Awake: Cancelled; No Season Two

Awaked canceled by NBC, no season 2It’s the nightmare NBC’s Awake fans were dreading. NBC has cancelled the show after 13 episodes and one season.

Created by Kyle Killen (Lone Star), Awake revolves around a police detective (Jason Isaacs) who, after being in a horrific car accident, finds that he’s living in two realities. In one, his son perished — in the other, his wife did. The cast also includes Laura Allen, Steve Harris, Dylan Minnette, B. D. Wong, Michaela McManus, Wilmer Valderrama, and Cherry Jones.

The complex drama had an unimpressive debut back on March 1st, registering a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.24 million viewers. NBC had released the pilot episode well in advance so some believed that hurt the premiere ratings.

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Theoretically the second episode should have shown signs of growth but it didn’t. Week two dropped 20%. Week three remained stable but subsequent weeks saw additional declines. Last week’s episode hit a new low with a dismal 0.7 rating and just 2.15 million viewers.

This season has averaged a 1.1 rating in the demographic with 3.5 million total viewers. Awake is the third-lowest rated drama on the network, beating only Harry’s Law and The Firm (both of which have been cancelled as well). On our NBC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo performance of shows on the network, Awake has a “D+” grade.

TV show supportNBC has now cancelled Awake and the series finale is on track to air Thursday, May 24th. While it wasn’t intended as a series finale, Killen has said that he believes the finale is very satisfying.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Awake has been cancelled and won’t be back for a second season? Was the series too complicated for most TV viewers or did it have other problems?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Benjamin says

    I only came across the show by accident. Of course it didn’t do well. I saw absolutely NO advertising, but every time Simon Cowell wipes is @$$ on another worthless talent show you can go ten minutes without seeing it being advertised on ANY channel and across the internet. This has become a repetitive routine for anything that is good. If it isn’t worthless Un-reality garbage, or CSI: IN ANOTHER TOWN, or LAW&ORDER: Stuffy boring people in suits unit, or any other spin off of one show making it basically the same show on every other night then it gets tossed. I’m going back to reading books.

  2. Jae says

    Wow bad promoting and even worse opprotunity NBC as a whole as yet failed again this was by far the best thing on tv in a long long time **** NBC cuz there ignorant let’s prey a serious network picks it back up where it ended some who will give the show a chance I didn’t want to watch it from the one and only commercial I’ve seen about it someone talkin about it in the radio is what got me hooked a fan not anyone gettin paid this is ridiculous

  3. Jose Ramirez says

    My whole family was into this show! these days people was ridiculous shows that have so point to it! Awake was a show that made people think and guess!!!! the reason it was so interesting was that most people kind of knew they would be wrong and that was the thrill! the unexpected surprise. NBC is not carrying out the show enough i only seen one commercial ever, before and while is was still on. Awake deserves a second season! One that explains every detail (including what happens to Hawkins in the red world because he did not die he just got hurt and left in the car!) Also who gave Britton the tip at Ricos Tacos and when he was in his car! That is All -Fan of Awake

  4. dan says

    Best show on tv. How can you cancel a show of this quality after one season. At least advertise it better and give it another year. ridiculous…

  5. CC says

    Once again, a unique and thought-inspiring show gets canceled and makes room for more of the TRASH of “reality tv” and yet another f’n cop show. We are an incredibly sad society if all we want to see are mind-numbing, lifeless shows that require no talent both behind the camera and in front. The Firm – which had me on the edge of my seat every week – is another example of poor planning. All networks care about is the **** that the lifeless, brain-dead viewers think makes for good tv and the pride that used to go into creating great characters and story lines is gone. You want reality tv? Watch a good ball game, at least these guys (and girls) are doing something worthwhile, even if they are overpaid. Glad I have a good size DVD collection because network tv sucks.

  6. Deborah says

    Don’t they track Hulu views? It was one of the best, most intelligent shows on t.v. I despise the industry for catering to crass humor shows like 30 Rock, Community, Parks & Rec, Up All Night. The best writers & actors (like Killen & Isaacs) deserve a platform and have an audience!!!! Shame on you NBC.

  7. Jill says

    WOW!!! EXCEPTIONAL!!! As a former police officer, now Consciousness Pioneer, with this finale episode it’s easy and clear to see why NBC cancelled the series. It was one of THE MOST IMPORTANT shows every on television. It would be lovely if it would be picked up elsewhere, repeated and continued ॐ

  8. Rose says

    Awake was a series that allowed its viewers to think! Best show ever. Too bad it was on so late at night. Always had to catch up with On Demand.

  9. Char says

    I’ve been DVRing this show and just watched the last episode today. As it ended, I realized it was over and it made me really sad. I loved how the character’s one reality informed the other and helped him not only solve cases but solve the mystery of his life. I loved how the show got more dreamy and surrealistic as it went on. I would love to see a really premier cable channel like HBO or Showtime work it so that it moved faster and could be even more creative. I think it could be a success on a channel that would nurture and promote it. The lead actor was everything you could want in a hero: loving, caring, compassionate, handsome, brave, an adult, highly intelligent, a take charge kind of guy who, when he grieved, broke your heart. I actually thought it would end with his wife and son both gone, feeling that the dynamic of the show, i.e., moving between two realities were necessary to help him solve the mystery of their murders, but that once he solved it, these worlds were no longer necessary. Ending it with him sitting in his therapist’s office saying, “Maybe it was a dream within a dream,” was as unsatisfying as the end of Dallas twenty something years ago, where Bobby wakes up and says it was all a dream. The only show that earned that ending was the second Bob Newhart show following up the first (a decade prior) with the funniest ending ever–waking up next to Suzanne Pleshette, his wife from the first Bob Newhart show, with the realization that the second show was all a dream, including his second wife. Awake doesn’t earn this ending. Why such tumult, such pain, such grief and stress and loss and creativity just to have it end as “all a dream.” The line I loved the most was his female therapist’s, facing that her longed-for break-through was not to be, says, “I guess it’s turtles all the way down.” Something about that line let me know it was over.

    It’s bad enough to have a show you love come to a natural end (I actually never think that series I love should end, but that’s personal), but to have a show be killed in its prime, when there’s still a lot of sizzle in that steak, is a travesty. I’ve gone through this at least three times in the last two years and it’s horrible. The last was “Rubicon,” which was complicated but wonderful,” and one before that, very much like it, whose name I’ve forgotten. I like these long, mysterious, undo the knots kind of shows. It seems that most people don’t have the patience I do and I am tired of getting attached and losing my shows.

    One problem with Awake that may have contributed to its demise was the weakness of the other characters as they appeared next to the Jason Issacs. His partners were more slow-witted, although I loved Bird probably the most of any of the other characters. Isaccs wife was weak, her voice was mushy…somehow she never felt like his spouse. I did like the son but he was not compelling. The therapists had agendas, which made them dim-witted as well. If I had a patient who was closing cases the way Isaccs was, successfully, but very mysteriously so that even his partners couldn’t understand how or why, I’d be willing to give his “delusions” a second look and wonder if something was going on that was more than met my clinical eye. The female captain was a black widow and extremely well done, but too unsympathetic to care about or identify with. Contrast this show with the Closer or Homicide: Life own the Streets, where several characters were so gripping the series could build entire shows around them, not just the hero/heroine.

    I’m sad this has happened and it drives me ore and more to cable where I feel a real investment is made, but even that is not always perfect, i.e., the end of In Treatment. Bad, bad, bad.

  10. Leah says

    I just started watching Awake now and am SO disappointed that it has been cancelled! I hadn’t heard about it at all. NBC did a terrible job promoting it. The quality of this show is unlike any other and perhaps if it had more nudity it would have been considered by HBO. However, I like it just the way it is! Jason Isaacs is fabulous, the writing is superb, and I really wish NBC would re-consider this decision, and work harder to promote this show.

  11. Christina says

    I cannot believe AWAKE got cancelled!! The beginning episodes were a little slow but still kept me coming back wanting to watch more! The last show was no finale! It solved NOTHING. NBC needs to get there crap together and start airing the show again!

  12. Heather says

    I am disgusted that NBC cancelled AWAKE. I found it capitvating, and the best NEW series on television. I will not get attached to another program, especially, a NBC series.

  13. Becky says

    This show was amazing. Once again smart, sharp, brilliant writing and great acting gets dumped over the lazy reality crap. The demographic of 18-49 ticks me off too, I’m 55 I don’t count for great tv?

  14. Erica says

    I canNOT believe this show is cancelled. I have been watching it on primetime shows on demand since I had missed the first couple episodes.
    I admit it started off a bit slow but by episode 3 things started to get good! There are so many **** shows on TV I don’t know how they stay on and this great show that reminds me of the movie inception gets torn off the air so quickly??
    At least move it to another time or promote it better. Something. I just saw what I guess is the final episode but I couldn’t tell so I looked it up to see and saw that it had been cancelled. Please bring the show back for a second time around or pitch it to a different network. Thanks :/

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