Castle: ABC Orders Two More Episodes, Is the Show Safe from Cancellation?

CastleFans of Castle are getting some good news. ABC is ordering two additional episodes of the Monday night drama. Can fans finally relax?

Castle revolves around an egotistical novelist, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), who teams up with police detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to solve crimes in the Big Apple. The drama also features Susan Sullivan, Molly Quinn, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Tamala Jones, Jon Huertas, and Seamus Dever.

Last spring, ABC showed some faith in Castle and renewed the series for a second year. This season, the show got off to a sluggish start but, even without the benefit of the Dancing with the Stars lead-in, has been gaining steam in recent weeks. On Monday, Castle hit season highs in both the coveted 18-49 demo (3.0 rating) and in total viewers (10.55 million).

If the ratings keep going in this direction, the show will certainly be renewed for a third year. It’s chances look even better once you consider all of the ABC shows that are either doing far worse (Better Off Ted, Scrubs, the forgotten, and The Deep End) or have already been cancelled (Eastwick, Hank, and Ugly Betty).

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In light of the ascending ratings, the network has decided to add two more episodes to the season, bringing the year two total to 24 installments. Fan site broke the news and it has been confirmed to us by a network representative.

ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson professed his love for the show at the recent TCA press tour, saying, “We’re excited by the show… Nathan is fantastic and I think his chemistry with Stana is great. I think tonally, there’s not a lot of shows on like it. Probably Bones is the only other show with that tone and we’ve seen what a success Bones has been. It’s a warrior for FOX.” He added, “Plus, Nathan is amazing and my wife has a major crush on him.”

The network is also planning another Castle tie-in book with Hyperion. The first book authored by “Richard Castle,” Heat Wave , spent 14 weeks on the New York Times Hardcover bestsellers list. The popularity of the book has sent Hyperion back to press eight times.

The second book will come out in September 2010, a month after Heat Wave is published in paperback. If the show’s ratings continue to look rosey, the third season of Castle will no doubt soon follow.

What do you think? Will Castle get a third season? Does the show deserve it or is there another show on the bubble that you’d rather see renewed?

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  1. Taylor says

    I love watching Castle. It reminds me of when I used to watch Moonlighting. Same type of humor. Keep the show!!!! I think the networks are too quick at cancelling shows. This show is awesome!

  2. Mary Sagor says

    Ok, just for fun I checked my DVR, and it is as I suspected: out of 108 recorded shows I have saved, the ONLY episodes from ABC are CASTLE, and out of 60 series set to record automatically only 3 are ABC’s: CASTLE, Dancing with the Stars (between seasons), and Cupid, cancelled lafter only one season.
    I am not certain who chooses the shows that air, but 2 out of 60 doesn’t seem like he/she is getting the job done very well. CBS has the highest share of my DVR time, followed by USA and TNT. If you really want your ratings to go up, add some shows with witty dialogue and good characters played by excellent actors…oh, I just described CASTLE…and if you absolutely have to have reality shows, find some with high entertainment value, like people showing off their own skills, not backbiting and sabotaging their opponents, accompanied by wonderful music and big-name entertainers, being judged by experts in the field…oh, that’s DANCING…

  3. Gaby Buchanan says

    All my friends and I love Nathan Fillion. We have the Firefly DVD and won’t miss Castle. We will buy the products sponsoring the show. There is a fan base! I don’t know how the network gauges who is watching but nobody’s counting us! Do not cancel the show!

  4. Mary Sagor says

    The main question at this time is: Does anybody with influence over renewals actually read any of these posts? If not, why not, and, how many comments from how many people will actually make a difference? We can love the show every moment of every day, but if the programming director thinks another show will be more popular (no matter how wrong he is) then we are wasting our time with these postings. Sorry, that sounds like a cynical remark, but if the network thinks it will make more money from another program, that’s the one they will choose. It’s all about the ratings and how much the timeslot is worth to them. Again I ask, does anybody in management bother to read our comments??

  5. becca says

    This is a no-brainer; renew it. It’s different. There are times when I’m flipping channels and land on some crime shows, I can NEVER tell what show I am watching. Castle is one that is clearly distinguishable from the others. There is a wonderful balance in the storyline. From the murders to the family atmosphere, it’s all great! Not to mention, what would we do if we left Castle and Beckett just hanging there at the end of this season!? They’ve got phenomonal chemistry and we fans need to see what happens!

  6. Kristen says

    For God’s sake, renew the show! It’s so nice to see an intelligent, well-acted, well-directed show that is equally funny and dramatic succeed. I’m so tired of the police procedural shows with characters who seem like they have lost the ability to be anything but stone-cold serious. I’m also tired of the toilet humor, I-hate-my-wife-and-kids brand of comedy that is unfortunately so popular these days. The fact that so many well known actors and actresses have been guest stars on Castle shows that people in the industry know it has a good audience as well. Dear ABC, please renew Castle!

  7. Matt says

    I think Castle should come back for a third season. The chemistry between Beckett and Castle is great. They really compliment each other. They should keep that relationship the way it is. It would ruin it if they started dating. It’s what makes the show what it is. I hate reality shows, so cancel them all. I also think better Better off Ted should come back fo a third season; it’s hilarious and the writing incredibly smart. I was kind of on the fence about Scrubs coming back for a ninth season, but this season might some promise. However, I don’t think that it has enough promise to keep it on the air. Bring back Pushing Daisies, it was an awesome and creative show.

  8. j. brandt says

    Castle is the best, most creative, imaginative, well acted, keeps ya wanting more program on TV. My entire family watches together (even the reruns) and everyone enjoys it tremendously! There are too many b.s. “reality” choke shows on TV that are so far from entertaining I find it hard to believe the networks keep trying to cram more down our thoats season after season. ABC did us an injustice when they cancelled Pushing Daisies – another creative, imaginative, well acted show. Now I understand that Ugly Betty is getting the axe. What is up the the ABC network executives anyway? They put on these great shows – then keep switching the nights and times they are on so no one knows what time or night they’ll be on and then they cancel them due to lack of viewership. I just don’t get it. Castle is awesome – keep it coming. Don’t axe Ugly Betty – extremely entertaining. And bring back Pushing Daisies with it’s original cast. Then you’ll have TV worth watching!

  9. Darlene says

    This show is great. Not only is the crime solving chemistry there, I also love the interaction with his family. It makes it real…not like other shows that lead you to believe there is no life outside of work.

  10. LMGB says

    I love Castle! I also liked Eastwick. I’m sick of the CSI/Law&Order type shows or reality shows for that matter. When I watch TV I want something funny and not too serious. I still like Law & Order, always have, just too many of the same thing out there.

  11. dmcw says

    It deserves a 3rd season without a doubt! I watch a ton of TV, but Castle is my only must-see of the week. The writing is smart and funny, the cast is amazing, and the chemistry between Fillion and Katic has no match. It has been so long since I was this excited about a show, and the quality only gets better and better!

    If you have never seen it, check it out…you won’t be sorry. It is pure fun!

  12. Mary Sagor says

    I don’t much like reality shows at all…but, ya gotta admit, it’s fun watching non-dancers learn how and even get to be wonderful! I had never watched “Dancing with the Stars” until I stayed with some friends who never miss it…and, yes, I got hooked! I loved that Michael Irvin lasted so long! And this previous season with Donny Osmond and Kelli was excellent. No, I don’t remember who all was on it, but my memory is bad. The politician from TX was a hoot, and sidestepped out of the competition very neatly, just as any politician does when he sees he’slosing. I love the music, the guest stars (for the most part) and in general it is very entertaining…which is why I watch TV or movies. At least people are competing in a positive not backbiting, backstabbing or vicious manner. Dancing brings out the best in people and if you haven’t seen the show, don’t knock it! (yes, the first few episodes of the season can be painful to see, as not everyone is as graceful as they think they are…) but after the first few are eliminated, it’s delightful! And Chloris Leachman was a HOOT!!!

  13. Barry I. Grauman says

    Of course “CASTLE” is coming back for another season! ABC likes their ratings….and, more important, they OWN it. They want to be sure there’s enough “material” for several DVD box sets, like “LOST” (another two seasons, and they can “throw away their bottle of red ink”). However, I would suggest they eventually schedule something more substantial before “CASTLE” than “THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE” and “DANCING WITH THE STARS”. As proven recently, just because “UGLY BETTY” is now appearing on the network’s somewhat successful Wednesday night comedy schedule [which has also been renewed for next fall], doesn’t automatically guarantee it’ll get better ratings than it did on Fridays earlier this season…and now it’s not even returning next season. I can only hope ABC doesn’t make the same mistake with “CASTLE” NEXT season!

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