Medium: Patricia Arquette Says TV Show’s Cancelled

MediumThough CBS hasn’t admitted it, it’s being assumed that Medium has indeed been cancelled. The venerable drama has been down in the ratings this season (though it often ranks first in the 18-49 demographic for the timeslot) and CBS cut the season order from 22 to just 13 installments. That’s never a good sign. Just ask the folks from Numb3rs when a similar thing happened to them last year.

Over the weekend, Medium star Patricia Arquette was at an event and told EW that the show was indeed cancelled.

The cast has two more episodes to shoot before they wrap and Arquette said, “I was trying to get information from the writers about the last episode… I don’t know what it’s going to be, but they’re really excited about it. They’re like, ‘we’re just going to burn the whole thing down!’ I’m really excited.”

The actress isn’t looking forward to the show ending but said, “It’s been a great time. I love that time in my life.”

What do you think? Is Arquette correct or will Medium beat cancellation once again and return for season eight?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Diana says

    I am sad that Medium has been cancelled. It has been a mainstay for my family every week. The cast and writing is outstanding.
    Is it possible there is more than one reason?
    I happened to be channel surfing one night and landed on the “Housewives of Beverly Hills”…not one I watch. However, when it said that the REAL Allison DuBois was going to be at this party I had to stay tuned. I have been so charmed by Patricia Arquette’s performance. Well, I was appalled by the REAL Allison DuBois! We found her to be very arrogant, pretentious, and disturbingly self absorbed. Her attitude towards others was scathing at best and the way she so effortlessly put others down was cringe worthy.
    Was this one of the reasons the show was cancelled? Because, I must admit that it was difficult to watch the next episode knowing the character of the real Allison DuBois.
    Patricia Arquette gave such class to this obviously fictional character.
    Best of luck to all the cast.

  2. Mark says

    Sorry to see the show cancelled :( Network is losing a great cast who consistantly delivered a quality show. Best wishes to the cast with future endeavors!

  3. mary says

    I am in mourning over the loss of this show. It was really one of the couple of shows I watched regularly. I was shocked to realize the show I was watching Friday night was truly the last of the series. Big thumbs down for this stupid decision!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I am severally disappointed with the cancellation of the show. Cast A+, Story lines have never been ridiculous or far fetched. Used to love that feeling just before going to bed on Friday night after watching the show that at least somplace in the world Justice is being served up. Always found comfort in the show with confirming my own wondering if, our loved ones are truly watching over us or assiting ours from the beyond. I had always hoped to see how the girls could have played out with their abilities. As for the writers of the finale… Give me a break! Joe’s Dad used to warn Allison all time about issues that Joe would be facing. Like he is not going to comeback from the beyond and tell her not to allow Joe to board that plane. Seriously!!!

  5. Sandy says

    I was so sad to learn this was the last episode of Medium….I watched it every Fri. Great Cast and I wish them all the best…maybe they’ll come up with a new series!

  6. D. E. says

    I’ll miss Medium. The producers did a good job ending up the series. We always hope we’ll see the ones that went before us when we die

  7. Hunleymom says

    I was super sad about the last show of Medium. It became my Friday night standard. I loved the cast. The relationship between Allison and Joe was so real and wholesome. There is not much of that on TV these days.

  8. Anonymous says

    Let me say Medium was one of the best and i was so sad to watch the last show ,past evening.In a world of foolish reality tv,i always loved to watch Patricia Arquette and the cast do a fantastic job on every episode.My hats off to Medium,as far as i concerned they have made a big mistake by cancelling it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. norm says

    A real shame. This was a good, intriguing, clever show with a solid cast. Perhaps it will indeed show up again. I truly hope so.

  10. Horizon05 says

    What a disappointment! All these stupid shows that are on the air and the ‘powers that be’ cancel a good one!

    Survivor is a joke…do you really think they would let people starve? Gimme a break… a real survivor are our young men in this ghastly war!

    American Idol? Another ridiculous joke! I have never and WILL never let untalented wannabe singers grace my tv and invade my livingroom with their caterwalling. Granted I miss a few good ones…but it ain’t worth listening to the BAD ones to get to the good ones.

    However it’s the stupid people that watch stupid shows that determine what gets to stay on the air. Let’s not even mention the stupid show with Charlie Sheen…a true idiot show!

    My guess is they cancel good, thought provoking shows to replace them with the ‘younger’ mentality shows.

    I give up, I’ll just read instead. Better books are out there than good tv shows!

    • Anonymous says

      I can’t believe once agian they cancelled some thing entertaining and keep shows with no merit like the reality crap that is on the air now. What happened to the show that would entertain you and make you think? I guess they are going by the waste side making room for the mindless uneducated people who watch them. I’ve tried to watch some of the shows only to find I would have to partake in drug use in order to enjoy most of them. Since I don’t take drugs I will have to find something else to do.

    • cindy says

      everyone has stated their views and their upset about the cancelation of just one more of the good series on the air to make room for more reality shows or some other stupid programming they`ve decided is best for the viewers. You could put medium back on the air and just state that Allison was having a bad dream. Everytime I get hooked on a good series you cancel it because a few viewers drop out what about the faithful that watch it week after week. I`m with one of the other viewers give up on tTV and start reading books at least that would be something I have control of.

    • Ivonne says

      I’m with you. I’m going to turn the tube off and read!!!! I won’t be subjected to your brainless stupid reality shows that are obviously catered toward a generation of thoughtless people engorged in entertainment that has no real substance.

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