The Bonnie Hunt Show: Watch Video of the Last Episode

Bonnie Hunt ShowAfter two seasons on the air, The Bonnie Hunt Show has come to a close. The daytime talk show, featuring actress and comedienne Bonnie Hunt and sidekick and executive producer Don Lake, attracted a group of very devoted viewers but unfortunately there weren’t enough of them to keep the show on the air.

Original episodes of The Bonnie Hunt Show have been airing throughout May but the last episode actually taped was broadcast on Monday, May 10th. The guests on that show are actress Holly Robinson Peete (The Apprentice) and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, and Brody Jenner from The Hills.

The series finale is likely to be aired again before the show goes off the air but here are some clips of the fond farewell.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. tresa says

    Can not believe that the Bonnie Hunt show was taken off the air!!!!! Good humor, great guests that show beats Oprah in my opinion!!! Still stunned!

  2. penny moses says

    i hate that the bonnie hunt show was canceled. it just goes to show that television is not relective of what people really enjoy seeing. if it isnt full of vulgar and crude content the executives do not want it on.

  3. Laura says

    Shows come and go and I have never gone out of my way to express loss about those I miss. BUT, I realize this fall I really miss tuning into the Bonnie Hunt show. I miss Bonnie’s quick humor but also her unashamed sensitivity to issues we should all care about. The times she teared up brought tears to me and her laughs made me smile. And, yes, her mother–a vessel of earthly wisdom. Such moments of realness are rare on TV. Best wishes to Bonnie and all the people who worked on the show.

  4. keith Austin says

    Dear Bonnie, and staff,
    I am so disappointed your show was canceled! We enjoyed the show very much and cant believe your funny , great show was canceled..bummer, I just dont have the words to express my, let down due to this..For the record i think it was a mistake, but numbers dont lie i guess.
    ms Bonnie we will miss your show emensly and The show that took your place in my opinion sucks): and cant believe people will like this show better, just between you and i , i hope it doesnt make it..nothing against nate but we just dont like the concept and we miss you….Your devoted Fan Keith Austin..
    P.S. are you going to be doing another show? i know this is the third try but you are rezilant and im sure we will be seeing you in movies or hopefully a new show.. and your Mother must be devastated as well , say hi to mom and you will be in our thoughts and prayers……….we love you Bonnie and producer……………………………Don..):

  5. Andrea says

    I really miss the Bonnie Hunt Show…I would wake up every morning just to watch the Bonnie Hunt Show. Then after to get my day going. Now that they have put a show on that Im not quite sure many of us single unwealthy women will ever understand is beyond me. I’ve learn so much watching the Bonnie Hunt show. Thanks a million Bonnie you are greatly missed. Nothing can compare to your show.

  6. Jeannie Earles says

    Dear Bonnie Hunt,
    As a part of my routine, I settled down with my coffee in hand ready for the laughter that you brought me through out the week. Unbeknown to you, this was quite an accomplishment to bring a smile in my daily life. I am 35 , struggling with poverty, have 3 kids, recently divorced, and lost my last living parent, my mother, a year and a half ago. I lost her the same week as I was slated to speak in front of a parole board for myself and my mother about not releasing the man who killed my father. As I was preparing a statement on what my life has been like living with out a father I recieved a phone call from my mothers caseworker saying that she had found My mother dead. I am orignally from the Chicago area so I enjoyed your reflections of the windy city and your beautiful spirit that showed through in all your stories. Last but not least I wanted to thank you for sharing your mother with me. Language can not truely give it justice.
    I wish you the best in your future whatever that may hold and if you find yourself busy again and need an assistant then I am available for the position and it would be an honor to give back to someone that has given me so much without even knowing it. Thank you. Sincerely, Jeannie

  7. Michelle says

    I love the Bonnie Hunt show I cannot understand why that show would go off the air but the Tyra Banks show is still on the air. I hope you come back on Bonnie I enjoyed you & you mom .

  8. Cyndee says

    I am so disappointed. I turned on the TV to watch Bonnie, and some lame Nate guy was being obnoxious and not entertaining. I googled, and, to my dismay, found that Bonnie had been cancelled. I watched this show with my 12-year-old daughter, and 82-year-old mother, and we all loved it. It is extremely RARE when three generations of women can watch, and enjoy, the same T.V. programming. Bonnie, you’ll be missed.

  9. C. Collett says

    SOOOOO disappointed that the Bonnie Hunt Show is off the air. This show was clean, fun, entertaining and had good tidbits to share with all of us. None of the other daytime talk shows offer this and I am so upset she is off the air. Another network should pick her show up, please. Please. She is one of the few comedians willing to take us all back to good, clean, fun humor and goodness knows our world could use some more of that type of humor. She is real, with no pretenses and sees the real humor in life, which is our own flaws and makes light of them in a kind, funny way. Bring her show back!

  10. glina says

    dear bonny i realy miss your big time tv talk show .i smiled for the hole hr.i enjoyed you shareing your mouthers apions and your growing up in a big family .glina from willis tx.

  11. Sarge says

    Miss you Bonnie Hunt!!!!!!!!! Can’t stand the bxxtches from The View! lol……….
    Seriously, miss your down to earth personality & fun humor!

  12. Carol Reeve says

    I also love and miss watching Bonnie’s show…my husband and I both enjoyed her so much, and her crew..why do the sponsors need shows that are filled with sex and bad language and violence to sell their products..they had a good show with Bonnie..I hope she comes back..

  13. Anonymous says

    I really miss seeing the Bonnie Hunt show on in the afternoon. She is so down to earth and always brings up a subject for me to learn something about. I love her nice, clean humor. Hope she can come back sometime.

  14. Janet Greer says

    Love the Bonnie Hunt Show…..only show of its type on TV…..CONSIDER renewing it!! Maybe later in the night as she would win out over the late night men!!!!

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