V: Is the ABC Series Already Doomed to be Cancelled?

V tv showThough the television networks don’t seem to notice, remakes of old series rarely meet with much success. While shows like Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, and Melrose Place bring name recognition, they rarely live up to expectations. Still, ABC moved ahead with their plans to revive V. Though it was initially successful, will it ultimately meet the same fate?

Like the original, the new V revolves around the arrival of aliens to the planet Earth. While the visitors profess that they’ve come in peace, their ulterior motives slowly become clear. The cast includes Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Lourdes Benedicto, Laura Vandervoort, and Scott Wolf.

The new V started out strong with a 5.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 14.3 million total viewers. That was the highest rated debut of the 2009-10 season.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of those viewers didn’t return for the second week. Episode two brought in a 3.8 rating and 10.7 million.

Week three dropped yet again, to a 3.1 in the demo and 9.26 million viewers. Last week, the numbers evened off and episode four attracted a third place 3.1 rating for 18-49 viewers and a total viewership of 9.2 million. While those numbers are pretty good on their own, they do represent a 40% drop in the demo when compared to the premiere.

Will the long hiatus kill the new V?

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If the ratings held steady, the series would likely be headed for a second season. Unfortunately, in part due to backstage problems, ABC has made the risky decision to split up the season into two parts. The first group of V episodes has finished airing and now, the series isn’t expected to return until after the Winter Olympics in March 2010.

If recent viewership trends have taught us anything, they’ve shown that long breaks can be disastrous for a serial drama’s ratings. People naturally become interested in other shows and any momentum is lost. What’s more, because storylines are ongoing and complicated, few new people feel inclined to start watching midseason.

Shows like Lost and Heroes saw significant drops in viewership when they took long midseason breaks. They both had very strong ratings and a lot of buzz going into their respective hiatuses. Fortunately, enough viewers returned to keep them on the air.

TV show supportThe new V doesn’t have nearly as much viewer buzz and can’t afford to lose many more viewers. If a high percentage of people don’t return to watch the second half of the season, V won’t survive and will be cancelled.

What do you think? Are you anxiously awaiting the show’s return? Will the hiatus kill the new V and cause its cancellation?

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  1. trek fan says

    Can’t believe they cancelled it. What are they going to do put yet another cop drama on the air. Soooooooo played out.

  2. rosemariejackson65@yahoo.com says

    I taped “V” on my dvr and still have it to stay updated. Here I am viewing the finale waiting for the next season. I talk to my sis on the phone and discover its been cancelled. Excuse me for a delayed reaction but I was workin on my bachelor’s 55 old grandma. I saw the original “V” mini series on NBC when I was a teenager. I loved the new look and different take on this “V” series. Anna is so cold. Discovering Diana is her mother is the kick. The actors (Morris Chestnut so HOT!), are the best; old and new actors make this series rule. Cancelled what? Duh! I do not even turn to ABC except for the view and some news. This station finally has a series I am interested in and its “cancelled.” C’mon!!

  3. DarDar says

    Wouldn’t it be nice if another network picks up this terrific series? I would have been watching sooner but I didn’t know it was on until my daughter told me about it. At least it will live on as dvd’s.
    So, how about it cbs, nbc, fox…V is a winner given time!!

  4. ChitaUli says

    on whatever site i go.. there’s never a reason as to why it’s cancelled.. ratings is an excuse imo..

    this show came very close to the truth, but with a few twists. saddening to see all the major networks keep letting themselves get corrupted over a fictional product of out minds we call money.. worthless paper wins the war against free minds and free will..
    and they’re not even trying to hide it lately.. it’s so obvious..


    an informed fan

    there is only the One.

    • says

      ChitaUli ยป Television is a business. The shows with low ratings don’t generate enough advertising revenue to justify making more. It’s simple economics.

  5. Carole says

    I think the new wave of television is turning viewers off. Trying to cram in more shows, shorter seasons and WAY too may reality shows. V was a fast paced, true to the original but with a lot of updated twists. Most importantly, a new strong cast that was easy to like. It is hilarious that they would cancel this and TNT brings out Falling Skies. Why would they think that will last? It can if it is given half a chance, just like V. Elisabeth Mitchell was the only well known actor on the show and had to support it until the viewers grew to love the other cast members. When they brought in Jane Balder it brought back some original fans. Marc Singer just coming back… and now nothing? I think the bigwigs stuck up in their ivory towers and fickle with numbers needs to get out of their hightower cage and see what the public wants.

  6. Anonymous says

    This is My Favorite Show on the Earth’s Planet. I have never in my Life seen something so Captivating. If this show Cancels, it is definitely a disgrace to American Entertainment. I am all the more so Voting for it to Go for The Second Season, and Of-Course after that.

    The fact of there not being enough viewers is probably because People have not heard of it before. I have spoken to many people about it. They said they haven’t Seen it.
    ‘ Not because this is a bad Show. In fact this is the Best thing that could ever happen to ABC. ABC’s show’s – doesn’t really quiet fit this kind of performance. Only Because this Show Overrates ABC.

    Though i do “Like” many Shows on ABC. This Show “V Re imagined Series By far, situates itself higher than any other show they broadcast. Therefore, please please. Do the smart move. – once and For all, don’t Cancel something that’s so amazingly exhilarating and Thrilling. – Keep it on!!

  7. Jeanette Falconer says

    I am so disappointed to hear that it is unlikely there will be any more V series.
    Why stop during a cliff hanger? Once again the fans of these shows are are let down.
    I do hope there is a change of heart and further episodes are made.
    From V fan
    Jeanette Falconer.

  8. Vicki says

    I loved V. It got off to a slow start and I don’t think the long hiatus helped the viewership because people didn’t know when it was going to be on. It is hard on viewers when the networks put a great show on they get involved with it and then the network puts it on hiatus and then the viewers have hard time picking up where it was left off. I should probably just not bother watching the major networks they don’t know good shows if they bit them in the a%%.

  9. Suki says

    Can’t believe it’s cancelled. It seems that, more often than not, science fiction or fantasy shows (Flash Forward, Persons Unknown -LOVE, LOVE LOVED IT! The Event???) get axed before they come to a satisfying closure. Makes me cautious about giving future shows in this genre any of my time.

  10. Lawrence Cline says

    Dear Sir:
    I think its one of the best shows on tv! Can’t wait to see want happens next the storly line is getting better with time. Please give it a next season!

  11. sarah says

    i watched season one and yes it was slow to start with. esp since it was working up to the main ending.. all i will say im watching season 2 and its awesome. ive got season one on dvd. and buying season 2. all i will say ive converted 3 people into watching this show. and they love it. i remember the old v. so i was wary of this. but to be honest i perfer this one as it has alot more up dated stories to it and Anna is a great baddie. :) give it a chance.
    an fan. x

  12. josephus says

    This show got off to a slow start, but the gloves are off now and the show is getting more and more interesting.

    Give it a chance with some consistent strings of time…..networks seem to be constantly moving shows, time slots and turning shows off for weeks to avoid competition or showcase other programming. NO ONE is keeping track of that these days.

    If you’re like me, you let your DVR do the work for you in recording series you like.

    And BTW…the rating system is archaic and terribly inaccurate.

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