Monk: USA TV Show to End After Eight Years, No Season Nine

MonkGood news and bad news for fans of USA’s Monk TV show. The network has renewed it for an eight season but has also announced that there won’t be a ninth year of dysfunctional sleuthing.

Monk tells the tale of Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub), a brilliant San Francisco detective who, after the death of his wife in a car bombing, has a nervous breakdown. After being a recluse for three years, Monk returns to the force, barely able to control his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Monk’s many phobias make it difficult for him to function but, because he’s hyper-aware of the world around him, he’s an incredibly observant sleuth.

Though they’re often irritated by his disorder, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lieutenant Randall “Randy” Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford) utilize Monk’s abilities when cases get tough. Monk is helped by assistant Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram) and later by Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard).

The TV show debuted on July 12, 2002 on the USA network. The show began as a modest success and grew its audience to an average of 6.1 million viewers in season six. This year’s episodes have been averaging five million viewers, 40% of which are from the desirable 18-49 demographic. The numbers are even more impressive when you consider that the series airs on Friday nights, a little-watched night of television.

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USA has renewed the series for an eighth season of 16 episodes but those will end the series. With the show’s viewership still growing, why finish it now? The decision to end the series is said to be a mutual one between all parties involved. Though they maintain that they want to end Monk while the show is still on top creatively, the reason for the cancellation comes down to dollars and cents. As the seasons have progressed, production costs have increased and the network likely finds it hard to justify episodes’ high pricetags.

USA’s Executive VP of Original Programming, Jeff Wachtel, assures that viewers won’t be disappointed by the final episodes. In a statement, he said, “Our fans have been extremely dedicated, and season eight should prove to be a very satisfying reward.” It’s rumored that the final episodes will bring the character full circle, centering around the killer of Monk’s beloved wife.

A special holiday episode of Monk is slated for November 28th and season seven episodes will continue in January 2009. Monk’s last 16 episodes are scheduled to begin airing sometime next summer. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Judy says

    I’ve greatly enjoyed the Monk series; quality show in every respect. The last show was no exception, in fact, it was perhaps the best ending to any series I’ve watched, which further attests to the quality of not only the actors, but also the writers and everyone involved in the series. I will definitely miss the show! Sorry to see you go!!

  2. Matt says

    I just watched the finale, which I recorded. I can’t say I didn’t cry. That being said, while I’m not happy Monk is finished, I’m not devestated. It’s a good show, but it tends to be extremely predictable and many plots have giant holes and/or just didn’t drag me in.

    There are some episodes though, that really touched me and kept me in suspense that I loved. The two-part finale was one of them. The one where Monk was framed for murder was another. There was always the feeling that when things were going well for Monk that you know he’d come crashing back down again. I enjoyed that they didn’t always make Monk completely tragic or quirky though, sometimes he came off as a jerk.

    The finale was predictable that everyone lived happily ever after, because that’s how Monk rolls. I spent the whole time being so happy that he was finally going to be, and stay, happy. I guess that’s just it – Monk has been a predictable but enjoyable part of my life for quite some time now. It’ll be weird to see him go. I think they ended it perfectly, and don’t need a follow-up movie.

  3. Elaine says

    I enjoyed watching Monk and I am really going to miss it. Tony Shaloub is a wonderful actor and the series was one of the best that I have seen. All the characters on the show were great and it was wonderful to see a show that is funny and has a plot to it. At least I am able to watch reruns of it. Thanks cast for a great show and a wonderful finale.


  4. Travis says

    It is very disappointing that Monk has ended. This unique series had a lot going for it.
    This show and others like it (Pysch for instance) are a welcome diversion, from the graphic gore, and violence splattering our screens, ceaselessly.
    I guess it will be replaced by some rubbish. (Probably written with a Greys Anatomy type edge. You guessed it…. not a fan of this show)
    It seems to be the standard these days that successful series, don’t make it to a tenth season. (Regardless of how well it may be rating.)
    And yeh..don`t buy the show ended mutually. I smell bean counters at work again.
    Farewell Monk…Hopefully some other network will pick you up….Many thanks for the enjoyable and entertaining escapism you have provided us, over the years!
    Cheers from Oz

  5. Diane Douglas says

    We are sure going to miss you when your gone! This has been such a wonderful series…and we loved you Adrian Monk. What fun humor!

    Best to you Tony Shalhoub and all the amazing staff on the show and behind the scenes, you brought years of great entertainment!!!


  6. Phyllis Grilo says

    After the final show I was thinking that they never did tell us the man with the six fingers, unless I missed it. Also, I got the feeling that something may happen to the daughter because he questioned her going to Canada for two weeks and she did not seem to want him to go with her????? Maybe there is something else that will happen… I watch all the reruns when I can and loved the show and all the cast.

    • Rozy says

      Hi Phyllis I thought the same thing the way they ended it; they can always go back and take it from there. It has happened in the past that the audience loved a show so much that even though it was cancelled they brought it back; as long as the actors are willing to do it. I also love the whole cast and I hope they reconsider it! Its a wholesome show that the whole family can watch together, go figure!!!

  7. Lourdes Z. Gonzalez says

    I’m very diapointment that u leave monk?Whyyyy!!! it is so greatly show that ever I see because it gives us so laugh , crying, and fall in love with u !! the way, ur team is so fanatic because it is so different personal that will be cool to work team.. I do firm believe in that monk should continue to 10 th season and it will be best way to have perfect that monk is the way perfection…I’m really crying and keep watch repeat it because it so lovely and breakheart…I will love to see u again unfortunately, it is gone but it will never gone for me because the monk is the best I have seen..May wish u best luck ..:(

  8. Rozy says

    I love the show this last episode was very sad. The end is promising; they can still do more. I love the whole cast I missed Sharona I loved her personality, if they do more episodes I hope she can do some. I started to watch Monk from day one and it was the intro music that made me watch it, then it changed; WHY? I hate that song! Good thing I have a DVR so I can fast forward because it makes me sick. If there’s more shows please go back to the original happy music it was great!

  9. kristi says

    When is or did the last show of Monk air I keep trying to watch or record it to wathch and getting the next to the next to the last show that had to be coninued.

  10. Jennifer says

    I have truly enjoyed the Monk shows…and I am very sad to see it go. I hope they can work something out and bring it back. If not it was a great show with an outstanding cast and production crew. Thank you for providing us with high quality family TV show.

  11. pamela newman says

    me again i cant tell u how much your show means to me cuz i cant find the right words please dont leve me i live for your show i am Monk jr ( so my family & friends call me ) we all love u and dont want this to end < the show u r a wonderful actor and Monk is the best dont brake my heart please come back Pamela Newman

  12. Laneya says

    I just watched the final episode and it is so sad. I wanted to cry. at the end when it did flashbacks of all the episodes I knew I would always miss our favorite obcessive decetive, Adriane Monk. I will miss the whole cast, especially Jason Gray, I got to meet him in person. It’s sad because everyone leaves. I love Monk and will buy all the series and watch them over and over and over again!


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