Stargate Universe and Sanctuary: Syfy Renews TV Series

SanctuarySyfy has given the go-ahead for a second season of Stargate Universe and a third season of Sanctuary. The cable channel has ordered 20 installments of each.

Stargate Universe (SGU) is the latest series in the Stargate franchise and revolves around a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians, who must fend for themselves after being forced through a Stargate. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth. It features Robert Carlyle, Justin Louis, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blu, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Patrick Gilmore, Peter Kelamis, Julia Benson, Jennifer Spence, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Mark Burgess, Ming-Na, Josh Blacker, Haig Sutherland, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Sanctuary follows the adventures of Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), a brilliant scientist who holds the secrets of a group of strange and sometimes terrifying beings that hide among humans. Others in the cast include Robin Dunne, Emilie Ullerup, Ryan Robbins, Christopher Heyerdahl, and Agam Darshi.

SGU is expected to return in April with the second partth of its 20 episode first season. Production on season two will begin in early 2010 and is expected to start airing in the fall.

The second season of Sanctuary is currently airing and expected to finish on January 15, 2010. Production on season three will start in early 2010 and begin airing in Fall 2010. This recent pickup marks the biggest order to date for Sanctuary. Seasons one and two are comprised of only 13 episodes apiece.

What do you think? Are either or both of these shows worthy of another season? Which do you prefer?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Eric says

    Agreed, Jim.

    Sanctuary is too phony and the acting is horrendous. It’s a show that begs to be canceled. Thank goodness they dropped the no-acting blonde and hired the hot little indian girl, but her part is too over the top. She’s written to talk smack about the smallest stupid thing and buck even the most basic of ideas. The rest of the show is just a fast-forward button on the tivo.

    SGU has great, and I do mean GREAT, bones, but the characters are all un-memerable. And the gratuitous lesbo scenes are tired and overdone. It’s like they’re just filming scenes for hourly pay and throwing a few controversial segments in for a transparent play at generating buzz.

    Here’s a though, wipe the slate clean, cancel both shows, and start over.

  2. Leo says

    Well to be honest I love both the SG- tv series and Sanctuary, now I’m a big fan of Stargate and believe me the greatest, but I don’t know what happen to SGA but the producers mes up on that one, I mean the show was actually getting interesting in the last couple of two seasons – it was a let down but if they had to end it then hey “no problemo”, but one thing that I did not understand of SGU is that the first season was made of such a small amount of episodes when compared to sg-1 and sga, as some others said it left a taste on my mouth that I wasn’t expecting, so anyway is obvious that the producers mes up on the first season of SGU by making it so short therefore the second season must be something to be awaited and lets hope it lives up to its reputation.

    Now when it comes to talking about sanctuary damn, the tv show has everything needed in a perfect sci-fi show and actually it has surpassed the SG series, so I bet that the viewers of the show are awaiting for the third season after the taste for action that the second left on our thongs.

    But as mister Tom King said, why the heck did “Firefly” get cancelled? it was a fantastic show, just like sanctuary.

  3. B Frank says

    I watched the first six, or so, episodes of Universe and then gave up. I hae not been even tempted to watch another minute. The characters have no character at all, and the whole thing has a soap opera feel to it. No action, too much phony drama. After SG1 and Atlantis I’m too spoiled to watch this crap.

  4. says

    As for SGU – the problem is we don’t have any real heroes. It’s too post-modernist for my taste. I think they were going for a Battlestar Galactica noir, but at least Galactica had a few heroic characters, though they pretty nearly lost me toward the end.

    It’s like they’ve decided it’s the “in” thing to make everyone deeply flawed. We need our Yoda’s and Obi-Wans. We need characters like Jack O’Neil, Carter, Teal’c and Daniel Jackson. They keep slipping toward, not anti-heroes, but toward non-heroes.

    Buck up people. Are you telling me that all men in the future are so chickified they cry every time they have to blow up a bad guy? Puh-lease!

  5. says

    I agree with the post about there being a big difference between sci-fi and horror. This is something TV execs never have understood. There is a huge market out there for real science fiction and literally millions of well written stories to work from. Hard sci-fi fans don’t care much for horror or lame medieval sword and sorcery stuff. Somehow TV programmers have lumped us in with people who watch B-horror movies, wrestling and reality TV.

    There is actually a very intelligent audience for well thought out science fiction. Sci-Fi needs to change its name back from the cutesy one and come up with a second channel with a cutsey hip name for the horror movie/wrestling/ghosts and UFO’s crowd. Then they need to hire some good science fiction writers (not TV writers) and put them to work. Some of the best Star Trek episodes were written by good SF writers if you’ll remember.

    You could do an amazing series or 10 based on Poul Anderson’s work or Isaac Asimov’s or Orson Scott Cards. It’s time the Sci-fi world began developing decent directors and producers who understand the genre like Steven Spielberg, Joss Whedon and and the SGA gang do. There is so much material sitting out there that can be adapted and so many starving actors and filmmakers out there who would kill for a shot at making world class Sci-fi. It’s time for us to shed the horror/slasher/green tight-wearing dimbulb stereotype and make us some high class nerd candy! Time to grow our own. We just need a network with the vision to make it happen.

    If someone with a decent story had the same money the network throws those “Lake Monster Eats Cleveland” epics, you could see some well-done SF. “Tin-Man”, “Riverworld” and “Wonderland” gave us a little glimpse of what could be done. The special effects are becoming less expensive all the time. There’s no excuse for there not being a hard Sci-Fi network.

    At least bring “Firefly” back for crying out loud


  6. says

    @ Dale

    “If the rest of you don’t like it then don’t watch.”

    LOL. You know, TPTB have told Malozzi and Wright to stop telling people that, and evidently many people have taken that advice and the ratings for SGU have basically tanked to an all-time low because of that advice. The reality is that the show has become less and less popular from episode 1 to episode 10, resulting in the lowest ratings EVER for any Stargate Atlantis episode (1.3 for “Justice” vs 1.4 for “Michael” in SGA). They have been reigned in by TPTB because the show is FAILING in every p[possibly measure: Viewership, DVD sales, Reviews, and most of all the fans of the SG franchise which are the reason it exists today.

    SGU fans seem the same. They are actually DRAMA fans who were never real fans of the Stargate Franchise, and in this show they see the same cliche shaky cameras and dark sets they saw in Blair Witch, BSG, Cloverfield and who knows what else. But they are NOT science fiction fans. And what’s more, they are a small fraction of what is needed to make this show a success. I believe they have lost that chance because the character development for these awful characters has made people hate them even more. Too many plot holes, too much disregard for the established SG canon, and cheesy derivative stories and visuals. Its just pathetically, tragically DOOMED.

    Season 1 first half has gotten the buzzards circling, and by the time the show returns and plays out the rest of this mess, the buzzards will be landing on nearby trees. Season 2? LOL! What a mistake. But at least a handful of drama fans will be watching. Not enough to keep the show from getting canceled due to lack of interest.

  7. Chris says

    For the most part, my wife and I enjoy Santuary. Some of the episodes are really good. Some of the episodes are slow, which we attribute to either the writers, or the director – or possibly to the restrictions placed on the show by the virtual sets.

    With regards to SGU – oh, boy. My wife gave up, but I’m still forcing myself to watch in case it gets better. First and foremost, other than a round ring that doesn’t work like the Stargate from the original movie or the first two series, it has nothing in common with its predecessors. If they had just called it Universe they could have avoided the resentment from SG fans who were encouraged to watch something that has nothing at all to do with a flavor and themes that they followed religiously for years.

  8. Josh says

    It is slow, but it beats cheesy costumes and single-episode adventures where everything gets wrapped up nicely and everyone makes it home safe and sound (except for a few non-essentials). I, for one, prefer Dexter-like character-driven plots and twists where nothing is certain and the writers aren’t held to the repetitive happy ending scenarios ubiquitous in most shows. It’s refreshing to see a show willing to at least try to break away from the stale action-scifi writing, where the dilemmas faced by the characters have little to no relevance outside of the show’s own contrived storyline. It’s not close to my favorite show, but I can appreciate what they are trying to do…They just need to do it a little bigger and faster.

    Not sure where the story will go now, though, since the character base was majorly disturbed in the last episode….It might just spiral out of control like Heroes and frustrate most of it’s fan base.

  9. Ken Wilson says

    Could not tell you what is happening in SGU. I actually cancelled my extended cable service and catchup on the shows I like on Hulu.

    Quit watching SGU, I still watch Sanctuary though online.

    I don’t miss the syfy/why channel at all.

  10. btbDan says

    i am a huge fan of stargate, sg1 and sga. now with sgu…. i was thrown for a flip, a very slow pace. right off the bat. 10 episodes of character build up. im left thinking wtf? kinda disappointing that we havent been graced by something big yet. BUT then i think back, these are the same creators of the prior 2 and they have always left me with a good taste in my mouth. yes the sets are dark and dreary but then again, the ship isnt powered up fully yet. we havent seen any aliens… YET. i think sgu knows what they are oding and i think they know that the first 10 would be a slow creep. my faith lies in their hands and i DO believe they will satisfy us all. come episode 20 i think we will be salivating for season 2 and 3 and so on. just have faith in stargate. if im wrong, drag me outside and shoot me

  11. ritareplies says

    I have and always will be a HUGE science fiction fan! I love all the Star Trek series and movies and the Stargate Movie and the subsequent Stargate: SG1 and Stargate Atlantis spin-offs which I liked a lot more than SG1. I was VERY disappointed at the cancellation of SG1 but looked forward to a long-running Atlantis which didn’t happen!
    I began having Friday Night syfy channel withdrawals as those 2 exceptional shows were replaced with the likes of Sanctuary, (ugh!) and Primeval, (ok, but nothing to write home about), which the cable station thought COULD replace the SG1 gems? Then I got VERY excited about the new Stargate Universe which the cable station advertised for quite some time and when it finally aired the pilot; I was like HUH? Very sl……0w and uneventful. I kept watching for another 10-12 episodes hoping it would get more interesting, but NEVER happened. I didn’t expect it to be like the other 2 Stargates, but I did think it would be interesting and have SOMETHING happen each week. IN A WORD: SNOOZEFEST! I actually would doze off during this show and have never been one to fall asleep while watching TV! My science fiction watching is next to none now since sci-fi became syfy, they show more horror films now. BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCIENCE FICTION AND HORROR-SLASHER FILMS! No good shows on Friday nights and now a lot different types of movies. The name should have been changed to The Horror Channel instead of syfy. What a let down all the way around.

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