CSI: NY: CBS TV Show Renewed for Season Eight

CSI: NY renewed season eightFans of CSI: New York can rest easy. The Friday night series was looking like it might be cancelled but has now been renewed for an eighth season.

Starring Gary Sinise, CSI: NY investigations follows the investigations of a team of forensic scientists and police officers in the Big Apple. It began in the fall of 2004 and currently co-stars AJ Buckley, Anna Belknap, Carmine Giovinazzo, Eddie Cahill, Hill Harper, Robert Joy, and Sela Ward.

CBS moved CSI: NY to Friday nights this season, leading many to believe that it was on its way out. The ratings have declined over the years and naturally took a big hit when it was moved. Still, the show has performed better than most other shows of the night and currently averages a 1.8 in the 18-49 demographic and more than 10 million viewers.

According to Deadline, the decision to renew came right down to the wire. Contributing factors that pushed it over the edge include the fact that the show has a profitable syndication deal and also does quite well in international sales.

Though the TV series will be back for an eighth season, it’s not decided how many episodes will be ordered. Unlike the others, it may end up being a 13 episodes season.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that CSI: NY will return for season eight?

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  1. Sandra says

    We are happy to hear CSI New York will be coming back. We never missed it. We would
    also, enjoy seeing CSI Miami. I agree with someone above. Get rid of some of those
    realty shows!

  2. Rhonda says

    This is the greatest show ever. I am glad that it will be coming back, although I don’t think that Fri night is the best time to be showing the good shows. I see that Hawaii Five-O has been put in on Fridays…now lets watch those ratings drop due to those interested in watching it are unavailable that night. Let’s get rid of some of those ridiculous Reality Shows and put them on nights when nobody’s around to watch.
    CSI shows are about the only thing to watch that has any interest these days, and to take it off the air or to show it on nights that people don’t stay home to watch, well then of course the ratings are going to fall. Try putting it on a day when people are at home. Take survivor and put that on Fri night and replace it with CSI New York!
    Whose really watching TV….I don’t think it’s the young kids on Friday nights, because they are out and about doing other activities, it’s the older people who are watching TV and Reality Shows aren’t cutting it for us.

  3. Phyllis says

    I’m happy to hear it’s coming back. I like it better than any of the other CSIs because the cast works so well together and the story lines are good easy to follow and keeps my interest. Whatever night it’s on I’ll be watching. If I can’t be home I’ll set my DVD recorder.

  4. jen says

    I am so excited to hear CSI New York will be returning 2013. I missed it so much last season hopefully it will stay on.

    Love the cast.

  5. Brooklyn says

    So glad this is coming back. Love the cast, love the show. I never ever miss it. Thanks CBS!!!!!

  6. Emm says

    Husband and I really enjoy CSI New York. It is quality tv. Thank goodness. We were quite displeased to hear it had been cancelled initially.

  7. Linda Halfpop says

    Now I am happy….love love love Christina with Mac…wanting to see the wedding and the possiblity of Mac having a baby boy…..Mac’s closure with his deceased wife was done so well and was a correct example of how we walk through grief and find our closure. The writing is amazing…thank you for renewing this fine drama.

  8. Mary G says

    I am glad that CSI NY has returned to TV, I do miss Melina Kanakaredes, besides Gary Sinise I thought she was one of the actors who make the show a hit. They did replace her with another awesome actress! I am glad that the show will be returning to TV

  9. Mary G says

    I am glad that CSI NY will be returning, I do miss Melinda Kanalkaredes, but I am please with the actress who took her place. I am a CSI fan although but the original CSI show cast has changed and is not what it used to be and it is getting a little crude. All these changes takes away from the show. It is also getting to be a little too curde the show comes on when families are watching TV so it needs to be a little less crude or a little more suttle in some of seans.
    I wish CSI Mimi would return to TV.

  10. TINA says

    omg please leave this show on. I was so upset when you took csi Miami away. You keep taking away these wonderful shows for new shows that are horrible. Like ELEMENTARY AND VEGAS. GOLDEN BOY THEY ALL SUCK. LEAVE OUR SHOWS ON THAT WE HAVE LEARNED AND LOVED THE CHARACTERS. BRING BACK CSI MIAMI

  11. Rebecca Brooks Guest says

    I am so relieved that CSI: New York has been renewed. Although I was a late appreciator of the series, I am a true, die hard lover of the show. The openings captivate me and I enjoy the story development. The cast seem genuinely into their characters. Gary Sinese does a great job as the leader, without the arrogance of a late CSI boss. I just hope viewers will stay with the series for a few more seasons which will, of course, produce even more good franchise viewing.

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