Reba: Is the CW Sitcom Cancelled for Sure?

Time to say goodbye to the cast of Reba?The CW sitcom Reba, starring country-singing star Reba McEntire, is currently in its sixth season — though barely. The show was reportedly going to be cancelled last Spring but was saved at the 11th hour because the network didn’t want to pay a “kill fee” for not following through on a previous agreement.

Because of this, the popular sitcom was picked up for its sixth season but for just 13 episodes. Basically, the network feels that the show doesn’t fit their “desired demographic.” As a result, the new episodes of Reba didn’t debut until other CW shows had failed. When Reba finally did start it’s sixth season on November 19, 2006, it gave the network some great numbers. The sitcom even helped to boost the viewership of Seventh Heaven.

Ever since then, fans of Reba have been hopeful that the CW would realize the value of the show and order nine additional episodes (to complete the season) and to renew the series for a seventh year. It now looks like that’s not going to happen.

At last week’s Television Critics Association tour in Pasadena, CW President Dawn Ostroff reportedly declined to comment on Reba’s future. Later, it was quietly stated that the sitcom was done. Today, sources at TV Guide and MediaWeek are confirming that Reba has indeed been cancelled. There are four episodes left to air and word is that the CW will air the final two together on Sunday, February 18th.

Will there be some acknowledgment of the series ending? Hard to say. These episodes were shot in December when the cast and crew were unsure of the show’s future. Still, based on the experiences of 2006, I’m sure they may have considered they weren’t coming back.

There are lots of Reba fans out there so understandably there are tons of rumors floating around. One source at the CW reportedly said that the CW will indeed order the nine additional episodes soon (very doubtful now). There has also been talk that Lifetime (the cable channel that airs Reba reruns) has expressed interest in airing a Reba spin-off series. The spin-off would supposedly feature young married couple Van & Cheyenne moving into their own house and raising their new baby together. The rest of the Reba cast would appear as guest stars from time to time (and as a presumably smaller show budget would allow).

Is there still a possibility that Reba could be saved? Very doubtful but, like title character Reba Hart, this show is a fighter so you never know. Whatever happens, you can be rest assured, we’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

UPDATE: If there were any doubts, on January 26th, CW officially announced that Reba would end on February 18th.

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  1. yourkiddingright says

    i am a huge fan of the reba show. it kills me to hear that their isn’t going to be anymore seasons of Reba! this stinks. if the cw can’t air it then lifetime should, they have been playing re-runs of it for a while now and they should replace those with season 7! sounds great, but we can never get what we ask for.

  2. shorty says

    that is the stupidest idea i have ever heard and it breaks my small heart that rebe will not be on so i will never watch tv again yall mean peeple. and i hate every other television show there is so i cant BELIEVE YALL ACTUALLY WANT TO DO THIS BECAUSE OF MONEY WHY DONT YOU STOP ALL UR OTHER SHOWS!

  3. No Name says

    I will do this once and only once. I am a writer. I am also an american which makes me a professional in knowing about Television. Just Kidding. But I am working on a couple sitcoms one is about a family who takes in a boy baned from his home and the other is spinn-off of reba. i will not say who it is about or where it takes place or who it ties with reba, but i will say this. IT IS NOT ABOUT JOANNA GARCIA and STEVE HOEY. They were the second most discussed issue on the show. About half or more than half the show was about them.

    But i have a vision and i plan to see it. On the samll screen for a long time.

    But not on the CW. To make the CW executives feel better, i wouldn’t want them on FOX eaither. I rather go to CW than them.

    ABC is the way i see it.

    dont contact me or ask questions. i have said what was needed to be said. and That is all. Plus, WATCH THE TONITE SHOW at 11:30 PM EST. CONNAN O’BRIEN’s THE NEW HOST!!!!!!!!!

  4. Krystal says

    Cant believe they cancelled my favorite show. They truely messed up a good thing. I love Lifetime for playin all the great episodes. Its the only thing that my husband and i watch together. So angry that it ended! BRING REBA BACK PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEE!!!!!!!

  5. Nik says

    I refuse to watch the CW because of this. Thank goodness that Lifetime knows a GREAT show and does reruns. To bad it ended = (

  6. Kelli says

    I have seasons 1-5 of Reba right now. I can’t wait to complete my collection. I would also like to see Reba back on the air. There has never been a show that has made me laugh as much as Reba. I feel like I am apart of the family when I watch it. Please bring it back.

  7. AJ says

    This show was well written, owned an amazing cast and maked me laugh every time I watched.

    Some executives are just down right morons.. and that’s the truth.

    Bring back Reba!!

  8. CRYSTAL says

    I just discovered this show about a year ago and LOVE IT!!! I watch all the re-runs over and over and over again. Such a poor business decision to cancel a wholesome, funny, and current show. Of course this show didn’t fit the CW’s demographic! They weren’t BLACK!!! Everything on the CW is african american this and african american that. I’m not racist, but it is so obvious and quite frankly ignorant of the station to make such a poor business decision. Reba’s TV show was getting to be as popular and iconic as her singing! That’s a gold mine lost……

  9. Shannon Boehman says

    Being a P.R. Major, I am still perplexed by CW taking this show off the air. For smart executives you shirt had your had up your butt that day!! Your audience was trying to tell you something. Maybe next time you will listen, or maybe that would be to smart for you guys to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very disappointed! If I ever own my own company, remind me to never hire these guys!!!!!!

  10. says

    i hate cw i will never never never never never never never never never never never NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER WATCH CW

  11. Venita Hailey says

    Does anyone know what has become of the cast of Reba? I loved all the character/actors on this show and would like to know that they had good things to come to them after the cancellation of the Reba show.

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