Motive: Season Two Pick Up from ABC

Motive season twoABC has picked up the second season of Motive, their summer police procedural series. The next 13 episodes will air next summer.

Motive centers around Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman), a single mother and Vancouver detective who investigates the motives of killers. Each episode starts with the crime and shows viewers what led to it. Others in the cast include Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny, Lauren Holly, Cameron Bright, and Roger Cross.

The series debuted on ABC last May and the 13 episodes averaged just a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.96 million total viewers. The series hit a low of a 0.7 rating with 3.95 million in early August but the numbers grew after that.

Ordinarily, there’s no way ABC would bring this series back but they don’t produce it. They only license Motive so it’s much cheaper for them to air.

The series is produced in Canada for the CTV network and they ordered a second season back in May. ABC’s picking up the series will help fill the alphabet network’s summer schedule with scripted content that ultimately doesn’t cost them very much.

Whatever the reason, it’s good news for Motive’s small audience.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear Motive will be back on ABC? Did you stick with it all summer?

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  1. Terrie says

    Absolutely love the show. I recorded them and watched them twice. The cast is excellent and looks they worked together forever. Thanks ABC.

  2. Lanett says

    Glad at least one of the shows I enjoy will be shown one more season! Motive is good! But I have others that I am totally disappointed that you cut; Body of Proof; Missing; Law and Order; Criminal Intent just to name a few! Please respond to my Question as to how and why shows are cut? Are people really into shows that are drama with just plain stupidity? No back bone!!! Just asking?

    • Cris says

      I soooooo agree with you. I liked those shows also. When a very good new show starts it gets canceled. At the same time the dumbest shows ever go on and on. Do you get it? I don’t.

  3. AJ says

    SO happy it’s returning for another season! It’s such a good show! I wish more people watched it. It’s different than most crime shows. Can’t wait for the summer :)

  4. Doyle says

    One of the best shows of any season. I have never watched a mystery show like Motive. The acting was very believable. Very glad it’s coming back for a second season, hope for third, wish it was a fall/winter show so we could more shows. THANKS ABC for bringing it back!!!

  5. Cris says

    Very slowly the American TV is getting full of Husewives, Kardasians, Honey Booboos and Duck Dinasties. Any show that makes us think and learn something will not have room in this new order. “Motive” is just another example. God forbid the networks from selecting quality over quantity. Thanks God for PBS.

  6. Kathleen. McGuire says

    I am really happy the we are to receive the second series of Motive. I like police dramas but this has something different, we know the murderer and the victim what we then have to figure out is why and this is not always obvious. I like it.

  7. Angel says

    Good acting, good characters and good scripts. What more can we want? Glad this show was renewed. Nice to know we have some interesting ones still on. Too many terrible ones just keep going. This reminds me of Columbo. Only better! We always saw the “killer” in Columbo before solved. Now we get to see the killer, victim and then the real motive. Sometimes we even feel sorry for the “killer” and not just the victim. Hope Motive keeps coming at us with surprises and these characters. The chemistry between the actors are also interesting. They almost seem like they are not acting. Love it and thanks for giving this show another chance!!!!

  8. Kate says

    Very happy to see this show renewed! The acting is great the characters mesh well. I was very pleased with how clean the show was so that my teen could watch it with us. Please continue this series for the long run!

  9. Kate Fredericks says

    I am stunned that Motive has been renewed. And very delighted. There aren’t a lot of decent show to watch in summer, and with The Glades (BIG BOO HISS ) being canceled after perhaps one of the best season finales I’ve seen also not yet knowing the fate of the also worthy Unforgettable. Motive is different because we know who done it and who got killed right at the top of the show. The exciting part is putting together how and why the murders came about. It’s not the best show on TV, but it is fun and smart and it is great to see Louis Ferreira in a role that allows him a lot of space to develop his character, especially after the demise of SGU where he was all dark and brooding all the time. This cast works! The shows are very good. If you didn’t pick it up this summer, I encourage you to do so next summer!

  10. Rick says

    I like the premise of the show – unique in that we know the victim and killer at the beginning. It’s quite interesting seeing how the investigators narrow their focus to the person we already know did it. I especially like the rapport the two lead characters have with each other. It seems very natural, like they have been working together for years.

    Good to see it will be back next summer. Now at least we’ll have one intelligent show during the slow season instead of the typical mindless fluff they typically put on.

  11. Sue says

    I like the show. With some of my favorites (notably The Glades) being cancelled, I am glad some of the things I like will be back.

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