics and believe it or not, a Wonder Woman Fan! That being said. This person they have photographed is A TERRIBLE choice to play the title character. Quite frankly, Wonder Woman is sexy and strong. This woman does not fit the bill. Also, keep in mind Lynda Carter was/is very pretty.p This woman has a fat face with no cheek bones.

    She doesn’t even look like SHE believes she can pull it off. As for this suit. This is just wrong.. They changed Supermans suit. It didn’t work. They changed Spidermans Suit and it didn’t work. They have changed WW’s suit at least twice before and that didn’t work either. She is beautiful, strong and sexy. This will kill the character.

  6. Noyjitat says

    Don’t get the too much skin comments about the old costume. You can walk to the local beach or swimming pool or turn on the television, read a sports magazine and see women wearing less. Yet nobody seems to have a problem with that.

    It’s like this thing they were doing to supergirl for awhile giving her bike shorts all these years later under her skirt. Simply because some are uncomfortable seeing the occasional upskirt while shes fighting. Really does it upset and offend people that much? Seeing that on supergirl or seeing wonderwoman in her original costume is no different than walking around a beach or public swimming pool and seeing women laying down relaxing in the sun or a cheerleader doing those kicks and stuff they do at a highschool or college football game.

    Her original costume is so much better looking and has been that way for as long as I can remember. The only other costume I’d rather see her in would be the brass skirt.

  7. akuhlangel says

    as a Wonder Woman fanatic I have to check out the new series. It’s hard to let go of the tried & true. I am ready for a modern day Wonder Woman but haven’t found an artist interpretation of her vulnerability, beauty & strength that I like. As long as the creators make those elements a priority, it could be ok. Just having a hot chick in a super hero costume isn’t enough. I Hate the costume. showing skin made wonder woman vulnerable which added to her beauty.

  8. Jim says

    don’t like the new uniform.

    @hilary: i liked lynda cater’s lips, eyes, hair, etc.. why are women so critical of each other?

  9. says

    i don’t like the new uniform at all i hope they stay to the orginial uniform lynda carter did it best but she was not none so i think they should find someone not known i don’t think it that hard to find a woman that hard is 5’9 5’11 with a natural measurements with long black hair and blue eyes i agree with some of the other comments but my think is if it is not broke don’t fixed it remember it time that the kids that grew up watching and reading the dc and marvel comics get a mature show look at smallville it can be done with the tech we have out there i pray nbc doesn’t destroyed wonder woman like bioinc woman and knight rider and when will they do a animated wonder woman is man still scared and selfish for wonder woman to have her own show

  10. says

    Ok I agree with the others – Just NO. I can get with the costume. I like the lighter look IF this show isn’t going to be filled with swearing (D*mn this, H4ll that) because the kiddies that stay up will have something to watch with their parents if the story line is good.

    If it’s going to be an all adult show then darken the costume up a bit like the new Superman costume was redone.

    As for the actress, I hated her in Supermanural and I hate her in this role. She’s just an OK actress but she’s butt ugly. She doesn’t do the Wonder Woman moniker justice.
    Put a bag over her head, remove the implants, and then maybe – just maybe – she’ll be OK.

  11. David says

    Costume just looks cheap and not like Wonder Woman. Why do we have to change the costume. The original worked great in the 70’s and now it’s no longer acceptable? It shows too much skin? So the world is more prudish today then it was 30 years or more ago? I think it’s more Wonderless than Wonder in that costume. And don’t give me the practical argument. How is it more practical for an Amazon woman(not known for their modesty) to where long pants when she is nearly indestructible? It’s not like she needs the added protection.

  12. AJ says

    Okay. Just…no.

    The outfit is a monstrosity, campy, cheap remake of a classic. Okay, I can agree with the pants. Today’s superheroine probably shouldn’t run around in a bathing suit. But the colors are too bright, the fabric is way too shiny. Looking at how other comics are being redone (ie, Thor, Captain America, etc) it just doesn’t hold up to those fantastic reimaginings.

    The colors should, in my opinion, by a few shades darker, and the metal should look like actual metal and not cheap foil. After all, the costume (and the bracelets) were gifts from the gods to Diana of Themyscira when she left to go to the world of Man, (if we’re going by the original Wonder Woman’s comics origin story). I’m pretty sure the gods could do better than this travesty.

    As for the actress. Adrianne Palicki is a FANTASTIC actress (reference Friday Night Lights, Legion, and of course Supernatural). She’s beautiful, in shape and could probably do the character justice. Just…not in that costume.

    • Kellie says

      I completely agree with AJ!
      The Outfit has to go…much to cheap and to far off from the original. If you are going to change it up, please use some of today’s comics about wonder woman for reference. Not to mention the new Green Lantern movie. Following how they updated the outfit and you’ll have a fabulous costume worthy of Princess Diane and her legend.
      Please above all treat this character with respect.
      This show should rock everyones world!

  13. Hilary says

    FYI y’all, I couldn’t stand Lynda Carter’s lips. Too thin and they move kinda weird, always distracted me…I also thought she was a bit stiff. HOWEVER, she did, indeed, make a terrific WW. Nobody is disputing that.

    The question is, should there be another remake. You bet your ass! Always great to see animated and/or live action shows of the comics you love.

    So the real question is, should Adrianne Palicki portray WW, and should she do it in that suit. No and No.

    I agree with the fake boobs thing…REALLY?? On WW?? NO, NO NO!! It’s wrong, pure and simple. And that leads into the cheap Halloween/dirty laungerie outfit. OMG! Are they serious!? Forget the colors, the fabric is awful. And isn’t the WW logo on her chest supposed to be made of some kind of metal (gold maybe?). The outfit is WAY too cheap. Is this because it’s just for the pilot? I’ve seen where the outfits get better after the pilot is picked up. Hopefully this is the case. And yes, red boots, not blue. Why…why blue? Had to make a statement & be different? Why? AND…not to mention how HOT & SWEATY that whole outfit has got to be for the actress!

    The smile thing, sorry…have to disagree with some of you. WW is NOT always smiling. Don’t care if Adrianne isn’t smiling in the picture. Have you seen the AWESOME painting that Alex Ross made of WW? It’s incredible…and she’s not smiling. But she should have a remarkable smile when she does.

    Adrianne Palicki just doesn’t seem to have the cut facial features that an amazon should have. She’s got too much of an oval face (or is it just that picture, because she really does NOT look pretty in that picute). I just don’t think she’s the right actress for the job. Who is? Haven’t got a clue. I was hoping to see her when they released that press picture…

  14. Vicki Tory says

    Ok, this is the thing, the new wonder woman has to attract young kids. You all know that leggings are in, and isn’t this really Dianas Sister, not Diana. I read in the catalog that the new wonder woman really is the sister posing as Diana till they solve where somebody is.

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