Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck’s New Series for CBS; Cancel or Keep It?

Blue BloodsLast week, CBS premiered their new Friday night cop series, Blue Bloods. This marks the return of Tom Selleck to CBS in a regular TV show. His last series for the network, Magnum PI, lasted for eight seasons. Will this one last as long or be quickly cancelled?

Blue Bloods revolves around the Reagans, a multi-generation family of New York City cops. The series stars Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Len Cariou, and Dylan Moore.

Last week, Blue Bloods debuted to a 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 13.01 million total viewers. That was enough to be the most-watched show in its timeslot and for the whole night in both categories.

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By historical comparison, that’s a significant improvement in the timeslot. Last season’s sixth season premiere of Numb3rs attracted just a 1.8 in the demo and 8.10 million viewers.

CBS is no doubt very pleased with this performance and, as long as these numbers hold up week after week, it seems like Blue Bloods will be around for quite awhile. Based on a breakdown of the ratings in 15 minute increments, almost all of the people who tuned in for the premiere stayed to watch the entire episode. That’s a good indication that most of them will be back for episode two.

What do you think? Did you tune in to see Blue Bloods? Is the show worth watching or should it be cancelled?

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  1. Dennis Gallagher says

    Love the show except for (2) things Hair color for Tom is way off , it should be more natual with gray and second less meal time conversation although the food always looks good.

  2. Brittany says

    I would be really sad to see this show go. I think it’s one of the best shows that started this season. I think this show is great because it’s so much different than the other cop/law shows. I love the heavy family aspect, and the Blue Templar twist of this season is really really good. I want to know who killed Joe. I think I know what happened, but I am not entirely sure.

    The only thing I would change about the show is them always saving the day. It’s unrealistic, not every case gets solved.

  3. C stan says

    I like Tom SElleck…always have…everything he stars in…BUT this is not right. He should not dye his hair and mustache! Married to law enforcement for 35 years…a cop in that position would not dye his hair. Tom Selleck is distinguished looking with his graying hair. Every time I see that dye…I can’t look…I turn it off.

  4. Gmabee says

    The cast is good, especially the young cop, but we hardly see him..pursue his quest to find out what his dead cop brother was into. Donnie Whalberg, good actor but his NY accent is weak/over done. . his partners accent is really over done.The DA sister also very good. The grandfather, well he needs to retire, really retire including his worn out uniform and stop bringing lunch to his son the Chief. Tom Selleck was a good actor in his day, but now all he does is remind everyone of his position (which he seems to not like very much) and mumble his words and butt into things that are none of his business, i.e. last nite’s parish priest transfer. Is that in his job description as Chief of Police ? One more thing, does every family meal with the g’kids have to involve drinking? Not a good example to set !

  5. Sam says

    A definite keep!
    I recently got into this show, and after catching up, I’m in LOVE. Keep this show, for sure!

  6. paul zuckerman says

    keep it around, we need showa how vulnerable all of are. Watching blubloods show me what families endure as policeman and defenderss of our laws

  7. ec mitchell says

    Keep it. This one is just getting started and shows some good old fashioned quality that most series are lacking these days. Just stop switching it around, please.

  8. TKPedersen says

    Great show…watch it every week…even search when they changed nights for a bit. Sure hope this continues.

  9. Kathryn Buchalski says

    An excellent show, but they should stop moving it around. This makes a show lose viewers. CBS should definitely keep this one.

  10. Bing says

    YYESSS YOU GUYS BETTER KEEP BLUE BLOODS!<3 Not only does it revolve around a family of cops but it also shows the different sides of a cop like their family life and work life. I love this show soo much and I think billions of people would agree to keep iit on air because nothing could be better. The cast, especially Wahlberg..BH LOVE<3 but also Selleck! AMAZING Magnificent!<3 Of course the dinner scenes but watching tonight's episode was ddefinetly a no brainer the best ever!!<3<3<3 AND your filming in the city of New York! What could be better?!?!? So pretty please I'm begging you guys keep the show on air!<3<3<3 Love Donnie Wahlberg!<3

  11. jody bradley says

    My husband and I love this show. We would hope you will not cancel. It is the best show on any network this season.

  12. Mary Lou Pawley says

    I love this series…please keep it coming. I would like to see more of Tom Selleck in it although the other actors are great. I like the idea of a family being at the core of the plot.

  13. AUD says


    • maryanne Hedemann says

      I love the series! I have been a fan of Tom , since the 80.s ….the only problem I see is his hair!1 REALLY! I am a hair stylist at JORDAN THOMAS SALON AND SPA…top 200 in the country…we take hair color very seriously! his color looks like shoe polish!!! Come find me and lets get it right!

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