The Borgias: Cancelled; No Season Four or Movie

The Borgias on Showtime canceledShowtime has decided to cancel The Borgias after three seasons. The low-rated drama’s last episode will air on June 16th.

The Borgias follows the story of Pope Alexander (Jeremy Irons) and his struggle to maintain his power at the turn of the 16th century. The historical drama’s large cast also includes François Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Joanne Whalley, Lotte Verbeek, David Oakes, Sean Harris, Peter Sullivan, Simon McBurney, Steven Berkoff, Aidan Alexander, Julian Bleach, Thure Lindhardt, Gina McKee, and Colm Feore.

Season three of The Borgias premiered in April and thus far the show’s been averaging about a half a million viewers for each episode’s first airing.

There had been talk of wrapping up the show’s ongoing storylines with a movie instead of a fourth season but that’s not happening.

Still, series creator Neil Jordan says that, “For a variety of reasons we won’t be doing a fourth season, but, ‘The Prince’ [the last episode], when I wrote it and shot it, did seem like the end of a journey for the family. Whatever bonded them as a family dies in this episode, and the center of the drama for me was always the family. I want to thank Showtime and David Nevins for their unstinting support over the last three years, and look forward to working with them in the future.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that The Borgias has been cancelled? Were you hoping there would be a fourth season or a movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dee says

    I love the show and get really angry when they cancel them. No one has ever asked me or anyone I know if they if they like or dislike any show so where do they get their info? I waited on pins and needles for every episode and to just cut the story off with no real ending is disrespectful to all of the loyal fans out there, me included.

  2. Anonymous says

    I think I will cancel Showtime. When a quality Show that is reasonably close to History has no place on a network , I have No time or money for that network. Too bad it will be replaced with another worthless show, which there are plenty of on T.V. But minus my money.

  3. Marc says

    Will definitely miss the show. High quality intelligent productions are so rare these days… Very disappointed to hear of it’s demise…

  4. says

    Loved the show. Looked forward to every season and think a Season4 or a movie should
    be done to see the end. I will cancel Showtime now, no need to watch because of Borgias
    being cancelled. The acting, costumes everything was so interesting to watch.

  5. says

    Absolutely loved the show. Could not wait for Sundays. Please do Season 4 or a movie.
    The ratings probably went down because a episode was released on Monday instead.
    I will cancel Showtime because I enjoyed watching the Borgias, etc.

  6. thegrimmling says

    I have not seen this series, bit the show “Borgia” is pretty good. Borgia was made with Canel+ in europe and has Rawls from the Wire playing Rodrigo/Alexander.

    The first 2 seasons of Borgia is now on Netflix and they are filming season 3 (final season) right now.

  7. Art says

    Is nothing truly sacred? No, we haven’t seen the last episode which supposedly will destroy the family, which was obviously the tie that bound “The Borgias” together, but the show was just SO! well done from costume to lighting to acting and writing, even directing. My guess is the show was too esoteric for an “American” viewer. This show was the equivalent of Ballet or Opera in that it took a sophisticated, intelligent viewer to really understand everything that was happening. There really should be a send off of some sort. I don’t care if it’s a movie or a 2 hour finale, I’d like to at least know the fates of the characters.

  8. Grandizer says

    I am sorry that this show will not return.
    I think it was a very good show with tremendous actors flexing their chops.
    It made me believe them when I saw the actors portray the characters they did.

  9. Li'l Caesar says

    Wonderful program. Well acted, written, set design, etc. Wonder if ratings took in the On Demand viewership. If ratings are still determined by Neilsen, then the execs are still living in the 20th century. One of the reasons I subscribe to Showtime. Sorry to see it end.

  10. robycop3 says

    Not a bad show about a pope who fathered more children than most of his parishioners did. He became an embarrassment to the Catholic Church.

  11. Alex Keir says

    This was an excellent show… when series are first purchased, it should be with the understanding that if the series is cancelled, it will be given a proper ending. A movie should have been made. Damn you Showtime; The Borgias was the sole reason I pay extra for your network. I guess I can cancel you now and save my $15.00 dollars a month.

  12. chasingveronica says

    Love this show, it should be given a proper conclusion. What did they expect for ratings when they released each episode ON DEMAND the Monday BEFORE the Sunday airing? We’ve been watching it a week ahead all season.

  13. Alando says

    I am very disappointed!!!! Like Homeland, Shameless and Dexter, the series had grown on me. It made Sunday nights fun and interesting. I will miss the characters and the epic story lines!!!!! I hope in time they will do a 2-3hr movie with an epic ending. Kudos to the writers and actors. I ENJOYED IT ALL!!!!

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