Warehouse 13: Syfy Series Renewed But Ending; No Season Six

warehouse 13 endingSyfy has decided to end Warehouse 13. According to Deadline, the cable channel is renewing the TV show for a fifth season of only six episodes. Those will be the series’ last.

Production on the final season of Warehouse 13 will begin this summer and the episodes are expected to rollout some time in 2014.

Syfy’s President of Original Content, Mark Stern, siad, “Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us… We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

The fourth season of Warehouse 13 is currently airing. There are seven installments remaining in the 20 episode season. It’s currently averaging 1.61 million viewers, down from last season’s 2.09 million.

What do you think? Are you upset that Warehouse 13 is coming to an end or grateful that the cast and crew will be able to wrap up the series?

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  1. Malissa Anderson says

    So disappointed warehouse 13 is being cancelled! Syfy has managed to cancel my 2 favorite shows (Eureka, being the other)! Now I have no reason to watch SyFy channel. At least I have warehouse 13 on DVD.

    Why must the networks keep canceling the good shows?’

  2. bobert says

    Its obvious that the CEO of SyFy is the best money can buy. Pay him enough and he’ll cancel other good shows and put your lamebrain series on. Mark my words, he will run that network into the ground and walk away a very rich man.

  3. Ben in Virginia says

    What is with the idiot savants running SyFi?
    They have a guy who is “President of Original Content”?
    Who are they kidding?
    What’s ‘original’ about WWF?
    They are doing lame, one-off, made for TV movies on occasion and paranormal unscripted schlock, but dumping scripted shows like Eureka and now Warehouse 13. There is so much good material out there and the best they come up with is guys running around dark rooms chasing shadows or a couple sweaty guys grunting about on a stage to a screaming audience. This is what passes for sci fi today? Why bother? Why not a WWF channel? I don’t understand what these so-called entertainment executives are doing. There’s no cohesive programming plan at Syfi Channel. Why not resurrect a show like Firefly or do something new with the Farscape folks? You could run Star Trek reruns and get good ratings from loyal Trek fans. There’s a lot of classic science fiction like the Outer Limits or Twilight Zone that can be had via syndication. How about some stuff from other counties if you are out of ideas from here in the US? Classic Dr. Who, from the UK is pretty great. At least it isn’t WWF !
    Quit killing the good shows in favor of the crap or I know I will find something else to do with my time…. There is always great sci fi reading I could be availing myself of by the likes Anne MaCaffrey, David Weber, Eric Flint and others who put out great material even if the suits at SyFi can’t…. I do NOT need a TV set to entertain myself! I have other choices!
    God, you people running SyFi are a HUGE disappointment!!!!
    Get it together or I’m history, and I’m sure that I’m not going to be the only one!!!

    • Buffy Wells says

      AMEN! WWE is an IDIOTIC choice for SYFY, as is Ghost Hunters and every other FAKE paranormal schlock. Scripted shows are too expensive, and the head honchos are a bunch of monkeys, or Congress . They’ll air anything that takes no EFFORT. I like Lost Girl, but with WH13 going off, I’m almost DONE with SYFY. Adios idiots.

  4. Dave Martin says

    Are the executives at SyFy blind as well as deaf. They effectively killed off one of their best shows in the long history of the channel. It almost seems that they purposely did it, first moving it from it’s prime time slot to 10pm , cutting the viewers and ratings ( Eddie mentioned this at Comicon). And then using the excuse that cash was the reason.(when they themselves caused it). There were so many places this show could have gone to remain fresh and as entertaining as ever . And I find it difficult to understand how they can be so blind to possible future revenue (collectibles for one!) , and deaf to all the noise were making to keep the WrHs alive. I hope they hear us!

  5. ludi66 says

    There goes another great TV show. Eureka, Sanctuary and now Warehouse 13. What is the problem with the CEO of Syfy? He is the one who needs to go!

  6. Buffy Wells says

    Fire the SYFY CEO!!!! WHO CARES ABOUT WWE?????? Ghost hunters, paranormal fake crap. We want good shows like WH13, Lost Girl, Firefly, Dollhouse, Terminator-Sarah Conner Chronicles, REAL SHOWS. NO GARBAGE LIKE NOW. Sign me totally disgusted. Idiots. FIRE THE CEO!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dan says

    Damn! Another good sci-fi show bites the dust. This show had such a winning combination of comedy, drama and special effects, along with good performances. It’s one of only a few commercial tv programs I’ve watched in recent years and I will miss it.

  8. Scott says

    What is wrong with the executives at SyFy. They cancel good shows like Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary, then they air horrible B movies and Wrestling. I mean, how is wrestling SciFi. I wonder if the SyFy channel still gets a cut of the profits from mercandise related to shows that have aired on their channel. And I wonder if they then cancel great shows with avid and loyal fans to create a urgency to aquire this merchandise related to the show at obscene prices. The fans feel like all the have left of the show is this merchandise and will pay unheard of prices for it, thereby making the SyFy channel more money. This is just a theory, but I would be curious to see if it is in the contracts. The only other reason I could think of that SyFy executives would cancel such smart shows is that the shows are too smart for them because they are idiots. I wish they would give me a chance to make some decisions on what aired on the SyFy channel. I would end the laughable original movies and the rediculous wrestling and bring back shows like Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary. Hell, I’d even try to get Firefly back, even though it was a FOX show. They need someone with a brain to help them see what fans really care about.

  9. Jodi says

    This is a travesty. Looks like I won’t have any reason to Watch SyFy after the final episode. Too many times this network has created interesting and captivating shows, just to cut them short. What do you have left? Cheesy reality shows and even cheesier movies. I think its time to FIRE whom ever is in charge and put some new blood in. Maybe they will listen to the fans and what they want to watch!

  10. Claire says

    SyFy, please not again! We fall in love with these smart and fun shows and then you yank them from us. Instead of spending so much money creating and making new series, why don’t you just spend more money on your existing series and make them even better! Instead of Primeval World, we could have had another season or more of Eureka! Just saying.

  11. Brett says

    What would it take to bring Warehouse 13 back, SyFy? There are tons of fans who want this show to continue, and the fact that you ignore us is appalling. If you don’t want successful shows, please sell this one to a network who wants a hit and is willing to keep it going. I know I will be more than happy to watch this show on any network willing to show it.

  12. donald says

    Guess once they take warehouse 13 off the air i will take their channel off my guide on my tv since the only thing left they will air is stupid ghost shows and movies that the script for is not even fit to use for toilet paper. Stop the stupid movies and ghost shows and leave the good shows on. First you cancel stargate then eurkea and now warehouse 13.

    Whatever syfy you got give your viewers what they want you give us the cheapest shows you can put on the air.

  13. Mike Anderson says

    I am upset that SciFi is going to discontinue Warehouse 13 after the next season. Please keep it on.

  14. Lawagz says

    I’m sad that Warehouse 13 is ending. They cancel the GOOD shows like Eureka, this one, Sanctuary, et al. And only 6 episodes for the final season? That’s a travesty! Shame on you SyFy and NBC Universal. You bring in schlock like Continuum and Defiance that have story lines that have been beaten to death and cancel the good ones. I guess I’ll never understand and that’s why I’ll never be a network programmer!

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