Reading Rainbow: LeVar Burton Teases Again About Show’s Return

LeVar BurtonHost LeVar Burton introduced each episode of Reading Rainbow and encouraged young viewers to find out more about interesting topics through reading, saying “But you don’t have to take my word for it…”

The venerable PBS program went through several changes in ownership over the years as it struggled to survive. In January 2007, Burton said that he’d taped his last episode of Reading Rainbow and indicated that he wasn’t pleased with the direction that the newest owners were taking it.

The program’s last original episode aired on November 10, 2006 and reruns of Reading Rainbow left the airwaves in 2009 because PBS couldn’t afford the broadcast rights, in part because of the licensing of the featured books.

In February 2009, Burton wrote, “Want y’all to know that I’m seriously moving forward with an idea for a new version of a Reading Rainbow like show. Webisodes for adults.”

Many have forgotten his tease but this week, Burton wrote about reviving the show again, saying, “You heard it here first… Reading Rainbow 2.0 is in the works! Stay tuned for more info. But, you don’t have to…”

It’s not clear if Reading Rainbow will return aimed at children or adults but, based on Burton’s growing social presence on the Web, the Internet will surely figure heavily in the equation.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Shaun says

    Bring back READING RAINBOW!
    Bring back READING RAINBOW!!
    Bring back READING RAINBOW!!!
    Bring Back READING RAINBOW!!!!

    There aren’t many, truthfully, there aren’t ANY shows out there that can top READING RAINBOW! I still watch that show on youtube with my seven year old nephew. I am twenty six.

  2. Mavis Bonus says

    I taught school in Oceanside, Ca. starting in 1961 for 35 years and retired in 1995. I can’t begin to tell you how much my class enjoyed Reading Rainbow on tv. They would go out singing the Reading Rainbow song and we all LOVED THE SERIES AND Le Var Burton made that series OUTSTANDING!!! Please bring back even the reruns as the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren would love the program too. Le Var Burton is like the classic Disney Movies we never want to stop seeing, PLEASE!!
    Thank you Le Var for all that you’ve given in TV enjoyment for families!!
    Mavis Bonus

  3. Marilyn Guenther says

    What a shame such a wonderful educational program as Reading Rainbow has left the air – even in re-runs. I totally agree that we need to work on having more programming like this available to our youth. There is too much out there that is so negative and so wrong for the children of this nation to be viewing. If something doesn’t start happening to change the types of programs we allow our youngsters to watch on a daily basis, then our nation is surely heading in the wrong direction with the way we are sharing values with the young citizens of this country.

  4. Nancy Wilkens says

    I am very sad that Reading Rainbow is no longer being produced and broadcast. As a retired elementary teacher, I remember Reading Rainbow as a wonderful incentive program for young readers to watch. I wish it were still being broadcast because I think a whole new generation of readers is missing out on a wonderfully entertaining, informative and very well done television program!

  5. deeds says

    here, here! bring reading rainbow back! this world needs more appropriate-for-kids programming! …and mr. burton is a very good man, i hope he can bring back reading rainbow (and whether for kids or adults, i’m going to support it!) AND i wish him other success too! …”butterfly, in the sky, i can go twice as high, just take a look – it’s in a book, a reading rainbow” :)

  6. lilkunta says

    Book publishers ARE STUPID! With e reeaders and google’s plans to publish every bookever on its website for free, they should be happy that RR is featuring their books. The bok publishing companies need to lower their license fees ASAP!


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