Trauma: Rabbit (Cliff Curtis) Still Hoping for Season Two

Cliff CurtisFans of NBC’s Trauma series have had a season of ups and downs. The TV show got off to a poor start in the ratings and then was essentially cancelled when NBC decided not to purchase any episodes beyond the initial 13 installments. Later, because the peacock network needed additional original programming, they kept it in production and ordered an additional seven episodes.

Unfortunately, the show’s ratings got worse and worse and NBC later cut the final episode order to 18 installments. Last night’s was the last. Looking at the ratings, it’s hard to imagine that NBC would consider ordering another season of Trauma.

Still, one of the show’s star’s, Cliff Curtis (Rabbit), remains hopeful that Trauma will be back for year two and refused to let the show’s prospects influence his work. He recently spoke to USAWeekend and here’s a portion of that conversation…

Have you got any word on if Trauma will get a second season?
We’re still in the mix despite all reports of being cancelled. I’m still contracted till May 17, which will be the day I find out what I’m doing. They haven’t cut me loose to go and take first position on any other projects. We’re all watching.

Would your first choice be to have another year of Rabbit?
I love Rabbit as a character, he’s fantastic. We can get better – we’ve come a long way and we started off with a very broad concept: Basically taking a female-skewed audience of a genre show, a medical show, and skewing it toward the male audience. The pendulum swang a little too far in that direction, we’re pulling it back the other way, and we’re getting really good.

That must have been pretty disheartening to hear the rumors in the fall of Trauma being cancelled and left for dead.
I skipped over all of that because I didn’t want to focus on it. That is not going to help me enjoy my work and is not going to help enjoy my life. Rabbit as a character is somebody who despite all of his flaws and all the tragedy happening around him, he’s just a fun guy in a lot of ways. He’s not the brightest guy at times – he’s got room to grow in terms of how he approaches life, and that’s what keeps me interested in him as an actor. But I just really love his enthusiasm for life. I really admire people who are clear about what they love, and they just go for it. That’s really helped me as an actor to think, “You know, I’m gonna approach it with the same attitude.” People can say what they say. I’m loving my job, loving my work, love the people around me, and I’m going to come to work every day and have the best time I can.

What do you think? Do you think Trauma has a chance at returning? If it is cancelled, would you like to see Curtis (or even “Rabbit”) to land on another series?

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  1. says

    So many new shows take off to a slow pace. Look at Fox’s 24 and it lasted for years. Now NBC is using executive producers from the tv show 24 to assist with “The Event”. Why not use the same executive producers and writers to assist with Trauma. This is a real show. Real people. Real lives. The energy of the show is great! The character Rabbit is my favorite. We don’t need a show like “Outsourcing” which makes fun of American companies who have gone overseas for cheap labor. With the state of the economy-outsourcing is no laughing matter!!! How can NBC executives find humor in this??? Isn’t this a slap in the face to so many americans who have lost jobs!!! If NBC can keep a show on about a community college why in the world wouldn’t you keep a show on like “Trauma” which shows the everyday lives of paramedics. The unsung heroes. How long can a show last about a community college if community college is only 2 years. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me!!! Over the weekend my husband and I watched dvd’s of “Third Watch” another one of NBC’s past tv shows. Trauma lets the viewers see real situations with real people. Please bring back Trauma and hire some new writers!!!!

  2. Lisa says

    Keep it, I love it. Mercy, too. When I couldn’t watch, I recorded. The characters are great. The excitement is great. I just love Rabbit. NBC is crazy for letting this and Mercy go. I absolutely HATE reality shows and that seems to be what is on all the time now. Thank God for DVDs when the networks nix the best shows.

  3. says

    If their is one thing l have learn about nbc is don’t watch any of their shows. they are always cancelling show left and right. l will be staying clear of that channel for now on.

  4. Joan Padilla says

    I think the characters were well developed and had the charisma it takes to make a show a success. Perhaps it was just not in the right time slot or didn’t have enough ‘positive’ PR. Give it another try.

  5. Melissa Howe says

    Yes, I agree, why do they make great shows and then cancel them, I was an EMT, I can honestly relate to alot of what this show had to offer. This is a great show, why not listen to the people that watch the shows you actually produce and keep the ones we like! Thank God we also have real EMT’S & PARAMEDICS, that still care about people enough to do what this picture show, hats off to all of you!!!!!!!

  6. Emily says

    Why are the big three networks now in a hurrey to cancel shows. I think Mercy and Trauma are good shows. Canceling them after one season just shows you that those in charge today will not be producing shows that will be long running shows like those in charge many years ago. Now I see why people are not watching CBS, NBC and ABC anymore. Shame on the networks on not marketing your production correcty. Possibly moving a good show in different time slot to see if it does even better. These are great shows that should be given at least another season

  7. Rhonda from Ohio says

    Watching Trauma is like sliding on a pair of your favorite jeans and drinking hot cocoa while lounging in your lazy boy. Ya know? The President of the U.S. can take up all the time slots he wants and bore us to tears, and we don’t have much choice except to turn the tube off b/c he overrides all programs, but the exciting shows, that resonate what down-to-earth people want to watch, get the boot. I think it ranks right up there with “House” on the FOX channel. It’s as enthralling as watching a 90- minute action-packed drama. We anxiously wait to see what’s gonna happen next. Hope it returns to a network and has many successful seasons. Any network should be honored to have it. Oh, well, enough said.

  8. rainmoe says

    Oh for pete sakes, Nbc is such a drag channel anymore. We love Tramu, and you are fast losing our viewing because you dump shows right and left. We are watching tnt, usa more and more. We loved trauma and I hope tnt will pick it up if you are dumping it. Come on give them a chance.

  9. snojen says

    The answer to a lot of your questions is yes we would love to see Trauma return, I have written every single Network their is to pick up Trauma, I am also sending all the petitions I can find and the emails like theses to the networks, such as TNT who picked up Southland who was canceled by NBC due to ratings. TNT said from the beginning they would not produce new shows but would re-air the first season of Southland then something amazing happened because the show that couldnt pull its own weight on NBC did so much better they are now gettting a season two on TNT. I do not think that Miami Medical or Trauma failed NBC I feel NBC had only one thing on their mind LENO whoses ratings were worse then Trauma but they didnt cancel him, they moved him around and ended up losing a good late night show. So if you wish to see this show brought back take the time to write an email, put in on Face Book, get friends to sign petitions and send them to TNT, Fox, CBS, and most of all advertisers who work with NBC asking them to request that TRAUMA be brought back, make sure when you send emails to other networks to copie NBC so that they know we are asking their advertisers and other networks to pick up their mistake and correct it maybe just maybe they will get a oringnal thought and bring back Trauma.

  10. says

    If it’s back this fall I’ll be sure to watch it. These reality shows are BORING!!!!! I want the ACTORS back to work. By the way, the strike IS over. Cliff Curtis is HOT! I like his chartacter especially. So if he doesn’t make it on Trauma… don’t let this talent and SEX APPEAL GO TO WASTE!!!!

  11. Melissa says

    Why do they keep canceling shows that get us so involved in watching! Mercy, Trauma, Miami Medical, Eastwick! What is wrong with these people??

  12. Michelle says

    We love this show. I get so frustrated when all the good shows get the axe. I honestly am not going to watch anything new this fall because of the rotton luck I have with shows getting canceled. Obviously the Neilson ratings are wrong!

  13. allen says

    I love this show, I sent an email to Fox Network asking them to pick this show up, lets face it. Once you put it out there a show is going to be canceled the ratings are going to drop. People watch shows like Trauma to get away from reality and the reality shows, we want to watch something that one moment is action, next funny and Rabbit is the show man. This show has a lot to offer, so if you dont want it canceled write Fox, believe me they appericate what veiwers have to say!!!! Also I told a friend who is a Neilsen family and she is going to recommend it to Fox as well. Good luck I hope the veiwers wishes make a difference maybe that is why NBC’s ratings overall are poor.

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