American Chopper: Cancelled (Again)

It looks like it’s the end of the road for American Chopper once again. The Discovery Channel reality series will wrap with a four-way bike build-off special, titled The Revenge. It’ll air live from Las Vegas on December 11th.

In a statement to EW, Discovery’s Eileen O’Neill said, “After 10 years and 233 episodes of incredible, riveting reality television, American Chopper will be ending its run. This series was one of the very first family-based reality programs on television. Special thanks to Pilgrim Studios for over a decade of great producing. The Teutuls have given us really innovative bike builds and real drama since 2002. We wish both Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs the best.”

American Chopper began on Discovery Channel in March 2003 and later moved to Discovery’s sister channel, TLC. The show was canceled by TLC in February 2010 but, six months later, it was announced that the Teutuls would return as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. The new version premiered on TLC but then moved to Discovery halfway through the first season.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear the news? Do you think the Teutuls will return one day? Who’s your favorite?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Who ever reads this knows the show.
    They had ups an downs. There all doing fine.
    I wish the show didnt end. An wish it comes back.
    People can talk crap all they want! But SR and jr know how to make money.
    If they come back with a show I will watch just like I did for last 10 years.
    But I know me wrighting this don’t mean ****.

  2. Rusty says

    I am sad to see this go. While it has had a good run, there are not that many half-way decent reality shows. I would much rather have American Chopper stay than Gas Monkey Garage. Then if you factor in all the other shows that continue such as, The Kardashians, Kate (from Jon & Kate), all 3 or 4 Real Houswives, all the tow truck shows, etc… This is actually a great show compared to all of those. There is not too much on TV that I can watch anymore. I don’t want to see it go at all, but I would at least like to see one more season and find out if Sr and Jr can reconcile to a decent family level. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents.

  3. frederick says

    It’s run it’s course , getting too boring, both of them are childish people, the main problem was jr. wouldn’t get out of bed and go to work, now he has his own shop and has the gull to complain when HIS workers come in late?

  4. GroundXreo says

    I can careless about the whole drama between jr vs sr. To bad they could not just have their own shows and show of their talents of building bikes. No family, just building awesome bikes. I hope it comes back.

  5. Steve says

    I would hope the show would return in some way shape or form. I love to see to the builds that they make and yes the drama of the fighting has about run its course so a concentration on builds would be the way to go. I think if it comes back a network that it might be a fit for would be spiketv. Just my .02

  6. Scarz says

    I would like to see OCC come back, showing more of the bike builds than all the other BS. . .PJD’s stuff may be innovative (read bizarre), they aren’t choppers. . .

  7. Jeff says

    I’d like to see it keep going. This season has been my least favorite, as a merger company is such an awful idea, but I still watch. I hope they’re back in some way shape or form

  8. Muneer says

    I cannot believe it is going to end (again)… Would love to see them back on air & if not OCC then PJD should at least be back on air as their team is a great one and of course their builds are great to watch!!

  9. Mark k says

    First years was cool to see the spats from senior but eventually you see him as a true jerk and horrible boss and father. You can act like that when you show it’s just blowing off steam but soon you seen he is an idiot and horrible father. He never hugged out the spats and you seen he was like that all the time. When the abuse is real and not laughed off as humourous. It was disgusting to realize he treated people like that for real and didn’t say sorry and have a good laugh about it later. Senior is a genuine ******* I quess and not a pretending grumpy old guy like we thought. That is what we all thought we were watching at first. Without the funny grumpy old **** biker guy , the show sucks mostly. One thing I am sure of is without a publicity of the building and reveals, the companies will be mostly washed up. They will both turn into small bike shops that nobody cares about that much as far as promotion of large budget bike builds for large companies and causes. When the cameras and lights go out, so will the flow of fame and money in both camps. I sure hope they saved some of the cash. Junior better roll out of some of those expansion projects. Senior too! Good bye guys, you blew it with your behavior.

  10. sherry taylor says

    I’m devastated to see the show end. we have watched it so long, they feel like family to us. I can’t imagine not seeing them again. Let’s start a petition to keep the show or at least get a sequel.

  11. Hunter says

    I just heard the news. I’m kind of sad to see this show go, but after so many seasons, I think it has run its course. The show has managed to come back in some form or another in the past; if it does manage another comeback, I would like to see more of an emphasis on the build, and less on the Soap/Reality.

  12. Sandy says

    I am glad to see it go, there is only so much programming you do with “jr and sr” dont get along and bike building does becomg boring, at least to somene whos not a chopper rider, after a while.

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