The 4400: USA Network Series Cancelled

The 4400Fans of the USA Network’s unique science-fiction series, The 4400, have been waiting patiently to hear about the show’s return ever since the season four finale aired in September. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the series is coming back.

USA has yet to make an official announcement about the cancellation but The 4400’s creator and executive producer Scott Peters says that the show is indeed over. In a post on the show’s messageboard, Peters said, “It’s with great sadness that I pass along to you the information I’ve just received — The 4400 has been cancelled. We’ve had a great time bringing you this story and submersing you in the lives of all these incredible characters.”

Peters went on to say, “I just spoke to Joel [Gretsch] and we had a great talk about what we all accomplished and how much we’ll miss our family that is our crew and our cast… and our fans. But at least we got to go out with a bang! I had an awesome time directing the last episode. I think I got to make almost every single cast member cry (on camera). How much fun was that?!”

“So let me raise my metaphorical glass to you all and thank you for being so loyal and so dedicated. I wish we could go on forever, but the party has come to an end. Be well and on behalf of all of us at The 4400 — thank you, it’s been a pleasure.”

Actress Jacqueline McKenzie, who plays Diana Skouris, posted to fans on her MySpace page saying, “I know I speak for all the cast: We really appreciate the support and dedication of our fans! Thank you!”

Hopefully USA will produce a TV movie to wrap up the series’ loose threads. We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

UPDATE: USA’s Executive VP of Original Programming, Jeff Wachtel, has confirmed the cancellation.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Me says

    I just finished the 4400 on netflix and I’m soooo sad that it ended!! :'(
    Hopefully the people who made this show will have a burst of common sense and put this show back on television. Sooo disappointing

  2. Sara says

    I just discovered the show on Netflix. Very good show. It was addicting. I Was not aware of the fact that the show had been cancelled so when I got to Season 4… to the “last show” and
    discovered this abomination I became speachless! Networks cater to basically idiots that have no imagination. The shows that the cast are jumping into beds, killing, cursing, raping, drinking and abusing, those are the shows that stay on forever and then close with a decent ending. Shameful !!!

  3. Vickie says

    I’m getting ready to watch the final episode and when I found out there is no ending I was really upset. Would have been nice to find out what happens. I hate when networks end a show and leave it hanging.

    • Jackie Abrahamson says

      I agree. It was a good show. I’m tired of networks having no sense. I don’t watch tv hardly anymore because of how often networks disappointed me. They are like children having a “5” minute attention span, moving from one activity to another yet they are adult.

  4. SHEILA says

    What a shame to cancel such a great show I really hope they would consider bringing it back for at least a final ending …..SHAME ON THE NETWORK AFTER 4 YEARS SHAME!!!!!!

  5. jason says

    Its Aug 19 2013..AWESOME SHOW. A MOVIE WOULD BE THE BEST! Sad that it was cancelled. If Collier was real he would pay for the movie. Lol

  6. Steve says

    I’ve just only found out about the USA show 4400,
    I’m on the 2nd session right now! And two more sessions to go!

    Two read that there is no more being made,
    Such a shame as the show is the best I’ve watched in years!

    I’m English, and loved around the world

    Shame shame shame!!!!

  7. Joan (in Utah) says

    I also thought it was a GREAT series, and am sorry that it was cancelled! However, I imagine that the “powers that be” felt it was a little too close to the realities of today…..which made them a bit uncomfortable. We do have Indigo children, as well as Indigo adults that have unique abilities in the United States of America as well as in other countries…..maybe not as full blown as those on the 4400 series, but are yet to be enlarged. …and, other areas in the film were very close as to how the National Security Units would go about handling such things. All in all I thought it was quite “thought provoking.” I hope the producers will bring the 4400 back to complete it with a finale.

  8. Alex says

    Well, $hit!!!!!!
    They keep canceling the good shows out there, while keeping the crappy ones for crying out loud! WTF! Seriously! All of my favorite shows got cancelled; 4400, Life, The X-Files, Conviction and many many more! I’m so sick of this crap.

  9. Tina says

    My husband and I just finished watching the entire 4 seasons of The 4400. It truly was an awesome series, and as others have stated I cannot believe they cancelled a good series and leave other boring show on. Whats up with that???? I have not seen anything about a movie to finish this thing up.

  10. says

    This was an incredible show!!! I would have watched every episode, every commercial, for as long as it ran. I was so into it and am very disappointed the powers that be decided it wasn’t worth another season and/or wrap up movie. What ARE you thinking? Fans count. Really. We do. No kidding. I will think twice about getting into another USA series. I hope more feel that way about the network and somehow show you that eventually you need to consider us. I can’t believe you left us hanging like that. It’s like giving me a book and letting me read all the chapters except the last one! For future selection of series…USA….thanks, but no thanks. 4400 was the best!

  11. Ellen says

    The networks are insane! What are they going to replace it with ,yet another boring doctor or police show? Here was a series that was different and had a huge following and no wrap up????? USA you are off my grid for TV watching.

  12. 4400 FAN says


  13. Helen says

    I am still so upset that 4400 was cancelled. My husband picks on me when I reminice on the past episodes and how we, the fans, were left hanging.

    Still missing 4400!!

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