Awake: Cancelled; No Season Two

Awaked canceled by NBC, no season 2It’s the nightmare NBC’s Awake fans were dreading. NBC has cancelled the show after 13 episodes and one season.

Created by Kyle Killen (Lone Star), Awake revolves around a police detective (Jason Isaacs) who, after being in a horrific car accident, finds that he’s living in two realities. In one, his son perished — in the other, his wife did. The cast also includes Laura Allen, Steve Harris, Dylan Minnette, B. D. Wong, Michaela McManus, Wilmer Valderrama, and Cherry Jones.

The complex drama had an unimpressive debut back on March 1st, registering a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.24 million viewers. NBC had released the pilot episode well in advance so some believed that hurt the premiere ratings.

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Theoretically the second episode should have shown signs of growth but it didn’t. Week two dropped 20%. Week three remained stable but subsequent weeks saw additional declines. Last week’s episode hit a new low with a dismal 0.7 rating and just 2.15 million viewers.

This season has averaged a 1.1 rating in the demographic with 3.5 million total viewers. Awake is the third-lowest rated drama on the network, beating only Harry’s Law and The Firm (both of which have been cancelled as well). On our NBC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo performance of shows on the network, Awake has a “D+” grade.

TV show supportNBC has now cancelled Awake and the series finale is on track to air Thursday, May 24th. While it wasn’t intended as a series finale, Killen has said that he believes the finale is very satisfying.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Awake has been cancelled and won’t be back for a second season? Was the series too complicated for most TV viewers or did it have other problems?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Julie says

    It’s crazy that all the good TV shows like Awake get canceled and who needs another dumb reality show? I was sorry to see another interesting show get taken off the air!

  2. Louise says

    They cancel a show that makes you think and keep stupid reality shows that require no thinking! What does that tell you about our society?!! Are we really dumbing down that much?

  3. Annette Allyn says

    What the h#$%. This was one of the best shows. I am so disgusted with the main networks. Gone by the way side are also great shows like. Missing, The River, Unforgetable and Alcatraz. We 50 something people are the ones kepping them in business. They should keep in mind that these shows are being DVR’d for later veiwing.
    I am so disgusted!!!!! I do not watch those d%^%## reality shows or will I ever. I guess I will stick to cable network programing because when I am interested in these great shows, THEY GET CANCELLED!!!!!

  4. Christine says

    If this show aired @ 1:00 a.m. on a weekly basis I’d stay “Awake” just to watch it!!! Get with the program NBC & stop canceling shows that are worth watching & cancel those reality shows instead. Don’t you realize that we all live a “reality life” everyday. We need “regular” shows to watch @ night when we sit down in front of our TV’s @ the end of our busy “reality life” day. Awake shouldn’t be canceled… please wake up NBC.

  5. says

    Someone at NBC needs a mental evaluation ! This was a great show. Since NBC caters to younger viewers I can see why they canceled it. You have to pay attention mentally to get this show, there is no eye candy to keep their attention . Im so tired of NBC s mindless shows, and tired of them bringing good shows to us only to yank them away after we become followers . When NBC going to ” AWAKE ” !?

  6. says

    Someone needs a mental evaluation themselves at NBC ! This was a great show. Since NBC seems to cater to younger viewers , I get why they canceled it ,you have to pay attention mentally , theres no eye candy to keep their attention , you have to use your brain to get whats going on in the show , thats what made the show so great ! So tired of NBC s mindless shows . When will NBC ” AWAKE ” !?

  7. S. Flinkman says

    I’m so sorry this was cancelled. I was really looking forward to Season 2. It was the only mainstream tv series I really followed last year. The only one that had a story line that involved half an ounce of brain power to follow. If Jason Isaacs isn’t going to be in this series, I hope he goes back to PBS and “Case Histories”. He’s becoming one of my favorite actors and PBS is becoming one of my favorite channels to follow.

  8. Anonymous says

    The best show i have ever seen and YOU F**KING CANCEL IT!!! These episodes are mind blowing!!! (especially the one where he sees the penguin)… Maybe I’ll go to sleep and wake up and the show wont be canceled?!?!?!

  9. Sue says

    Apparently NBC powers that be are not “Awake” period This show challenged me in a way that others do not. It kept me on my brain toes, thinking and wondering. It was fun to talk to my sister and husband about the show afterward. I think this, did you see when, Michael said, I think what’s really going on…

  10. Erica Hutchinson says

    Are you serious, I was re-watching the episodes just because I wanted to get a head start on a potential Direction for season two. Wow we do only use less than 2% of our full brain capacity. I was hoping season two would reveal that season one was a premotion of what was to come. If you notice when Jason leaves his room to go downstairs the camera focuses in on a newspaper on the side table when he walks by. Also Rex’s outfit seems to catch my attention when walks into the kitchen in the season finale. I will have to watch the second to last episode to understand why.

  11. says

    I think “Awake” was an interesting and imaginative
    show. The cast was superior. The story line was
    intricate enough to require attention. Too bad it won’t
    be back. I looked forward to it.

  12. laura says

    am getting a bit sick of this ,,,,, ive followed the secret circle and it was cancelled then the ringer was cancelled and now awake this tv company should be ashamed of itself , how can you just take a show off because you feel the viewing isnt at a high number , i see constant crap programmes on that i dont even understand why they are aired yet the 3 best ive watched this year were cancelled i think its a disgrace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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