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  1. Kat says

    They had a pilot called Midnight Sun with Julia Stiles that I was sure they would pick up, but sadly they didn’t. I was already planning on watching Grimm and Do No Harm, but I’ll give Hannibal a try only because of an overall lack of quality programming on the network (renewing Rock Center but cancelling Awake? Really??) and if it’s not up against something I actually WANT to watch.

  2. Francene says

    They cancelled 5 of my shows! I will not watch any new ones. Sick of cancelling all the time, the same thing will happen again with these new ones.

  3. Paul says

    Well looks like NBC will not be on my list of TV to watch. Done with this network and have made note of the advertisers from the good shows they cancelled so can avoid doing business or buying their products.

  4. Emaegf says

    The Biggest Loser was renewed but it’s not on the schedule nor is there a note if it will be returning midseason. Confused….
    My mom loves Loser so I must ask for her.

    • Kat says

      “The Biggest Loser” is mentioned in NBC’s official press release, so it should definitely be coming back sometime. They didn’t mention when mid-season drama “Hannibal” will be on the schedule, either, so this probably isn’t a comprehensive listing of their mid-season shows. In other words, you and your mom will probably likely see “The Biggest Loser” on in mid-season. :)

  5. Craig says

    Rock Center is still on? That is the start of the insanity. NBC’s new shows look like a laundry list of previously failed shows, and not just any failed shows, but shows that failed spectacularly. I thought Fox had a bad line up of new shows, but NBC had to beat them, and they did. The silver lining is that these horrible new shows will keep NBC from cancelling Community, 30 Rock, and Grimm.

  6. Lindsay says

    No Awake!! That and Smash were the only 2 shows I watched on NBC but I guess I’ll just find something on ABC or CBS to watch if they want to make a stupid move like that!!

  7. Maxi Smith says

    No Nate Berkus, Harry’s Law and no other interesting programs on NBC-WAHOO- my electricity bill will be almost nothing. No Hallmark Martha Stewart , no CBS CSI Miami, no ABC GCB nor Desp Housewives, only Revenge left so I may cut off my cable and visit a friend for ABC’s Revenge viewing. Thank you so much, I was looking for a way to save some money for gas. Luv you TV industry.

  8. says

    No Harry’s Law… way to go real smart. A great show which I hope gets picked up by one of your competitors. No wonder your dead last. “N”umbskulls thats what the N stands for.

  9. says

    Why bother, you have a great hit with Harry’s Law and here you go and cancel it. No wonder your dead last in ratings. NBC, the No Brains Broadcast Company.

  10. Leslie says

    This Stinks….. Awake, The Firm and Harry’s Law were inovative and different this is truly sad. You left on pure trash of sex, sex and more sex….. You should be ashamed remember it is the baby boomers that purchase the products and pay the bills.

  11. Ceej says

    My biggest compliant: Thursdays. Rock Center was getting sub-1s, and they still renewed it? Combined with those weak-performing comedies(only Parks & Rec I watch), they’re gonna be dead on Thursdays. And Fridays sounds weird. Whitney paired with Community? Come on. At least Wednesdays sound OK; although the comedies, which sound good on paper(especially Guys With Kids), have to compete with ABC’s, the pairing of SVU with another Dick Wolf creation, Chicago Fire is a wise bet, even if it’s at the cost of some of SVU’s ratings. Only Monday sounds solid, The Revolution sounds like their best new drama, so putting it after The Voice helps. Tuesdays’ comedies sound unfunny to me, and I would’ve moved Parenthood to Thursdays at 10 and put another new drama there(guess NBC doesn’t have much faith in their dramas). Overall not that good of schedule. Enjoy your stay in 4th, NBC.

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