Round Two: What Top TV Show Should Be Cancelled?

Popular TV showsIf your favorite TV show has ever been cancelled, at least in part because everybody else was watching a really popular show on another channel, this is your chance for a little revenge.

In round one, we asked you to select the popular and/or long-running TV show that you would like to see cancelled. Over a thousand of you voted and had to choose from more than 40 shows.

Interestingly, long-running Supernatural didn’t receive a single vote. Despite being on the air for five seasons and being one of the CW network’s most popular shows, viewers hold no ill will against it. Voters feel similarly towards The Big Bang Theory, Brothers & Sisters, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, The Good Wife, House, How I Met Your Mother, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, The Mentalist, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Private Practice. They received votes that tally in the single digits.

Round Two: Which show would you love to see cancelled?

  • Vampire Diaries (6%)
  • Survivor (13%)
  • Heroes (14%)
  • CSI: Miami (8%)
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette (34%)
  • American Idol (25%)

Total Votes: 1,503

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On the other hand, there were many shows that readers would love to get rid of. The “winners” of round one are American Idol, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, CSI: Miami, Heroes, Survivor, and, surprisingly, CW’s freshman The Vampire Diaries. If you’re a fan of these shows, don’t worry. With the possible exception of Heroes, all are assured of another season.

So, for round two, which of these six TV shows do you think has been on the air long enough and should be cancelled?

At the end of the week, we’ll take the two “winners” and they can duke it out for the title of “Most Hated, Popular Show on Television.”

Vote and then comment below. Tell the world why your choice deserves to win. Who knows? You could help sway some network executive’s opinion!

UPDATE: This round has now been closed. Go to round three!

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  1. deidre says

    please put one tree hill on the list. that show has been on the air long enough. sorry you one tree hill fans but the show sucks to me

  2. Mary Sagor says

    I have watched only one (partial) episode of The Bachelor…Iwould rather watch The Simpsons, and I hate that show! Then when the Bachelor asked the girl to marry him and immediately turned around and said he changed his mind…? That’s too close to real life to be entertaining! The idea of choosing a bride or groom who is being paid to be on the show is NOT setting a good example for today’s young people. There is nothing about love here…Even Millionaire Matchmaker is a more honest version of this show, and far more entertaining!
    If you want a competition, why not create a new American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model? At least these contestants are openly competing based on their skills and talent! This is one of the dumbest concepts for a show that I have ever seen, and I’ve been watching tv for more years than most of you have been on the planet!

  3. Bruce says

    Can’t we just cancel them all? Reality shows are horrible and I cant believe anyone wastes their time watching them. Enough CSI already. I thought Heroes was going to go somewhere with their storyline but clearly thats not the case. Vampire Diaries seems to be some fun teen angst for the kiddies I suppose, but I wont be watching. Long live The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, and Better Off Ted.

  4. Robe says

    CSI:Miami is on the chopping block right now. So is Accidentally On Purpose.
    RIP Ugly Betty. You are finally not an annoyenance to me anymore

  5. ND Mitchell says

    At the end, American Idol and Bachelor/Bachelorette will be the Final Two. Paula’s gone and Simon is next…it’s not fun anymore to watch and not even the city auditions. I think this might be the first season I will pass on. Bachelor/Bachelorette is a close second place and to be honest, I watch the Bachelorette more than the Bachelor due to the Bachelorette’s eye candy of the men. 😉

  6. Anne Swatfigure says

    Please, please cancel CSI Miami. The only reason to watch the show is the scenery. You are either a CSI or cop, yet these people act like both. There is also the character played by Caruso. What an arrogant, pushy person, who clearly wants the show to be about him. Every episode is not CSI, but Caruso. He seems to do everything and the other characters revolve around him. Just end the bleed, and get rid of this show.

  7. Matt says

    It was hard choice between American Idol and Bachelor/Bachelorette. But I haven’t seen the latter so I’m going to have to go with American Idol. It was good the first season but that’s where it should have ended. Personally, I can’t stand “reality” shows or competition, especially when they get picked over better quality shows. Not that this was the case with this show. Unfortunately, whatever makes the most money stays and the others are cut even if it’s a quality show. That’s business, I guess, but it still sucks nevertheless.

  8. John says

    Please take off that piece of contrived bulls*t known as American Idol. Why do I hate it so much?

    Like I said, it’s contrived.
    a) Contestants can only be between certain ages
    b) The only purpose of showing the bad singers is to humiliate/exploit them. If this show were really about finding only the best singers, these people (like William Hung) would be eliminated long beforehand
    c) So, they can sing. So what? I’ve seen singers at karaoke who were just as good if not better. What’s so great about being able to ape the styles of other singers on national television? That doesn’t necessarily make you very talented. Why do you instead learn to play an instrument, write some songs and work for years honing your craft playing at bars (and other places) instead of just jumping into a record deal after appearing on America Idol for one season? Unfortunately, this is the kind of “talent” that record producers love — one hit wonders with no real future in the music business after their initial success. Music execs. concentrate on these losers rather than the true talent who can be built into a long-term career. And the public eats this sh*t (and American Idol) up with a spoon because they don’t know any better.

  9. Mary says

    I voted for Idol because I have watched almost every season and it just takes up too much time! I can’t *not* watch it, so if they would just cancel it my life would be easier. And really, it’s going to be lame when Simon leaves.

  10. JANET says

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette needs to be cancelled. It is ridiculous to watch and I can’t stand the drama, the whiney ladies that seem to be almost doing anything to sell themselves…….. hell, go to eharmony or to find someone. I believe people have had enough of the reality shows and want to get back to storylines. I don’t invest much time in new shows because I watch them, get invested and then the networks cancel them. I do think if they would give these shows a few extra episodes after the knowledge that they aren’t renewing so they can end the storylines and give us all some closure.

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