Ghost Whisperer: CBS TV Show Cancelled, No Season Six?

Ghost Whisperer cancelledAfter five seasons on the air, CBS has killed a staple of the Friday night schedule. Ghost Whisperer won’t be back next fall on the Tiffany network. Not unless it can come back from the dead…

Ghost Whisperer tells the tale of Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a young woman with the ability to see and talk to dead people. Regular castmembers over the past five seasons have included David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Jay Mohr, Aisha Tyler, Christoph Sanders, Jamie Kennedy, and Kenneth Mitchell.

The TV show debuted in September 2005 and the season attracted an average of a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.2 million viewers. In seasons two and three, the demo rose to a 3.0 rating with 9.9 and 8.6 million viewers respectively. For season four, the ratings went up again, to a 3.7 rating and 10.6 million viewers.

Unfortunately this year, the ratings fell — a lot. The season kicked off with a 2.3 rating and 8.7 million viewers. Things went further downhill from there. Last month, they hit a series low with a 1.3 rating in the demo and 5.96 million viewers. Though Ghost Whisperer was once a hit show for the network, those times are clearly over.

To little surprise, CBS has decided to cancel Ghost Whisperer. The series finale is set to air this Friday, May 21st.

However, because ABC Studios co-produces the series (with CBS), there have been discussions that it could switch networks. Medium ran for years on NBC before being cancelled and picked up by CBS.

ABC’s entertainment president, Stephen McPherson, has said that he’d be interested in picking up Ghost Whisperer if the series became available. ABC scheduler Jeff Bader told Variety today that they’ve toyed with the idea. He said, “We talked a lot about it. It could make a good lead-in to Body of Proof.”

To keep costs down, ABC has been committed to running only one scripted series on Friday nights but the execs will supposedly look at the possibility of picking up Ghost Whisperer in the next few days.

What do you think? Should ABC pick up Ghost Whisperer for season six or should it stay cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. cin says

    I want them to Bring Back the Show… It may be hard though — since the main actors are now on other shows though.

  2. Tara says

    They should atleast give the fans answers to the storylines that they never got back around too… I understand that season 5 got alil off base from what we were use too in the first 4 seasons… but what about the underground town, they just left that storyline.. or the black hat man, or her “brother” and her “dad”… what ever happened to them, they haunted her for like half a season, and just quit on that storyline. And prof. Payne, whatever happened to him? I loved the show the first 4 seasons, season 5 I watched but wasnt as into it because it seemed like they took away everything I loved about it and made it alittle more horror than family. Please bring it back and atleast finish the storyline of the underground town, all those lost souls that we heard so much about!!!!

    • says

      Tara her Dad died he fell down the step when her ghost dad threw him down them ,but i am like you i wanted more i like the way the show was going i mean they could of let mel and jim have another child a girl , there is so much more they could of done with the show i really miss the show and i would love for it to come back ,,i always want to know what happen to the family of four that she saw at the cematary and then she saw again in the road when see had the head injury ,,, but now with her having a baby is she going to put the time into her shows i love ghost whisperer it was a great show

  3. Diana Adcock says

    I still miss Ghost Whisperer ,i think you should bring the show back give it another chance it is unfair because some drop the show you take it from others who love the show it would be great to watch Adan and Melinda as a duo ,does anyone know how we can try and get something going so maybe we can get the show back on i love this show i have watched all the old one proble 20 times each and will keep on watching them PLEASE BRING IT BACK, IS THERE A PLACE WERE WE CAN WRITE JLOVE HEWITT maybe she can get the show back on i mean she has gotton even bigger after doing the client list maybe she has more pull to get them to bring the show back

  4. Bring it back!!! says

    if you cant bring back the show new please bring back the old one i love watching them over and over , but i would really love to have the show back on

  5. hailey says

    Me my mom and my sister would go on netflex to watch befor bed and we would stay upuntil 1 on the morning and we were sad that there was go season 6 so please bring It back

  6. Roger says

    I too wish ghost whisperer would come back it was and could still be a great show me and my friends loved it I think thay should put on the web site the reason why it was cancelled ?

  7. Brianna says

    I for one love Ghost Whisperer. I was very sad finding out the it was canceled. I think you should reshow the ghost whisperer again I just want to watch it so bad! please return Ghost Whisperer.

  8. victoria alvarez says

    i think they should my kids love it I love it and they really should I mean its a good show why not

  9. Whitley Stigall says

    Bring it back!!! I have watched all the season on netflick over a 5 day period. And have watched them all over and over and over!!

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