Sanctuary: Cast, Execs React to Series Cancellation

Sanctuary season 5 caceledAs most fans of Sanctuary likely know by now, the show has been cancelled by Syfy. The TV series ran for a total of 59 episodes over the course of four seasons.

Following the announcement, several people associated with the show commented on the news and were unanimous in their appreciation for the fans.

Craig Endler (senior VP and GM of Syfy): “Thank you to the amazing cast + crew for a great 4 seasons, and to our always awesome fans for their support!”

Mark Stern (Syfy president of original content): “We’re honored to have been part of this incredible series… It’s been an amazing ride and we look forward to our next project with Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood and Damian Kindler.”

Space (Canadian cable station): “Thank you to the cast and crew @SanctuarySeries for an amazing four seasons! We are so proud of this SPACE Original Series.”

Damian Kindler, Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood (executive producers): “We couldn’t be prouder of the four seasons we made on Sanctuary… We are very grateful for the opportunity and must acknowledge the wonderful work from our cast and crew, the support from our studio, the Beedie Group–who have been with us right from the start, the networks who worked so hard with us each week, and most of all the fans … we owe so much to the fans.”

Alan McCullough (writer): Thanks to all the cast and crew of #Sanctuary for 4 great years… And even bigger thanks to the fans!”

Damian Kindler (director/writer/executive producer): “Now that it’s official, thank you fans and viewers of @SanctuarySeries for the most incredible 4 years of my life. Solemn bow to you all.”

Amanda Tapping (Dr. Helen Magnus/executive producer): “To all the fans of @SanctuarySeries we love and adore you. Thank you for the love and support. Now to the long dark tea time of my soul. :(” She later followed that up with: “Wow! And wow! You guys are amazing. Your tweets are a great lift to my soul. Onward and upward!!! Xoxoxo”

Agam Darshi (Kate Freelander): “As many of you know Sanctuary has come to an end. Thank you for being loyal fans to the show, and for supporting me and my work. I am so very grateful to ALL of you. Big thanks to the Sanctuary team and to Syfy for embracing me and creating more of what TV needs: A strong kick ass female character. Let’s play s’more. xoxoxo”

Gillian Horvath (supervising producer): “Thanks for all the warm tweets! Two of the best years of my life. Did work to be proud of and made lifelong friends. #Sanctuary”

Ryan Robbins (Henry Foss): “Thank you for all the kind words & support. #Sanctuary was truly a life-changing experience for me. You were all very much a part of that.”

Robin Dunne (Dr. Will Zimmerman): “Thanks to our wonderful @SanctuarySeries fans for 4 years of love & support. You gave us a great life. See you on the next one. XO Will Z”

Chris Gauthier (Walter): “Goodbye and thank you @SanctuarySeries one of the best sets in Vancouver I’ve worked on! Thanks for having me! Truly a great experience! :(”

Pascale Hutton (Abby Corrigan): “Thank you to everyone for welcoming me into the @SanctuarySeries for the final two seasons. I will treasure the experience always.”

Robert Lawrenson (Declan Macrae): “Seriously touched by all the heartfelt messages from we’re getting. Said it before and will say it forever – Best Fans Ever! Thank you!!” He followed that up with: “A huge thank you to the phenomenal Sanctuary fans, cast, crew & producers for a wonderful run. Look back with pride and forward with spirit.”

What do you think about the cancellation? What would you say to the cast and crew of Sanctuary?

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  1. sheryl says

    I loved this show. The number of really good scifi shows has continued to decrease over the past several years and it is sad to see yet another one cancelled. The show actually had a plot, something sorely lacking in most of today’s tv shows. The cast was excellent and it would have been great to see the show continue.

  2. Caroline says

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this show & will miss it so much: Top rate acting, delightful & witty dialogue, great stories & creative imaging. What a loss!! Nothing will replace this! Thank you to the writers, producers, all staff & most of all, the marvelous actors!

  3. Valerie B says

    I also wanted to add….that only provide entertainmert, they also give bak to neefu communties. How many shows provide that?

  4. Valerie B says

    I have not watched very, if any, female leads in a TV show. I have been an avid Syfy watcher. I thought finally, a whitty, exciting and smart show. When I found out that it was cancelled,was very upset. You have every channel with reality shows and to make it worse the extremely lame and insulting movies, just a joke! I wish you would bring back Sancuary! As a woman and major scify fan, restore my faith in watching bring back Sancuary!

  5. Tracey says

    It sounds like everywhere is the same. Australian tv is full of reality tv rubbish an almost nil scifi unless you pay. I loved fringe and now it’s gone. I love Santuary now it’s gone. What exactly is going on. We have rubbish like ‘Snog Marry Avoid’ on our tv and the true entertainment is cut. I just don’t get it.

  6. Jae says

    You gave up Sanctuary and Eureka, In Plain Sight went as well. You give us reality shows!! Can’t you people get a life and see what is good? I will watch the few show you have left us and none of them will be “Reality” garbage. I live in the real world and watching TV to take me away from the humdrum of every day living. Thankfully I can buy my favorite shows on DVD and continue to enjoy a few moments of escape. Someday all of you network executives will get old and realize you have left us nothing good to watch. I hope you are stuck in a nursing home with only Reality TV to watch. Maybe then you will see the errors of your decisions!

  7. Marilyn says

    It is unfortunate that Syfy again has put their profit for themselves instead of investing in their series to bring better shows and superior graghic that intice Syfy followers . I and my family will miss you all.

  8. says

    I’m sorry..but this cancellation made no sense. I read somewhere about budget problems?
    Among myself and many I know, SyFy is gaining a real reputation of cancelling great Sci-Fi. Firefly and Total Recall 2070..wasn’t Total Recall a budget thing as well?
    Why is it when something of real quality comes along, it gets cancelled while the Sci-Fi’s with bubble headed characters flourish? In all 3 of those Sci-Fis there was real characters and comraderie. Sci-Fi underlying theme is about the human condition..something that can be explored at its based level in Sci-Fi with no restraint. In the end its more about us. Wow what comraderie among the Sanctuary cast. Such quality of character and comraderie. To scenes among “many” just pop up since I’ve seen them recently. Will and Henry with their girlfriends talking over who gets to go to this famous restaurant. Another where Magnus talking with Henry at the shows end,forget the name, where Magnus had earlier operated on and saved the life of a woman who was the wife of a friend of Henrys. Without getting into the whole ended with Will thanking Magnus for saving her life. (she was a very personal friend of his) while Magnus looks on after him as he walks away. A very touching scene. It was a very human show at the core of its adventurous format. It doesn’t feel right to build us up to love these characters so much, only to pull the rug out from underneath everything after only the 4th season. So callous..and if I were English would appropriately say..such a horrid thing to do. This was easily an 8 to 10 Season series. So imaginative, so inventive. An Extraordinarily bad call SyFy! Hey maybe you can now bring up a new show like Lexx and run it forever…sheesh! Quality! Quality! Quality! Wake yourselves up and bring this show back into production. its gotten to where when I see something good in first thought is “this isn’t going to last”. Where went the minds of the innovators..or in this case..those who can at least recognize it! Thanks for sleeping at the wheel once again SyFy. Thumbs WAYYYYYY UP!!! for Sanctuary! Your wick burned out quickly..but it burned with fascinating flare. Thank You.

  9. Glynis says

    Syfy should change its name to significantly flawed, after the decision to cancel Sanctuary. There are so many good shows on, via satellite etc., that fans will just wait until the ‘team’ find something else to entertain us with, and then Syfy will notice the drop in profits. Nevermind, we may see some more of them soon in Falling Skies on FX!

  10. kmc says

    I am really disappointed, this show was smart, inventive, strong women characters. Come on syfy – this ranks up there with the cancellation of Firefly. Sanctuary was the only reason I paid for cable tv, back to the antenna.

  11. Pam says

    Really?! Come on guys?! Really! You give up this for wrestling? For ghost hunting?! What happened to Sci-fi?Even fantasy? You give up Sanctuary and Eureka for cheap programming? Yeesh! What a disappointment! It makes it really hard to care about this channel anymore. It’s a good thing you changed the name. It doesn’t deserve it’s original channel name. A Pity.

  12. Howard says

    Once again the programmers prove they have no clue. Sanctuary is one of the best SciFi programs anywhere. I am truly sad to see them the air. Then again if the programmers cancelled CSI Miami is anything sacred. We enter into the vast wasteland of ‘Reality Shows’ I just do not understand.

  13. Taph says

    I’m so going to miss the eccentric genius vampire Tesla! Sigh…

    And I agree with Kat and Trevor, at least the show had an ending, a good ending at that.

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