Smash: NBC Drama Officially Cancelled Now

Smash canceled by NBCNBC has confirmed that their musical drama Smash has been officially cancelled. There won’t be a third season.

The news certainly doesn’t come as a surprise. Everyone but the most optimistic viewers assumed that the series was already done.

Smash premiered very well last season when it followed The Voice. Despite the strong lead-in, the ratings declined as the first season wore on.

NBC renewed it anyway with an order for 18 installments. They no doubt regretted that move when season two debuted to poor numbers. The ratings got worse and they chose to burn off the remaining episodes on Saturday nights, rather than simply pull the show off the air.

The last two episodes of Smash are scheduled to air on Sunday, May 26th. Hopefully the producers saw the writing on the wall soon enough and wrapped up the ongoing storylines.

What do you think? Did you like Smash? Are you sorry that the series was cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. maggie mcgraw says

    Of course it got canceled because it didn’t have demonic demons and blood sucking vampires or any murder.

    • kelly McCormick says

      I was sucked in and liked the show. There should have been a logical ending. There was NO ending. How can you leave so many viewers hanging?

  2. Gabby says

    I think it’s crap they cancelled this show! I really was looking forward to season 3!
    With all the crap on tv they could have canceled, why this one?

  3. JC says

    Never should have been cancelled. It was different then the rest of the Programs. The story had a good theme. Some other network should pick it up and it will do real good. Major networks don’t take enough chances.

  4. JC says

    Absolutely Loved it. It was different then all the shows on today. It Never should have been cancelled this soon. The networks need to take bigger chances.

  5. Patty says

    I watched this show faithfully and enjoyed it a LOT. It seems like many of the shows I consider to be good on the network channels bite the dust. I grew up on network TV but these days I don’t find many shows of quality left to watch, this being yet another example of why.

  6. MrRhee says

    SMASH was amazing! It was also educational. I was surprised to see how a concept (Bombshell) went from idea, casting, rehearsals, workshops, financing, etc, before becoming a real live musical. Season 2, Hit List, was an unexpected treat! The songs were amazing. Although, it was sad to see Kyle die. But to be honest, I couldn’t fathom where the show (SMASH) would go after the Tony Awards. I’m not sure taking the audience through another new musical would fly. Perhaps, two seasons was it.

  7. Mikayla says

    It seems like every time I find a show that I enjoy, it gets cancled. I feel that season 1 was not great, but was not horrible. But season 2 was GREAT!! I wish there was a 3ed season coming!

  8. Kimmy says

    I was very disappointed to know that they had cancelled this show. Became a real fan and loved all the characters. It’s a shame that quality television now has come to junk TV all of which has been doctored up in one way or another for the sake of high ratings. Yes it’s disheartening to see.

  9. julie says

    Do we no longer no creativity when we see it? This sow had so much originality. hope some other station picks it up so we don’t need to deal with another reality show.

  10. Darrell says

    We loved the show always recorded it so we would never miss an episode Please another network has to pick it up

  11. Gabriel says

    I that it a awesome show. Story line was great, things were always happening. The artists on the show were great as performing, and the vocals were again, awesome!!!!!!!!!
    I just hope that maybe there’s a mistake, and they’ll bring it back. I will own both seasons. I would prefer to own them on Blue-Ray. Blue-Ray, the sound & picture jump out at you. With all that great talent on the screen, Yes! It really does need to be on Blue-Ray.

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