3 lbs: CBS Cancels the Stanley Tucci Medical Drama

3lbs on CBS has been canceledCBS has a problem on Tuesday nights at 10pm. Last season, the network aired Love Monkey with Tom Cavanagh (who previously starred in NBC’s Ed) in that spot. It lasted three episodes before being pulled off the schedule. They tried the quasi-reality show Tuesday Night Book Club but that only lasted two episodes. Close to Home also performed badly in the timeslot but was moved to Friday nights and survived. CBS started the current season with the Smith series. Though many felt it was one of the best new shows on television, Smith was yanked off the air after only three episodes. To fill the hole left by the Ray Liotta series, CBS inserted the midseason replacement show 3 lbs to take its place. And now, guess what?

3 lbs. (which incidentally refers to the weight of the human brain) debuted on Tuesday, November 14, 2006. Billed as “the next great medical drama,” the show followed the medical careers of the difficult brain surgeon Douglas Hanson (played by Stanley Tucci) and his protege surgeon Jonathan Seger, played by Mark Feurstein. Also part of the gifted medical team is calculating neurologist Dr. Adrianne Holland (Indria Varma) and intern Dr. Tom Flores (Armando Riesco).

By airing this show on Tuesday nights, one might guess that CBS execs were hoping people who watched the very popular House on FOX at 9pm, would then turn to CBS to watch 3 lbs at 10pm. That didn’t happen.

The first episode of this House-like show debuted to 9.8 million viewers. The ratings have been dropping ever since. The second episode was watched by 9.2 million and the third episode was watched by 7.9 million viewers — prompting CBS to pull the doctor series immediately. The special 9pm episode of 3 lbs. that was scheduled for December 5th (entitled “Disarming”), has been replaced by an episode of The Unit. Repeats of CBS crime dramas will take the 10pm timeslot for the foreseeable future after that.

Eight episodes of the series have been filmed thus far, leaving five episodes unaired. Though CBS has not called this a cancellation, no further episodes will be produced and its highly unlikely that 3 lbs. will be given another primetime timeslot. Because of the public outcry, CBS has released all episodes of Smith on its website, for download via Amazon.com, and the show will possibly be released on DVD. It looks unlikely that 3 Lbs. will receive the same treatment.

It’s interesting to note that 3 lb.’s overall audience numbers have been lower than Smith’s, the show it replaced. Somewhere, I suspect Smith fans are quietly smiling. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Renee says

    I am hooked into this series. It just aired recently here in the Philippines via the Hallmark channel. I thought of surfing the internet now to check the episodes but was disappointed to find out that it was only short-lived. Hoping against hope that this show continues. It was written in good taste

  2. enchantedsun says

    3 lbs aired in the netherlands and is by far the best show i have ever seen. If there is anything i can do to help bring it back plz contact me. Enchantedsun@hotmail.com

    Great acting, great script, fantastically put together. The show truly had the type of quality that goes quite missing in all other tv shows.

  3. says

    Does it do any good for actual people that loved ,loved the show 3 lbs, to cry and whine. You took away our favorite show of alllll. I was so happy when I first heard the opening music of Train, Angels, I was choked up. I knew this was going to be the best show EVER. Then you cancelled it. I still get choked up thinking about how awesome the show was…. Please…bring it back. Just needs a new catchy name. I think the name 3 lbs scared everybody away.

  4. Maria says

    I loved it too – I have seen more than 3 episodes on UK TV (but less than 8)- late night on Sundays I think – I missed the end of the last one and it was not on tonight so I suppose the BBC are not airing any more either. What a shame – it is a great programme and I am really disappointed I won’t get to find out what happened to Doug and his visions.

  5. TAMMY says

    When 3lbs debuted I thought Christmas came early. Stanley Tucci is by far the sexiest man alive. I have been saying that for years. I hope the network releases all of the episodes to buy on DVD. I would pay anything to have them. Right now I just have to be greatful for the 3 I have still in my DVR. And every time my phone rings and plays ” calling all angels”, I can remember the great show that was cut down in its prime. Shame on whoever did that.

  6. Kym says

    Is it possible to see the rest episodes from anywhere? DVD? please this is such an intellectual series, I love watching this show because there are a lot of hidden knowledge about our brain! and its function.

  7. Michelle says

    I have been patiently waiting for this show to come back!! I really enjoyed the characters and thought it was going to be another E.R.!! And I loved the time slot because there is absolutely nothing on Tuesday nights!!

  8. RJ Cromack says

    I find this to be a unique show that doesn’t “fit” the normal nightime soap genre that’s overtaken television. A great cast, mixed with high quality, cutting edge science. Not the normal E.R. drama that other shows deliver where it is all focused on the medical staff characters. The two actors play off each other well and their involvement with their patient characters is a nice change and believable. This show didn’t need 20 actors and a handicapped character to make it work. It was a prime time “nip/tuck” less the sex, violence, nudity and vulgar language cable needs.

  9. thomas says

    man i cant believe that they would do this 3lbs was a good show. 7.9 million viewers is a lot of people. but is it all about the numbers. they are making a very bad error letting this show go.

  10. Anonymous says

    BRING THE SHOW BACK. I loved the show, the story, the characters, and Feurstein (crush on him for many years). The show really stood out from the other medical shows which were just about gore, not very intelligent like this show. There was nearly enough publicity or ads about the show as I was not aware that it had even started. I had seen only one ad before the show began airing. I happened to add it to my iPod and just happened to watch it on my iPod on a business trip last week. I was very dissapointed to come home and find that it had been cancelled. I WOULD LIKE MORE EPISODES PLEASE. thanks

  11. anonymous says

    It sucks that we have to indure mid-season changes… loose a show… find a new show… love it… get thru the christmas break just to find you’ll never see this oneagain. What would hurt to fill in that time slot with the remaining 5 shows? I’m tired of seeing CSI Vegas/Miami/NYC reruns.

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