Criminal Minds: Season Nine Ratings

Criminal Minds season nine ratingsBack for its ninth season on CBS, Criminal Minds is often overlooked but has long been a solid performer for the network. Still, the show’s ratings did see a good-sized drop last season. Will the numbers continue to fall or will they rise again? Will it ever be cancelled? We shall see.

Criminal Minds continues to follow the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) out of Quantico. This season’s cast is Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness, and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air. The higher the ratings (particularly the 18-49 demo), the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available — usually the next day, around 11:30am EST/8:30am PST. Refresh to see the latest.

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3/13 update: This show has been renewed for the 2014-15 season by CBS.

Final season averages: 2.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.88 million total viewers.

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For comparisons: The eighth season of Criminal Minds averaged a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 11.43 million total viewers.

Note: These are the final national numbers (unless noted with an “*”). These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings and are reported on by most other outlets. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you still like the Criminal Minds TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or be renewed for a 10th season?

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  1. says

    I noticed a lack of interest in Criminal Minds last season and really couldn’t come up with a reason for it. Previously, I would not have missed an episode and looked forward to watching it.

    This year I have even less interest. I think the plots have become ridiculous and have not much thought put into them. I always enjoyed the team coming up with a psychological profile of the unsub. Perhaps the loss of characters had something to do with it also. There doesn’t seem to be a “team” anymore.

    I hate to see the show go but better to go on a relatively high note than to see a total loss of interest by fans.


  2. Anonymous says

    CANCEL IT! A great show and cast that has now gone completely over the top with senseless, gratuitous, mindless, offensive, and twisted violence exposure. I never used to miss an episode. I now profile and stalk anybody I talk with that finds it entertaining as they are most likely potential serial killers. 50 years ago, when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, I would NEVER have believed this would be mainstream television entertainment. Some of this stuff happens in the world, but I’m offended now that likeable act0rs/characters show it in such details to my neighbours watching TV in their living rooms next door. I’m probably supercharged from the 2 guys who just killed a family of 4 with golf clubs just minutes ago. I tried the show again to see if it had gotten any less exploitive. It hasn’t! I’ll not sleep for a while. I didn’t find the remote fast enough to shut off the exploitive, lazy, sensationalist violence. I hate it when good actors haven’t realized the time has come to do more with their talents. CANCEL; PLEASE!

    • DONNAB says


  3. Judy McDiffett says

    The best cast and the best show on TV. I have watched it at the onset–I did stop watching for a while when they took JJ off the show. AJ Cook has developed JJ into one of the integral characters on the show. They are all great, with the exception of Garcia who is a pain–silly and unprofessional. Hope they keep renewing this show. It is quality. Ditch some of the silly comedies if something has to go. I don’t watch any of them.

  4. Beth Gilliam says

    Been watching criminal minds since the beginning. Love the show and the actors! Please keep this show on the air! Even though the show has had cast changes, still love the base cast!
    Beth Gilliam

  5. Beth Gilliam says

    Been watching criminal minds since the beginning. Love the show and the actors! Please keep this show on the air!
    Beth Gilliam

  6. Mary Jo says

    Jeanne Tripplehorn is a mistake in casting. Last Wed.’s episode featuring her character in an issue with her brother was boring. Sometimes it is a good idea to cast new characters in show that has had many seasons. In this case, it is not. The “team” is the core of the show and should remain so. If she remains, she should be a secondary character to the team.

  7. DONNAB says

    I have been a faithful fan for all 8 seasons, although you lost me for awhile when both JJ and Emily left that one season. Was very happy when both came back only to be disappointed again when Prentiss moved on. I get when a cast member wants to go on to try new things, but she was one of my absolute favs on the show and hated to see her go. Jean Tripplehorn was a good choice for replacement but don’t think you have given her enough substance on the show yet. You need to let her get in there and really show her stuff. When Rossi came in behind Mandy he brought a different character but it was with substance. Prentiss came in behind Elle and right from the start made herself an immediate part of the team. I would hate to lose this show, please bring it back strong!

  8. Roni says

    They shouldn’t have let Paget go. Bottom line. I bet with her being in to 200th episode it will get higher ratings. Nobody can replace Prentiss (or JJ so they better keep her)

  9. says

    I can understand folks being up-set when a strong cast looses some members, but that’s television for you. With Criminal Minds some of the departures did not surprise me. Mandy Patinkin is a talented person working in other areas of the entertainment field. Though he won an award for his character on “Chicago Hope” he departed early and moved on, and thus he did it again as I expected he would. Lola Glaudini who played Elle shot and killed an unarmed man. I had no problem with this as like her felt he needed the death sentence. Of course one must understand after that she had to either disappear or face charges. Either way she was off the team. A.J. Cook I suspect left to spend time with her infant son. Who could slight her that move? Never the less she is back and if she wants a lighter schedule putting her child first … good for her. Paget Brewster’s final was to me beautiful. If she desired to move on I think the writers did a wonderful exit story line for her. No blood, guts or slamming of a door. It ended on a high note during a lovely moment for all involved. Her walking away was a bitter yet sweet closing and I loved it. By the way, none of these people are dead and could pop up anytime. That to me is a first. As for Jeanne Tripplehorn I think we need to give her a break. Filling Paget’s shoes is a tough job but I thought she was very believable as Tom Cruise’s wife in “The Firm” and she held her own against Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”, so let’s give her the time she needs.

    • Katefredericks says

      I could not have written it better, Sammy! The strength of this show is in the careful, respectful handling of a cast that has changed, I think, more than on any show in television history. This sets a tone of respect throughout all the stories which are always handled well, considering the subject of the show. People respond to the way this show has handled the many changes it has experienced. Most other shows could learn a LOT from watching how the producers and showrunners have kept this show flowing without crashing and burning. I never get tired watching Criminal Minds and I think this is the only show on TV today I can say that about (given the amount of time CM has been on the air). To CBS: You took CSINY away from us even though it consistently ended up in the top 15 shows. I think that was one of your more dumb-headed moves! Please do NOT make the same mistake with Criminal Minds. While those of us over 50 are not in your target audience, as the baby boomers cross that threshold, be careful not to mistake us for the former generation. We have large numbers, we have more disposable income and we are far more electronically savvy than our predecessors. It won’t be long before we, as a group, can make or break your numbers!

      • says

        I am glad you liked the post and thank you for the compliment. I enjoyed this show from the start most likely because of the interesting cast and how different and unique they all are. It also pleases me that the writer’s allowed us to get to know them on a personal level, giving us some insight as to who they are outside of the work field. Erin might have been the only one I ever wanted to smack, but in the end my feelings changed. That was smart of them. In some shows the story line over shadows the characters but this has a different twist. If I had to rely on the tale they were telling, which often makes me recheck the doors and windows before going to bed, I think I would have change the channel long ago. Let’s face it, I do not allow some members of my family to watch this and not because it is too far out there but in fact too close to home. So for me it is the collective work force family they are and how they deal with the nightmares that are their jobs. I too was a CSI-NY fan and have followed Gary Sinise’s career since Stephen King’s “The Stand”. I was lucky enough to see him live with his Lt. Dan Band last year and I suspect he might have wanted to move on. He like Mandy Patinkin is a multi talented person and might have other irons in the fire so to speak.

        • Kate Fredericks says

          Thank you, Sammy! I also think Gary Sinise wanted to move on. But, like you, I have been a huge fan of his since Forrest Gump. I also love the fact that he is very involved, with a few other Hollywood actors, in helping our wounded warriors. He spoke at the opening of that monument (too long deserved!!) to the WWII veterans and was behind the scenes in getting it built. My Dad went down to see it a year before he died, just after it opened – he was awarded two purple hearts and another very prestigious medal that isn’t coming to my mind right now (sorry!), for his involvement as a bombadier in the Navy working in tandem with the British. Anyway, that’s not what this site is for, pardon the personal memories! My point is Gary Sinise is very good friends with Joe Montagna who plays Rossi on Criminal Minds. You are right, Sammy, the fact that somehow, throughout the many years this show has been on, they have remained a tight-knit family, no matter the changes. I know I am being selfish because I know how difficult this show must be for the actors who have stayed in it all these years, but I sincerely hope CBS does not CSINY Criminal Minds. It is at the top of my DVR, where it has been for years. I hope it gets renewed again but I know it is one of the shows on the bubble this year despite its consistently great ratings. I honestly will be heartbroken if it is canceled, more so than any show I’ve watched except a very few others. They are like a rock of steadiness to me because of the recent ADD shown by all networks recently. First all we got were reality shows. Now all I’m seeing are stupid sitcoms AND reality shows. CM has stayed steady and relevant throughout it all. I think if they cancel it this year, I will turn to my ROKU and watch shows from all over the world on HULU and movies on Netflix. CBS: please renew Criminal Minds!!!

  10. Connie says

    I loved the Criminal series but ya’ll started messing with the cast too much. I was still fine with it even after the first two left…but then it was J.J. and the Prentiss ( that was not a good storyline of her and it made me not like it as much) and when I thought Thomas Gibson was gonna leave that was toooo much. I was pleased that you did not write Thomas out but then there was too much turmoil between the cast. Even if Prentiss had stayed it was not like a family of people, as you had before. I really haven’t watched it much this season because it feels like it is spiraling out of control. It was a great show for so long…I don’t know if you ran out of stories (good ones) or cast started leaving on their on, or what, I just really miss it …I guess all things have to come to an end..but it is a shame.

  11. Theresa Perry says

    I live in Australia and we are still waiting for season 9 to start. Love this show. Probably lost a few fans when Paget left as she was very popular. Maybe you can get a few guest appearances. The new lady Blake, although seems nice, does not
    Really fit the team’s demo graphic. She will not attract fans. Sorry. She is no replacement for Emily. Please keep it going as I really love it.

  12. says

    I hadn’t watch this in awhile but the opener looked interesting so I took the plunge. I don’t like the slap in the face type starters if you are not going to go somewhere with it. Not that I wanted a major car crash but that was a poor hook to get my attention move. It was a hoot to see who the major evil was, you can almost always count on him to be the go to person for a Halloween party. He doesn’t need to hide behind a mask. The twin thing has been done to death but must admit I wasn’t ready for the shock. I can get behind a show that scares me while also making me laugh at myself. Oh how silly of me, of course I will not let you in my house as I don’t care if you are the innocent person trying to sell me healthy cereal!!

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