The Finder: Going on Hiatus, Cancelled?

Finder canceled hiatusThis evening, FOX released some new changes to their schedule that will take effect in the next couple weeks. One of the changes involves The Finder leaving the schedule. Will it be back, get a second season, or has the show actually been cancelled?

A spin-off of Bones, The Finder debuted on January 12th to a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.5 million total viewers. It was in fourth place for the timeslot and lost 29% of the Bones lead-in audience. It was hardly a great start for the new show.

In week two, with powerhouse American Idol as a lead-in, The Finder drew a 2.2 in the demo with 6.58 million. While that was a nice improvement over the first week’s numbers, the show actually lost a whopping 61% of the lead-in’s demo.

In week three, The Finder rose to a 2.8 in the demo and 8.44 million, losing 49% of the lead-in’s demo. For the last three weeks, The Finder’s ratings have dropped lower each week. Last Thursday’s episode hit a 2.0 with 6.18 million, losing 56% of the Idol demo.

While each show is ultimately judged on its own ratings, FOX can not be pleased that Idol is delivering a huge number of viewers and more than half of them are making a conscious decision to turn the channel. It’s become clear, especially based on the most recent numbers, that The Finder would almost certainly tank without having a big lead-in. They’ve given the series the best possible lead-in they have and it just doesn’t measure up. Touch will take over the coveted spot once Finder is gone.

The Finder is set to leave the schedule in two weeks, on March 8th. At that point, there will be five unaired episodes remaining and FOX has noted that the show will return later in the season. While that may be true, it looks highly unlikely that the network will want to invest in a second season.

But, what do you think? Should The Finder be renewed for season two or should FOX just cancel it? Why do you think more people aren’t watching?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    My family absolutely loves this show and it was so refreshing to be able to watch something decent together!!! Bring it back please!!!!!!

  2. says

    This show is sooooo different and refreshing. All the characters hold their own. They are not shoot outs and dead bodies and the same old cop investigations. It’s so different…Please, please bring it back.

  3. Lex says

    Walter is Geoff Stults. Michael Clarke Duncan was Leo. I miss this show so much because of it’s originality. Walter is an exceptional character. If they brought it back, MCD would be terribly missed and Walter needs a character like him to keep him level. No one understood Walter like Leo, but he was teaching Willa who seemed to be getting to know who Walter is. Wish they could renew it. :(

  4. Carolina says

    I think that American Ideal already loses viewers. I like the Finder because its halorious and idiotic, not boring and logical. All my friends watched the Finder and kept watching it. It was the base of our conversations. We barely talked about American Idol. When I saw the Finder as one of the episodes of Bones, I thought that it was halirious how Walter does things. Booth and Brennan looked boring during that episode. FOX should make their decision on what the viewers want, cause the shows that are in FOX are mostly for adults and teenagers, while the Finder is for any age group and there is nothing that teenagers cant watch or arent allowed to watch. The Finder is what could help FOX get more viewers.

  5. Sue says

    Why do tv networks never give a show a real chance to find its audience. I could care less about American Idol. The Finder’s audience base is definitely not American Idol’s base audience. The Finder is an excellent offbeat show that I love. I started watching it on Netflix and really would love to see more shows like it. It is character driven, intelligent, humorous, not all like the reality drones and the signing contests. Sooo boring!

  6. Spirit says

    This show is great, I hope they have another season….just found it on Netflix….and sorry that Michael Duncan died, he is a great and wonderful actor, have loved him in so many movies and now to find him in this sleeper TV series…., I think it would still be a good TV series even though he will be very missed as one of the characters and as a beloved actor. WE need more good shows like this, it reminds me of shows like Eureka, Burn Notice, Blue Collar, perhaps another channel will pick it up, we have really enjoyed the story lines.
    We need more good TV like this series. Too much violence and attention to the dark side in other series that are now coming on TV….I hope they make more of this show. We will watch for sure.

  7. Joe says

    This is a great show, the only reason that it probably didn’t catch on was because it had to do in the end with people being nice. If it would have been a show about backstabbing or anything to do with politically correct agenda that are going on in this rotten world the show would’ve been a hit. But because all of the characters had the flaw of being deep down inside good hearted people the show didn’t catch on. Personally, I will miss this show. I was looking forward to season 2, although I had to watch it through “huly” because of my work schedule I lament in the fact that it was cancelled. I was hoping that they would be able to write around the fact that Mr. Duncan had passed away, and go on forward and have it become a great show.

  8. says

    I loved it sat and watched all the series in two days, wanted to see if he got out of the instution, sure didnt like the end. i dont have regular tv cause i cant afford it, and they dont allow dish here, so watching it on netflix was witty, funny and down to earth and yet kinna far out. Walter was amazzing and if he goes to bones i hope they let him the same kind of role.

  9. says

    I’m not sure who could replace Duncan he was a big part in the show . I’ve just started watching The Finder on Netflix only because of my work schedule I could not see it on regular tv time but I really haven’t got in to a show in a long time . And I’m hooked and your canceling it is crazy ? I think most people are like me and just haven’t got the chance to experience the greatness of the whole cast . It’s mind bending and cleaver and also hits the heart .

  10. Mikeno says

    Great show, definately miss duncan but it should be back. put it on some dead air time and it will develope a cult following. What if they had tanked seinfeld quickly?

  11. says

    Our family loved watching this show. Please bring it back. It definitely won’t be the same without “Walter” (Duncan) but we love Geoff Stult’s character too.
    Can’t believe it got cancelled…We thought we were just getting to know and
    understand “The Finder” himself and he was a very complex and interesting person.

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