Gravity: Starz Cancels TV Series; No Season Two

GravityPay-for-view channel Starz has announced that Gravity won’t be back for a second year. The show completed its run last week after just 10 episodes.

Gravity is a dramatic comedy that follows a group from an eccentric out-patient program for suicide survivors. Co-created by Eric Schaeffer and Jill Franklyn, the cast includes Schaeffer, Ivan Sergei, James Martinez, Krysten Ritter, Rachel Hunter, Robyn Cohen, Seth Numrich, and Ving Rhames.

Starz had high hopes for the series but it just never caught on. The season (now series) finale attracted an invisible 0.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 54,000 viewers. To no surprise, Starz has admitted that neither Gravity nor Party Down will be returning for another round.

In a statement, Stephan Shelanski, Starz’ executive VP of programming, said, “After careful consideration, we’ve decided not to continue on with subsequent seasons of Party Down and Gravity. We’re grateful to everyone involved in the shows, and are proud to have had them on the channel. Starz remains committed to aggressively expanding our original programming lineup.”

What do you think? Did you watch Gravity? Why do you think it didn’t catch on?

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  1. Betty says

    LOVE just LOVE the very dark humor. I am so sorry that I found this show on Netflix with no ending. Nothing was taboo for the show to discuss, and had a wonderful way of looking at some very sad moments. Bring it Back, market to the right audience.

  2. bmart105 says

    I just watched the series on Netflix and it was SOO good! I cannot believe I’m not gonna find out what happens that last episode was such a cliffhanger I hope this show can pull an Arrested Development and come back for all the people who loved the series and want it to continue!

  3. Anonymous says

    I am in the same boat as many others i found the show on netflix watched the ten episodes and was hooked now ill just have to wonder what will happen next . I think if it was aired on showtime or hbo it might still be on.

  4. Jack says

    I never heard of the show until I found it on Netflix. Once I started watching I couldn’t stop. It was extreamly disapointing to get to the 10th episode and be left hanging. It’s too bad that shows like this get canceled when you look at all of the crap reality shows that just keep going.

  5. Tina says

    Just watched Gravity. It was flawed but I liked it anyway. The series finale was so frustrating because I am never going to find out if Miller really has cancer or has either lied about it or his drunk doctor read the wrong chart. Is he and Lilly half-siblings? Did BC kill his mother? Who gets shot? What is Miller’s true identity/profession/racket?

    very frustrated…

  6. Kelly says

    I believe the show was not successful because it examined why people should look for passion in their lives and try to answer the deep dark questions that most want to avoid. Who wants to watch a show with people making their way in the world and coming out the other side, if many of us feel like we go through the motions like Lily explains in her one of her last monologues?
    On the other hand, while the show had memorable characters, vivid scenes, and a crazy plot twist at the end of the season, Miller never seemed to fit into the story line and the suicide friends many get togethers outside of group did not seem honest.

  7. says

    Oh my freaking GAWD are you KIDDING ME???!!!! I just found Gravity on Netflix and watched the whole first season last night and tonight. The finale was awesome and I was getting ready to click on Season 2 Episode 1 and NOTHING! Heartbreak! Devastation! Abandonment! Betrayel!

    This show is amazing, the cast is great, the writing is phenomenol. I don’t even watch TV because of all of the mind numbing BS on it. I love the characters and the actors. You had me hooked, I wanted to know what happened with ‘Miller’ and Lily’s dad and everyone else.

    Call up Krysten and Ivan and Eric and Rachel and Robyn and Ving and tell them it’s on!
    You have all the means to do it! Do some advertising so you can get your effing ratings and make all the people you let down happy again. I will love you forever. LOVE LOVE!

    pleeeeaaaaaaseeeee. ^_^

  8. Mary says

    I just discovered Gravity on Netflix. Im very disappointed that it got cancelled, I never heard of it before now. I think it was a great show but never got advertising/publicity it should have. Shame on the networks

  9. angry says

    Canceled!? Gravity is GENIUS and original, the writers had talent! You’re telling me this got canceled but that honey boo boo and new Jersey crap stays on air!?

  10. Ani says

    I just purchased the whole season of Gravity on Amazon. I thought it was funny, morbid, sexy, crazy, odd but also very different from other shows. Too bad it seemed to start off slow with only tidbits of “shock” value, maybe it would have attracted more viewers if it was promoted right. The cast really gelled nicely.

  11. Meghan says

    Party Down and especially Gravity were two of my favorite shows. i am very sad they decided to cancel them both!! AHHHH
    reconsider making more Gravity, without it im floating away!

  12. Ivan says

    I really got into this show and its been so long that I had forgotten all about it.. The season (now series) finale had such an unexpected & crazy twist, that I was really looking forward to season 2 for some answers. I’m kinda sad they didn’t give this one a little more time! After this season’s (‘might-as-well be’ series) finale of Boardwalk Empire, and now this.. I’m just bummed out! That show was great too and they just decided to destroy it for what seems to be no real reason at all. It would have been a great series finale.. just a couple of seasons too soon! I’m sure it’ll be good again, but it just won’t be the same show. Not sure which is worse – a great show (like Boardwalk Empire) ruined by it’s own creator.. or great shows like Deadwood and (now) Gravity, that are just abandoned! I’ve never really seen shows disregard (and disrespect) their own fans before. I completely agree with the comment about Seinfeld. If a network can give a sitcom (as bad as that one started out to be) the time to find itself and become the classic show it ultimately became; then I think Starz could’ve given us a few more episodes of an original show I feel was already hitting its stride. I doubt the budget was a big issue like ‘Rome’ was.. and NBC had hundreds of shows it could’ve replaced Seinfeld with.. I’m not 100% sure, but last I checked, Gravity and Party Down were the only original programs on Starz! Way to get behind your only two shows!!

  13. catherine mede says

    I can’t believe the ratings. My whole family loved both shows. I told friends about them and they loved them too! We are all very sorry to hear that they won”t be returning. I think given a second season they would definitely have exploded with fans!!

  14. Boyd says

    I believe Gravity would have found an audience if given a second season. The Seinfeld Chronicles had pretty miserable ratings ,but with some tweaking and a network that believed in their vision they made it work.It turned into one of the best shows ever.

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