Almost Human: To Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Almost Human canceled or season twoThis evening marks the season finale of Almost Human on FOX. Will it also be the last episode? Should this sci-fi series be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Almost Human takes place in the future and follows the partnership of a distrustful cop (Karl Urban) and an android who’s capable of emotion (Michael Ealy). The cast also includes Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, and Lili Taylor.

The show debuted on a Sunday in mid-November and drew a 3.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 9.18 million total viewers. It was a very healthy start, thanks in part to the fact that it had an NFL game as a lead-in. The numbers dropped more than 26% for episode two on the following night.

Over the course of the season, Almost Human’s ratings have been on the decline and now seem to have settled around a 1.6 in the demo with about 5.5 million viewers. That’s a far cry from its premiere.

While the show’s chances for a renewal could certainly be better, they could be worse too. Overall, the FOX schedule is in pretty sorry shape so that could spell good news for Almost Human. They’ve had lousy luck with new shows and some older shows have lost a lot of steam so the execs may be hesitant to cancel this one.

The decision will likely come down to how confident they feel about the network’s new dramas but I suspect Almost Human will get a 13 episode renewal for next year.

But, what do you think? Do you like Almost Human on FOX? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. Kat says

    Please renew Almost Human! I need regular doses of Karl Urban and I can only watch Star Trek and other of his movies so many times.

  2. Anonymous says

    We are on this site conveying our thoughts and feelings about the possible cancellation of Almost Human when we should convey this information to Fox Network as I’ve already done. With enough people rallying in support of keeping Almost Human on the air they have no choice but to appease the viewers if they want to keep their overall ratings up. Hopefully this website will share our views with Fox as will as opposed to this being a site just to share concerns about possible television show cancellations.

  3. marika cole says

    Keep the show going….geez one of those you have to really think to figure out, mesmerizing …………………

    • Anonymous says

      I can’t seem to figure this out, a great show they’re debating if they should cancel but reality shows, which have no substance, intrigue or appeal is an automatic renewal. What is wrong with this picture or should I say society and the people who run these networks. Smhbt

  4. Jeff says

    I love this show…..even by its self its a great show but what I love the most is its different….all we have nowadays for a good cop shows basically is 15 different versions of 5 shows….law and order is the 1st and biggest still i think stopped watching a long time ago, then theres CSI, even NCIS came out with a 2nd 1 which pissed me off NCISi loved….i’m surprised criminal minds hasnt spun off a 2nd show of some sort yet….but all them shows are basically the same week in and week out oh theres a dead guy…we got a suspect ill get a warrant uhoh trouble getting the warrant get more proof…got more proof goy warrant oh **** hes running… tackle cuff interrogate lock up see ya next week….its like watching nascar and im qujoting from jeff dunham but its true there makin a left turn and another left turn come back in 20 min u wont miss a ****** thing….actually think nascar might be more interesting at least ya get to c a crash now and then but the point is this show is different and is so much more entertaining then the LAO and CSIs..will be severly be dissappointed and might actually stop watchingnfox altogether….;please keep it going its not gonna take much more to lose the rest of the faith i hsve left in the major networ televisuion

    • Michael says

      Yes, we watch it and so do my friends. Leave it on. You’re right about one thing, CBS doesn’t have much to watch and when it does, they take it off.

    • Anonymous says

      Criminal Minds did have spin-off called Suspect Behavior but so many people wrote in to CBS to complain and the ratings were terrible they canceled it before they made it through a full season. Also, I couldn’t agree with you more about these cop shows. They have the same plot with different actors and now they have something interesting, unique, and exciting with two great actors who share this great synergy, which makes it a true one of a kind series, the network can’t seem to realize a hit show when they see one. I can’t help but to wonder where their mind set is. Just keep the show on.

  5. Charle L. says

    Almost Human is one of the best television shows on the air and it would behoove Fox Network too keep it running especially after everyone has gotten past the initial confusion and slow start. Great bromance with Kennex and Dorian.

  6. C Daniels says

    Almost Human is one of my favorite shows! The chemistry of the cast and the story are a favorite for me and my family. Since we do not have cable or an antenna, we watch it on Hulu plus as quickly as we can find time to be together and share a new episode.

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