The Michael J. Fox Show: Not Cancelled Yet?

The Michael J. Fox Show canceled?Though NBC has pulled The Michael J. Fox Show from their schedule without any set plans to bring it back, an excutive producer, the co-creator, and one of the sitcom’s co-stars says that the series hasn’t been cancelled.

Juliette Goglia, who plays daughter Eve Henry on the low-rated sitcom, tweeted, “Hey- The Michael J. Fox Show is NOT canceled! NBC will put out clarification- they are looking for a better time slot for us. Don’t fret!”

Co-creator Sam Laybourne confirmed, “Thanks everyone for the kind words about the MJF Show but we have not been cancelled. Just off schedule for now. Looking for another slot.”

Executive producer Alex Reid, tells the Philadelphia Daily News, “We were told last week that they were going to take us off the Thursdays schedule and they were trying to find a better place for us.” Reid hopes that it will be paired with one of NBC’s mid-season comedies (Growing Up Fisher or About a Boy(, that one will be a hit and will bring in more viewers.

That seems highly unlikely considering many viewers have tried the show (7.5 million tuned in to the premiere) and decided that it just wasn’t for them. Viewership has been dwindling over the season and fewer than two million tuned in to watch the January 16th installment. In short, it would take a major ratings miracle.

The cast and crew completed filming their 22 episodes last year and, based on the terrible ratings, there’s just no way that NBC will be ordering any more. Had they not committed to 22 episodes when they bought the series last year, they probably wouldn’t have made all of them.

In the end, let’s hope that NBC releases the remaining episodes at some point. That’s most likely all fans of the show are going to get.

What do you think? Do you hope that NBC airs the remaining episodes? Do you think there’s any real chance of the show being renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jerry Browning says

    I love the show ! I think it’s hilarious and despite the ratings I feel it is one of the funniest shows on TV. I think that NBC should damn the ratings and let the show grow and come back strong. It is a good show! Please bring it back, let the audience grow.

  2. Greg says

    I love the show. I hope that it continues even if it’s another time slot. I may be bias as I was dx Jan 2013 with PD at a relative early age. The show gives me comfort. I also think the show demonstrates pretty decent values most of the time. Please continue the show!

  3. Dan says

    Will the show’s episodes get aired or burned off. Highly likely. If not in a slot in the current season, likely as a summer burn off, but I cant see NBC not airing them.

    Will the show be cancelled? Yes. The show hasnt been officially cancelled yet, but this time last year Up All Night wasnt officially cancelled despite the star quitting and the costar landing another pilot. Come the May upfronts, the show will be gone.

  4. says

    I like Michael, but the writing on the program could have been better. I think a different type series for Michael would be better. He plays a great lawyer in “The Good Wife”, maybe something along that line would be better. Only my opinion.

  5. Cindy says

    I don’t watch many sitcoms, Big Bang, Modern Family & HMYM, added because of MJF, has gotten better since the start. Show has the heart of these other shows just not the writing.

  6. Isaura says

    Not surprised if it is cancelled. I watched the first episode, then the second and it just was not a funny show. I only gave the show a try because I like MJF.

  7. David says

    It’s like that old saying about spoiled milk. You don’t put it back in the refrigerator and think it will get better.

  8. Jeremy Rynek says

    Wishful thinking much? How many sitcoms have they canceled in last few years? Seriously, the show is deader than dead.

  9. G Turnbull says

    I tried to like the show. Really like Michael, but the writing is just awful. The jokes are predictable and the situations just aren’t funny. Best scene ever was Michael wearing hats in his specific way. Needs new writers in the worst way.

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