Body of Proof: Last Episode of Cancelled Series Gives Closure

body of proof last episodeThough Body of Proof was cancelled a couple weeks ago, there is some good news for fans of the ABC series. The series finale, which airs tonight at 10pm, will offer some closure to the show.

Speaking to TV Guide, star Dana Delany shared, “It’s a very satisfying ending… We do solve the mystery of the death of Megan’s father and she finally comes to terms with her feelings for Tommy Sullivan (Mark Valley). And I really, really liked it a lot… I think that the viewers are going to be happy.”

Delany also noted that the third season ends so well that the cast and crew weren’t sure what a fourth year would have held.

The third season finale was finished before ABC officially cancelled the show but the producers certainly knew that Body of Proof could be be canned due to low ratings. Delany added, “I think that everyone in television now knows you need to end your season, because you never know the future of a show, unless you’re Mad Men.

What do you think? Do you think Body of Proof should have been renewed? What could have happened in season four?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Leti says

    I just found out Body of Proof was cancelled! Not good…will miss it. The only two shows worth watching on Prime Time were Castel (hope she says yes) and Body of Proof. Now, there is only one show watching. Will Body of Proof Season 3 be on DVD? I hope so.

  2. Jayne says

    I am sad to learn of BoP’s cancellation!!! I was never a big fan of Dana Delaney until BoP. She brought a certain sense of strength and style that I just do not find on other network shows. Thanks BoP cast members; for 3 really fun,Tuesday evening seasons!!

  3. says

    What concerns me is why the ratings weren’t higher. What are people chosing to watch instead? It seems “we” want violence, raunchy sex, vulgar dialogue and just anything that demoralizes people. Body of Proof was a show with captivating characters, good acting, intriquing storylines and just the right amount of “sass” to make it work. There was always a redeeming grace to the story and my hour of TV time could have been spent much worse. I will miss the show and will NOT be watching “Mistresses” which replaced it, even though I enjoy the acting of some of the cast. Catch them in something else.

  4. Jan Owen says

    Body of Proof absolutely should have been renewed. Excellent drama, good, intricate relationships, good cast….another year at the very least!

  5. Shakia Williams says

    I hate ABC!!! They cancel every show I love one by one! SMDH!! This show use to be so good! I do miss the old cast that left! I felt like the show would lose ratings because of their absence, I have to be honest. You can’t change so many well loved characters (Bud, Peter and Samantha) and expect people to show loyalty. After they left, I started watching my episodes online here and there. I was happy that Megan ended up with Tommy although, I don’t like that they never showed a break up with her hunk with the beautiful accent. Whatever happened to him!? They made me feel like I was dreaming that she met him, because the beginning of this new season didn’t mention him at all beyond one episode. Do they think we’re not paying attention? But Tommy was just starting up a relationship with his rebound chick, you know the one who played Gia on General Hospital. He didn’t even have enough decency to break up with her. lol! Did Kate ever win in her election? Poor Luke Perry, he was brought on the show so Megan could have a real chance at moving on! lol! If there was anyone worthy of moving on with, it was Luke freakin Perry! Let’s be real ladies, can we all agree that in reality, Luke Perry would have won that hands down!

  6. Gail says

    I loved the show. I looked forward to Tuesday evening’s to see what crime would be solved and if Megan’s relationship with Sullivan would evolve. I’m really sad to see it cancelled when there is very little else worth watching.

  7. Sue says

    “Body of Proof” finally got the cast right in the final series. Then they allow the writers to screw up!!! I am radically upset that it got cancelled! Other then Castle – there is not ANY show on TV that ranks as high when it comes to holding my interest. And – Delaney is an absolutey brilliant actor.

    With the particular casting of people, the show could have taken all kinds of twists and turns and focused more on actual cases to solve, with a gentle misture of relationships among the cast members. Come on people, get some good writers and bring back one of the best things that has ever happened to my TV screen – please.

  8. Sharon says

    Castle and Body of Proof were the only shows we watched on ABC. Guess we’re down to Castle on ABC.

  9. Craig says

    I love Mark Valley in shows, but he is this generations Ted McGinley, which means death to a show. I watched this show for a season and a half, and then I just had to stop. This isn’t a thinking persons show. This isn’t a well written show. This isn’t close to being a quality show. It is a sub par crime drama, which is why it is on ABC. It can’t hold a candle to the crime dramas put on other stations, and that is why hardly anyone watched it.

  10. Elizabeth says

    The show should not have been canceled. However, they seem to have changed writer for the show this season and if anything, that is the reason for the low ratings and thus the cancellation of the show. Shame on you ABC. IT was a most interesting show in the first two seasons. You ruined a really good thing!
    There is so much brainless trash on TV and when you had a show that made people think or watch people who do, you mess it up.
    Hopefully you will rethink this and provide better writers for the show and renew the series!

  11. Mary says

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They canceled the show Body of Proof is one of the only shows on TV that are worth seeing…

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