Bomb Girls: Cancelled Series Movie Airs May 26th

Bomb Girls: canceled show movieLast April, it was announced that Bomb Girls was being cancelled after two seasons. While there wouldn’t be a third season, a movie has been produced to wrap up the series.

Reelz has announced that Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy will air on Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day), at 9pm.

Here are the details:


Honoring Our Veterans, The WWII-Era Movie Airs Monday, May 26 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT

Oscar(R)-Nominee and Golden Globe(R)-winner Meg Tilly Stars as Lorna Corbett

(Albuquerque, NM) Monday, March 24, 2014 – ReelzChannel today announced the two-hour television movie Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy is set to premiere Monday, May 26 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT, transporting viewers to a dark hour in the Battle for the Atlantic. Under constant pressure to turn out more bombs, as well as work on a new secret sonar line, the women of Victory Munitions band together in a tight bond of support and friendship. But when a disturbing menace appears in the form of a saboteur among the factory workers, Gladys Witham (Jodi Balfour), a fiery young woman from privilege, is covertly recruited by Allied Intelligence to find the traitor, forcing her to spy on her best friends, co-workers and fellow agents and call into question everyone and everything she trusts. Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy also stars Oscar(R)-nominee and Golden Globe(R)-winner Meg Tilly as Lorna Corbett, Charlotte Hegele as Kate Andrews, Ali Liebert as Betty McRae, Anastasia Phillips as Vera Burr, Antonio Cupo as Marco Moretti, Peter Outerbridge as Bob Corbett, Michael Seater as Ivan Buchinsky, Jamie Elman as Jakob Berman, and Catherine Berube as Helen Buchinsky. Viewers have an additional chance to watch Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy on Monday, May 26 at 11pm ET/ 8pm PT and again on Sunday, June 1 at 11am ET/ 8am PT.

“We are excited to share such an important story with our viewers this Memorial Day,” said Stan E. Hubbard, CEO of Reelz. “With its magnificent cast, compelling characters and superb production, Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy is the perfect way to honor our veterans and has appeal that spans generations.”

“This special movie brings our beloved Bomb Girls face to face with the very real danger of home grown sabotage as the Battle of the Atlantic rages and the fate of democracy hangs in the balance,” says Michael Prupas, Executive Producer. “Meeting the challenge posed by domestic enemies brings the war home in a way that audiences are sure to love.”

Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy takes place in 1943 as the Battle for the Atlantic rages and an Axis victory seems inevitable. German U-boats patrol the ocean picking off ships, destroying much needed supplies and inflicting heavy casualties. The one hope the Allies have – production of newly developed sonar equipment – is moved to Victory Munitions when the British factories are bombed, and it’s the duty of the women at the factory to band together and fight for their country. Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy is produced by Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Film Productions in association with Shaw Media

Although the movie can stand alone, viewers can gear up for Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy when Reelz re-airs the first two seasons of the Gracie Award(R) winning, original drama series Bomb Girls, starting on Sunday, April 13. Set in a time when society was experiencing fundamental changes in the workplace and at home, the first season of Bomb Girls presents the stories of the women who risked their lives in a munitions factory in support of the European front. Liberated from social and cultural restrictions, they embrace their newfound freedom, changing their lives – and the world around them – forever. Season two of Bomb Girls begins just after the attack on Pearl Harbor and draws viewers deep into 1942 with its music, fashion, romance and the thrill of being alive in dangerous times. A complete list of airdates and times is below:

Sunday, April 13 Season 1- episodes 1-3 starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Sunday, April 20 Season 1- episodes 4-6 starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Sunday, April 27 Season 2- episodes 1-3 starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Sunday, May 4 Season 2- episodes 4-6 starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Sunday, May 11 Season 2- episodes 7-9 starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Sunday, May 18 Season 2- episodes 10-12 starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Saturday, May 24 Season 1- all six episodes air back to back starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Sunday, May 25 Season 2- episodes 1-6 air back to back starting at 11am ET/ 8am PT

Monday, May 26 Season 2- episodes 7-12 air back to back starting at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

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What do you think? Do you plan on watching the wrap-up movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Heather of Darlington says

    Cannot believe that a tv company can get you so involved with a series like my husband & I were with Bomb girls, waiting for the next series, and then say it is not happening. Well where do we say the finale film.

  2. says

    I wish the network would bring Bombgirls back it as one of the few shows worth watching! So change the lineup and start making the next season ASAP. It’s original, fresh and worth bringing back on air!

  3. says

    Sept 30,2014
    I loved watching Bomb Girls it was a show that let me feel I was back in time, a slower passé time for the world. Sometimes we people need to take a brake from this high tech pressurized world we have to cope with in 2014. I was looking forward to their next season but, now I mourned its’ cancelation truly.

  4. melissa says

    Loved this show so sad that they aren’t continuing the series. Hadnt seen the movie. How can I get a copy of it please?

  5. anonymous says

    I caught this show a few times, but have now seen the whole series. It was great, too bad it was cancelled. It was intriguing and funny leaving me wanting for more but it was wrapped up with the movie. I caught the series on REELZ.

  6. says

    Enjoyed the movie that wrapped up the story. So entertaining and well done. Why was this show cancelled ?
    Wish it had not be cancelled, what a disappointment !

  7. says

    I simply loved this series and followed it faithfully until its untimely death! I don’t understand why, here in America, guns and violence rules our television offerings. This series did not unless it was pertinent to the story. I will miss it and hope it will be released in some form that can be purchased by its adoring public. RIP Bomb Girls …

  8. K Miller says

    Sorry it was canceled. We do not have OWN or Reelz to see the movie MaY 26TH. The series left us hanging.

  9. Sad in MIssissippi says

    We love Bomb Girls. Why was it canceled…? Great show! We look forward to seeing the movie.

  10. says

    Why is it when a decent and great show comes along, they always want to cancel it???? I really loved the Bomb Girls so very much and now like always you have to end this show!!!! This show help me to understand how my grand parents and parents had to live during this era. When something this great comes along, you have to do this to the fans…. Shame on you!!!! I sure hope that you can do something new with this show and NOT END IT!!!!

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