$#*! My Dad Says

Sh*t My Dad SaysNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 18 (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 23, 2010 — February 17, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: William Shatner, Jonathan Sadowski, Will Sasso, Nicole Sullivan, and Stephanie Lemelin.

shit my dad says past TV show

TV show description:
This sitcom is based on the popular Twitter feed by Justin Halpern and revolves around a father who thinks nothing of expressing his wildly politically-incorrect opinions at the drop of a hat.

Henry Goodson (Jonathan Sadowski) is a young struggling writer-turned-unpaid blogger. His older brother is Vince (Will Sasso), the meek half of a husband/wife real estate team. There’s no question that his aggressive wife Bonnie (Nicole Sullivan) truly wears the pants in the family.

Henry and Vince’s father is Ed Goodson (William Shatner), a forthright and opinionated man who will always tell you exactly what he thinks, especially if you didn’t ask.

When Henry finds that he can no longer afford to pay rent, Ed temporarily softens and invites his son to move in with him. Having no other choice, Henry agrees but knows that he won’t be able to escape his father’s verbal assaults.

Series Finale:     
Episode 18 — Who’s Your Daddy
Henry meets a beautiful girl named Laura on the internet and senses a strange connection to her. Things get weird when she seems to know a little too much about Ed. Worried that she might be his long-lost daughter, Ed attempts to discover the truth, even though he’s not ready for it.

Vince and Bonnie, sad that their attempts at artificial insemination (in the previous episode) didn’t seem to work, throw themselves into their work and end up as real estate agents on The Real Housewives of San Diego. Camille (Camille Donatacci Grammer), a divorcee and reality series star, goes house hunting with them. Their shoot is disrupted when Bonnie throws up on camera. She’s pregnant.

After doing a secret DNA test, it turns out that Laura is not Ed’s child. She comes to the house and confesses that she’s in love with his son — but it’s not Henry or Vince. It turns out Ed has another son that he’s never met who had been scared to meet him. Laura opens the front door to reveal him. We can’t see who he is but hear a young voice say “Hi, dad.” The family all stare out the door and Ed exclaims, “Holy Bleep!”
First aired: March 15, 2011.


Behind the Scenes

The network contends that the show title should be pronounced “Bleep My Dad Says“.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. teresa says

    #*& my dad says is definitely a show that should be resumed. I cannot believe it is gone just like that. Please bring it back!

  2. Mary says

    When will Bleep My Dad Says be back? This was the only show worth watching on Thursday Nights. I am a huge Shattner fan.

  3. Anna says

    For the past few weeks I have been looking forward to watching this show only to be disappointed that it’s not on. I really love Bleep my dad says because it reminds me of my dad. Its one show I can relate to. Hope it comes back

  4. NORA LEE says

    This is one of our favorite comedies the cast works and William Shatner hits his mark as a sitcom actor plus the addition of Jean Smart was clever so PLEASE don’t cancel this!

  5. Jimbo says

    If it makes any difference, I really hope this show gets renewed. My wife and I were watching it every week. Then, poof. It’s gone. We too are sick of reality shows.

  6. Chrissy says

    I loved the show Bleep My Dad Says! I can’t believe it was cancelled. TV just keeps getting worse, when there’s finally something funny, it gets cancelled!

  7. Kim says

    Please continue the show @#s my dad said with shatner…. with two & a half men leaving- there will be a void that needs filled. I really enjoy this show – not your usual family show

  8. George S. Trausch says

    I have watched every single show of $#*! My Dad Says and I think it is a very funny show! Please bring it back! its hilarious! There is so much garbage or boring tv shows….comedy ios good and the show has lots of it. Every character is entertaining.
    I hope you have it return. George

  9. MARY C. says

    I love “Bleep My Dad Says”. The cast seems to blend well together witch to me
    always makes a great show. Its entertaining and funny and I look forward to seeing it
    every week. When I cant be at home I make sure I D.V.R. it so I wont miss it .
    On March 3 when I tuned in it wasn’t on. Instead I found “Rules Of Engagement”, which I do NOT like at all in its place.

    CBS Please bring back “BLEEP MY DAD SAYS”.
    MARY C. MARCH 5 2011

  10. Barbara says

    It’s humorous, clever, low-keyed, and is a great diversion from the typical re-creation of someone’s “theory of life” centered on metro news.

    I’m sick of reality TV, sick of “Judges,” sick of “Doctors,” sick of criminology junk. And, that’s why I gave up TV seven years ago.

    I hope CBS decides to keep this.

  11. Bevedrly says

    I loved this show ! I dont watch thats much TV Because its all cops shows .I want something that will make me laff , not seeing people getting blowed away then having autopsy’s performed on them.
    I was all set to watch this show last night , and had been looking forward to see how it ended because of the way it left us hanging.
    Have it been moved to a different night?
    Is that the way it ended?

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