Army Wives

Army WivesNetwork: Lifetime
Episodes: 117 (hour)
Seasons: Seven

TV show dates: June 3, 2007 — June 9, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Brian McNamara, Kim Delaney, Sterling K. Brown, Catherine Bell, John White Jr., Sally Pressman, Wendy Davis, Brigid Brannagh, Drew Fuller, Katelyn Pippy, Luke Bartelme, and Patricia French.

TV show description:      
This series is set at the Army Post of Fort Marshall, in Charleston, South Carolina. The lives and dramas of Roxy LeBlanc (Sally Pressman), Claudia Joy Holden (Kim Delaney), Denise Sherwood (Catherine Bell), Roland Burton (Sterling K. Brown) and Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) all intertwine as they deal with being a spouse of a member serving in the Army.

Claudia is the wife to Col. Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) and has just arrived at Fort Marshall, a place where soldiers are either about to be shipped off to Iraq or are returning home from there.

She meets and befriends Denise, who has grown up on military bases her entire life. Denise was swept away by Major Frank Sherwood (Terry Serpico), but their recent relationship has become anything but easy.

In contrast, ex-cocktail waitress Roxy’s relationship to PFC Trevor LeBlanc (Drew Fuller) has come both easily and quickly as the two marry after knowing each other for only five days.

“Army husband” Roland is struggling both as a husband and a psychiatrist in trying to help his wife, Joan (Wendy Davis), cope with post-traumatic stress disorder after her tour of duty in Afghanistan.

And as any military family knows, sacrifice is often required, like in the home of former Boston police officer Pamela Moran (Brigid Branagh). She’s becoming a surrogate mother to enable both her and Delta Force husband Chase Moran (Jeremy Davidson) to claim extra benefits.

Based on the memoir Under the Sabres: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives by Tanya Biank, this drama details the battles occurring on the home front. For these women and men, being all you can be, sometimes costs everything.

Series Finale:     
Episode #117 — All or Nothing
When Tim goes missing after hurting her while having a nightmare, Holly reaches out to the tribe and Tim’s platoon for help. They search for him while trying to keep is absense quiet. Hector tells Tim that he will always be there for him and Tim agrees to get help for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Denise catches Michael in a compromising position with Kat. Latasha and Quincy receive news about his military career. Roland and Joan prepare to leave Fort Marshall, and a retirement ceremony is held for Joan. Gloria continues to be pulled between Hector and Patrick but then comes to a decision.
First aired: June 9, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like the Army Wives TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for an eighth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Shirley Dye says

    Army Wives is my favorite TV show. I would be devestated if it didn’t return next season. You can’t leave us hanging in the air. Don’t even think about cancelling this wonderful show.

  2. denise engle says

    please keep the best show on. i have watched army wives since the beginning and have never missed an episode !!!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth says

    I love Army Wives & hope that there will be at least 2 more seasons. I read a couple of months ago that Catherine Bell renewed her contract for 2 more seasons & moved to
    South Carolina where the show is filmed. I love Roxy’s character & really enjoy watching her & her new pal Gloria. They are a great pair! I’ve got my fingers crossed for the show to
    keep on going!

  4. yolanda frank says

    I’m a bigggg fan of army wives I so love it da cast iz amazing. I wish it could go on forever and now I’m rlly on my tippy toe da way season 6 went off Omg I cry every time I watch it please I’m begging don’t take it away I hope there iz a season 7 and everyone iz still there….

  5. Tina says

    Please, please, please do not cancel Army Wives. I have been watching it since if first began and has always been and still continues to be my favorite show. I cried all the way through the season finale last night, and is not the first time I have cried much of the show.
    Please do not cancel the best show on tv.

    • Pattie says

      PLEASE DON’T CANCEL ARMY WIVES!! It is such a GREAT SHOW,The Actors are GREAT!I too have cried during the shows. And The Finale was also another night of Tears! Please keep it on! Thank you

  6. Tim says

    We wait for Sunday nights with great anticipation for Army Wives. We’ve watched since the first season. Since I’m a 20 retired Air Force Sergeant, I can relate to the issues that are part of the plots of this wonderful series. We’ve come to know the characters almost as if they are our friends. Please don’t stop Army Wives. It is truly an oasis in an otherwise desert of stupid “reality shows” on the original major networks. It’s good writing, great acting, and great stories. I also believe it’s a needed component to our society that needs to understand better what our military and their families go through daily.

  7. Yvette says

    Please, please bring back another season of Army Wives. Last night’s final episode was terrific as always, but what a way to end the season and leave us hanging not knowing who may have survived and who didn’t!!! Can’t believe that it’s finished for good. Just love that series and have never missed one episode. You have to bring it back for a 7th season!!

  8. says

    Lifetime’s Army Wives is outstanding programming! Week after week, season after season, the writers, cast, and crew create and produce story lines that are real and very well told. Not many productions achieve that today! The program still has more of a story to tell, so DON’T cancel Army Wives. The producers need to bring back as many members of the original cast as possible.

  9. Donna says

    I started watching the show three seasons ago and became hooked. This is such a great drama, one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. It gives you a sense of what military families go through on a day to day basis and I’m sure that the REAL military families feel a connection to the show based on what the actors on the show represent. Please, please do not cancel this wonderful, inspirational and captivating show.

  10. Alice Stattman says

    I have watched this show from the start and not missed a one. Please do not cancel. What a terrible way to end such an inspiring series until last night doomed flight. There needs to be closure. Military and non-military watch this show. Have the grace and dignity for those who serve to see a better ending than what we did. Please keep it going. We are still sending troops out and need to feel that connection to those who serve to protect us at home.

  11. Dee says

    Please do not cancel this show. It is the only show that I watch on tv and I stay up late to watch it. I really enjoy the show.

  12. Constance says

    I am from Charleston- born and bred. I have been watching since the beginning. I remember when the military was the driver for that economy . I see familiar places and hear familiar names and I remember how it used to be. Please don’t cancel this show.

  13. palex says

    What I have read: for Army Wives to continue the cast will have to be given raises. There are 10 more episodes tacked on for this season. So if “they” don’t want to give more money, then the show will end. The decision hasn’t been made yet. Let’s just keep telling them that we want i to stay on!!!

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