Copper: Cancelled, No Third Season for BBC America Series

Copper canceled by BBC AmericaIt’s the end of the road for Copper on BBC America. The cable channel has announced that the show has been cancelled after two seasons. The cancellation comes following the show’s modest ratings.

In a statement, BBC America GM Perry Simon said, “The opportunity to work with Tom Fontana, Barry Levinson, Will Rokos, Thomas Kelly and the extraordinary cast and crew on this journey is one that we are extremely proud of.”

He continued, “Their vision to retell the immigrant experience through the melting pot of New York City was an original and fresh idea that melded well with the essence of BBC America’s programming. After 23 episodes, with Lincoln dead and the nation starting to heal, it seems a fitting moment to conclude this American story.”

The de facto series finale will air this Sunday. It’s called “The Place I Called My Home.”

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear there won’t be a third season of Copper? How would you have ended the series?

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  1. Sonia says

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THEY CANCELLED THIS SHOW!!! Great acting, writing, production. Why do the powers that be, continue catering to the lowest common denominator, IQs under 50! I’m sick of all the “reality” shows, they are garbage! What happened to Eva? Will Kevin take that job? WTF PEOPLE! We are a Zero TV home but I’ve purchased all the second season episodes and watched the first on Netflix. QUALITY TELEVISION, WE ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT. Not for Ducks, Boo Boos and Karda whatever their names are. Quality TV doesn’t survive.

  2. GinnyEaston says

    GLAD it is cancelled. Kevin, Francis and Robert are total slime. Kevin f’s every w hore he can then dumps his wife as she f’d his best friend… his best friend kills 4 people and we are suppose to like him?

    I don’t even like any of the lead characters…they are all selfish children in adult bodies.

    And Eva …ya ya the w ho re with a heart of gold bs… the wench slit Molly’s throat what an angel Eva is … so yes I am glad these anti- hero are off the air.

    As for the actor’s excellent work. Love you, believe in you.. to the point I hate you. Great acting to the crew.

    • Corynn says

      I think you’re missing the whole point of this show.

      One, I don’t think Kevin left his wife solely because she slept with his best friend. If you remember from the first season, she was missing- forever! and his daughter was dead. He returned from the war to find a dead child and a missing wife…so what if he found solace in the arms of Eva (whom I really don’t think we are supposed to view as an angel, just that she cares for Kevin… that’s about it.). He left Ellen because of the fact that she had an affair with is best friend while he was away at war and her affair caused the death of his daughter.

      And if you think about it, he really didn’t sleep around after Ellen came back into the picture. She really was a terrible person, and at some point he could see it and the fact that their relationship was a black hole… so he left her. But ran to her when he found out he knocked her… she’s the a*hole for killing herself.

      • lainie k says

        Exactly- Kevin was angry and couldn’t get over the fact that the affair resulted in the death of his beloved Maggie. This was what he couldn’t get passed. And, she was a selfish *itch. She wasn’t happy with anything he did to make their lives better- from the boxing to enlisting to being a cop. She said it herself- she felt like he was never there for her. So, she used Francis to fill the void and took advantage of him too (yes, you heard me). She knew Francis carried a torch for her ( we hopefully find out about this back story if movie gets made). And, then, she does the most selfish thing of all and kills herself and another one of Kevin’s children. Technically, she had killed both Francis and Kevin’s children at that point.

        In regards to Eva- I think Tammany Hall has her hidden away as a bargaining chip with Kevin. They know he will look for her and they can hold her over him. Would have been a great cliffhanger if BBC hadn’t literally thrown the whole lot of us over the cliff with the ending.

  3. Bob P says

    One of the few quality shows on TV, it deserved better than this, as did its fans. BBCA has just lost two viewers. Why would we bother to become invested in any other of your shows? If you don’t even recognize that Copper is worth giving another chance, even if on a different night/time, than there’s no hope for the decision makers at BBCA. What a shame.

  4. SeriouslyPOd says

    I just wrote to BBC to express my dismay over the cancellation of one of the best shows on TV. Hopefully they’ll get enough comments to make a difference. I stated how they set Copper up to fail by putting it up against an always stacked Sunday time slot. I mean you put it up against established shows such as True Blood, the final season of Dexter, and most recently Boardwalk Empire. Not to mention Network shows. I mean you aired the finale against the Emmy awards! They should’ve took a page from Hell on Wheels book and move to Saturdays. Where it is wide open. Another Civil War era show that has good writing and interesting characters. Hopefully the talks about a movie doesn’t break down. Remember your comments and letters make a difference. Fan support made a Firefly movie and brought Fringe back for a final season!

    • Corynn says

      The Sunday night time slot was fine. For one thing it wasn’t on during True Blood (I know because I watched both shows!). Saturday wouldn’t have worked because its saturday… people are out… not staying in to watch TV.

      As for the movie idea, I hope it happens only because I loved the show, but I really think BBC ought to reconsider. They don’t even have that many programs available… How many times are they going to play Star Trek Movies, A Knights Tale, and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman!

      Having more regular programming would be a better way to go… so bring back Copper! And the In-Betweeners!

  5. cgw says

    If you liked “Copper,” then look into Lyndsay Faye’s books spun around the founding of the NYPD in the mid-1840s. Both “The Gods of Gotham” and the new “Seven for a Secret” serve up the period in even more detail.

  6. Corynn says

    I’m both disappointed in the fact that this show is being canceled and in the final episode. If this was to really be the series finales, then leaving it off on a cliff hanger is beyond infuriating.
    If you’re going to end a show, then everything needs to be wrapped up. There needs to be some sort of finality for all the characters- this show on the other hand left us with Corcoran future in New York in jeopardy and Eva (and baby) missing! Unless they are planning some kind of spin- off (which I know they aren’t) then why on earth would you end a show like that? Don’t the writers think they owe it to their faithful viewers to give us closure!

    • lainie k says

      Don’t blame the writers. Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson had already plotted out Season 3 when BBC GM Perry Simon decided to cancel Copper last week. If anything, your anger should be at BBC for the shoddy way they treated their fans and left us hanging. Fontana is looking into the possibility of having a movie made which would cover the storyline they had planned for Season 3.

      I was sad before last night’s show ended, but now I am just angry at BBC. If you are angry too, sign one of the petitions that is going around or write BBC America and Tom Fontana and tell them that you want to see a Copper Movie or have Copper move to another network, so that we fans have closure.

      You can contact BBC America here:

      and Tom Fontana here (though he is a good guy and on our side):

      Remember there is also power in social media, so write and tweet on blogs about how unhappy you are with the terrible way Copper left us with a cliffhanger. Perhaps the shame and bad publicity alone will prompt Perry Simon to react and bring back Copper even for a short run Season 3 to give us closure.

    • GinnyEaston says

      Use your imagination….Eva is safely hidden in Europe by Donovan. Kevin messes up and ends up on the streets. His anger gets him killed. THE END

      • Corynn says

        That doesn’t make any sense. Donovan was ready to let her hang! And he’s dead! So how pray tell did he have a change of heart and safely hide his mistress away from the fiery pits of hell?

        I doubt that Kevin will end up on the street… if anything “the corporation” would off him, but I don’t think that would happen either.

  7. Dawn R. says

    I am so dismayed not to know Eva and her baby’s fate. This was the most intelligent historical series on television and a breath of fresh air from the modern, poorly conceived, written, and acted mediocrity that pervades every channel. In a day when we have so many options, we are subjected to the same pathetic themes in reality shows, game shows, contests, etc. This is the dumbing down of society.

  8. MargeDiB says

    Another great show bites the dust due to “modest” ratings. What a loss. Do any of these TV geniuses understand that “on demand” allows today’s viewers to watch when it is convenient for them? Evidently not . Watch out, Ripper Street!

  9. Lou manfredo says

    Not surprised, just very disappointed. The American public is now dominated by instant gratification simpletons looking for sexy vampires and, in the absence of religious belief, an eternal life of sex and irresponsibility. With Copper, a viewer had to think, understand complex plotting and characterization, and most impossibly, have a working knowledge of historical accuracies. Advise to BBC: hire Jerry Springer to portray a time traveling vampire pursued by half naked female zombies. Then throw in a stoner sidekick. Guaranteed hit.

  10. Lainie Kantrowitz says

    BBC America stated that it was canceling coppertv because it wasn’t bringing in the same ratings as Orphan Black. What it fails to recognize is that many of their Orphan Black viewers wouldn’t have started watching so much BBC programming had it not been for Copper.

    Yes, some people like me may have discovered Copper in the first place because of @DrWho but many more turned on to BBC for the 1st time just to see Copper (because they were fans of some of the actors previous work) and stayed.

    Many of these fans will now pull out their support of other BBC programming because of the shoddy way that the powers that be at BBC America treated Copper, and how they didn’t let it have one final glorious season to play out Tom Fontana’s vision of the residents of Five Points & 23rd St.

    I realize that it must have cost BBC a lot of money to produce and maintain the sets and costumes for the show, more than an Orphan Black or Dr.Who, which both take place on the streets of real world London and Toronto. But, wasn’t most of the investment already outlaid?

    What would have been the hardship of letting it have an 8-10 ep 3rd season run just to end the show in a proper manner? The goodwill this would have earned them with the fans would have been worth it tenfold, and bought loyalty for life. Would there still have been disappointment in saying goodbye to their favorite characters and show? Yes. But there would have time to prepare. One more season billed as “Say goodbye to the friends and families of FIve Points as they rebuild after the assassination of Lincoln and the conclusion of the Civil War” would have gone done a lot smoother than “we decided to end show cause Lincoln is dead”.

    Frankly, BBC’s words ring false and hollow and shortsighted beyond belief. If this was an ABC, CBS or NBC show, I could understand why ratings would be king. But, doesn’t anyone know by now that ratings are not the full and true measure of a shows successful? So, BBC , you pulled a show while Canada is still enjoying the 2nd season and the UK just started to watch Season 1. How many less fans in those countries will now be vested reading about how angry and frustrated the American audience is with your way of letting us down? You really should have thought your timing through better or done the decent thing and given us one more season.

    They say karma is a *****, but I am not a person who believes in retribution. I do however believe that every action has a reaction. And, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

    In the meantime, we prepare ourselves for a premature goodbye to the 5 Points residents we have come to know and love.

    Slán go fóill

    • says

      Are you people stupid! Honestly more people enjoy Copper more than you realize. I for one never watched the BBC before I started watching Copper. Now your cancelling it. You never gave it time to catch on. If you have a brain in your stupid head’s you will bring it back. It is n’t to late.

  11. Li'l Caesar says

    You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! I don’t know who’s running BBC America, but they need to be fired for making the dumb decision to cancel Copper. You just lost another viewer.

  12. Lorraine K says

    The quality of accuracy in script and acting in Copper was second to none. Cancelling it due to “modest” ratings is a pathetic excuse. A sick show such as Broadchurch should never have been aired. BBC is showing poor judgment in cancelling Copper and keeping Dramaville. Reconsider BBC. Bad enough you have literally destroyed Dr Who with your next choice for the Dr. You had a great opportunity to get David Tennant back. His Dr. Who would have been a perfect match opposite Clara. Wake up BBC, or you will lose viewers!

    • Corynn says

      Actually, I rather like Broadchurch. It’s an interesting show but it’s no Copper. The thing I’ve noticed about the British programming that I’ve seen, is that the shows are not created to last season- that’s why cast’s and story lines change so often. But Copper was meant to be based on American programming- the show had lasting power and the most of this season was very good. It maybe just needed better writers (ones who wouldn’t end a series with a cliffhanger we have no way of getting a resolution to!)

  13. Kathy Harley says

    I LOVE this show. I will no longer watchANY BBC America shows, including Broadchurch They have one less DEVOTED viewer to their entire network in protest of the cancellation of COPPER.

  14. SeriouslyPOd says

    I agree. The only shows that last are reality crapfests! What is this the 20th season of Survivor. 12 season if Dancing with the Stars. Don’t forget about the racists on Big Brother. Meanwhile, great shows like Copper & The Borgias get cancelled with barely no notice. What’s next Ripper Street, Hannibal. The Death of Scripted Shows!

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