Law & Order: AMC Might Save the Cancelled TV Show

Law & OrderIt’s hard to believe that, after 20 years, the original Law & Order series isn’t on NBC’s upcoming primetime schedule.

As viewers are well aware, the venerable but low-rated series was cancelled by the peacock network when they couldn’t come to a financial agreement with series creator Dick Wolf. Episodes cost about $3 million each and the network supposedly wanted him to reduce his producer fee from $350,000 to $150,000 per episode.

There was talk that TNT, the cable channel that airs the reruns, might pick it up but they ultimately passed.

Now, it appears that AMC is interested in keeping Law & Order alive. Vulture is reporting that the cable channel has expressed interest in producing new episodes but the finances might again be an issue.

The per episode price of Law & Order is about 20% higher than what AMC typically spends on Breaking Bad or Mad Men. It could be worth it if L&O attracts a couple million more viewers to the channel. This season’s Breaking Bad finale brought just 1.6 million. Last spring, USA’s premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent drew 3.5 million viewers.

Aside from cost, one potential sticking point could be TNT. As part of the cable channel’s rerun deal, they have the power to veto a deal for new episodes on other stations.

What do you think? Would you be glad to see Law & Order end up on AMC? Would you watch?

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  1. JoeCool says

    Who decides who is watching what? The freaking electoral college? A lot of shows that get canceled due to low viewers are ones all my friends and family watch. WHO DECIDES WHAT I AM WATCHING? NO ONE EVER ASKED ME?

  2. Mirel says

    I absolutely will watch! I have loved this show for many years. It’s too bad that all of the good shows are being cancelled and in terms the viewers are left with junk tv! Bring Law and Order back!

  3. SV says

    Would watch it wherever it landed. Was so disappointed that NBC canceled it. I watch even the re-runs.

  4. says

    PLEASE bring L&O back! It is the original and Hubby & I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We watch ALL the L&O series & were VERY disapointed when NBC dropped the original & Criminal Intent! Sure CI is on another network, but it’s not the same.

  5. scott says

    Yes I would definitely watch new episodes of Law and Order. I think it is better than Criminal Intent now that they changed the entire cast. But, episodes of S.V.U. may catch my attention more as far as new episodes. I just can’t get sick of watching L&O and would continue to watch new episodes whether on TNT or AMC or any other channel.

  6. L&O fan says

    I would definitely watch. The show has survived countless cast changes (but still has Sam Waterston and S. Epatha Merkerson, thank goodness), and now, as a grown, mature, adult woman, it doesn’t hurt that there’s some eye candy, albeit very fine actors, for my generation (Jeremy Sisto and Linus Roache).

  7. SEAL76 says

    This show should be saved. It is an excellent drama and enjoyable to watch. The acting is first rate. Plenty of shows that don’t deserve to be aired contiue be on TV. Why cancel a winner?

  8. Bob says

    Oh heck yeah I’d watch! It’s my favorite show of all time.
    It’s been around for 2/3rds of my life. God, please make this happen.

  9. Jeremy Rynek says

    Thats good, I like it to break the record. But if TNT is gonna try and not make that happen, then that could cause TNT problems. Lets face it thats just gonna piss peolpe off. Esspecially the loyal veiwers that have been watching for 20 years. Whether or not the show will be better or worse, well we’ll just find out.

  10. Ellen says

    I would definitely watch. hard to believe they may be gone for good after being on the air for so long.

  11. Joe says



    This is so out of left field, it would amaze, astonish and MESMERIZE me, in that exact order if it actually happened.

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