Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Animated Series Ending; No Season Four

Batman: The Brave and the BoldIt was confirmed over the weekend that the retro cartoon series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, is coming to an end after three seasons. The cancellation news came at the TV show panel at Comic-Con.

At the event, producer James Tucker revealed that they have finally received permission to team Batman up with Wonder Woman and Superman for the series. Both will be featured before the conclusion of the last 13 episodes.

Like the rest of the show’s guest-stars, Wonder Woman and Superman will be friends of the caped crusader’s but Tucker says that they’ll have an “interesting dynamic” with Batman. The final installments are currently in production.

It was also confirmed at the panel that the kid-friendly Brave and the Bold comic book, that’s based on the show, was also being cancelled.

On the bright side, it was mentioned that another Batman animated series is in the very early stages of development. This one will be radically different from Brave and the Bold. It will also most likely have similarities to the upcoming Green Lantern series and be done in CGI.

What do you think? Will you miss Batman: The Brave and the Bold? Did you like the show’s unique style?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jon Doe says

    Granted I was a huge Batman the animated series fan and when this show first came on I never thought i’d give it a second thought, but once I tried it out it wasn’t so bad getting better and better, sure it wasn’t the same brooding batman but he stood for the same things and it was an effectively done change in pace, the positive attitude and new more light hearted feel of the show was pretty fun and it’s not something that should be compared to the BTAS but rather remembered for it’s own quality, it’ll definitely be missed.

  2. Fred says

    My daughter and I love this show. We been watching the show since she was able talk. She, like myself, is a Bat-Freak. We do the fight scenes like in the cartoon. Both ourselves and with the plush dolls. She is always Batman, I get to be Superman. For Halloween she got a Batman costume and I put on The Joker makeup. Another guy dressed up like Batman and called her “Bat-Mite”, she called him Owlman! We will miss The Brave And The Bold. Outrageous!

  3. Heartless says

    Im 14 i know i should probably be doing something else but when theirs nothing on i will watch anything and all i’m saying is yes this series lost its darkness and fear about it with bright colours and stupid storys. Come on though they had a episode with kite man like 3 times ( KITE MAN!!!) Seriously though lame!

    I also couldnt stand the joker from being the dark insane freak to a laughing bafoon who lacks any resemblance to other jokers, please give us the original or the later Monkey joker ge was hysterical

  4. Dimitri Karambinis says

    Im an 11 year old batman the brave and the bold fan and extremely disapointed that there cancelling the show. I am an extremely huge fan of this show and I collect all the merchandise as well. Im going to be very unhappy when the show actually comes to an end.I dont understand why they would cancel this awesome show to replace it with some darker version of the dark knight.The way i see it the kids who watched this show are most likely not going to watch this new darker version of batman in that other show because they would most likely be scared or disatisfied with that.batman the brave and the bold was a family show and was suitable for all ages!!!!

  5. Joe says

    I am really disapointed in the direction that DC Comics and Warner Brothers is going with Batman and other DC heroes. The dark serious tone of young justice and a new darker Batman series realy stinks. Jim Lee and Geoff Johns is taking DC off a cliff. The new darker direction of DC and Warner Brothers is just plain awefull. DC and warner brothers needs to continue the kid freindly Batman the brave and the bold tv show and comic along with the animated style justice league battleing the villains of the Legion of Doom. the fans of DC comics wants the Super Freinds style of comics. The Dark more serious tone stinks. and I will not support this new darker DC and warner brothers.

  6. says

    I for one will also miss the series. Yes it is different from Batman the Animated Series, but Brave and the Bold was in a league of it’s own. I found it to be very entertaining and it paid omage to some of the older characters who don’t get much reconition. Plus in a few episodes, you got to see a few origins on the different characters. It was a great team up and was great to see the characters in some of their old costumes. It seems people want the darker more depressing versions of Batman. I say why can’t he have alittle light in his life once in awhile. Change is good. I myself like to see something different than the current version I’ve been seeing for the last 10 years. It was a show I could sit down and enjoy with my kids. It’s sucks it’s being canceled. It truely was a one of a kind show.

  7. Jeff says

    Though initially doubtful, I grew to love the show. It doesn’t replace the darker visions of Batman, but it is a great addition. It was extremely funny while still maintaining the character of Batman as a badass, as opposed to earlier camp versions. Very nice.

  8. Ray says

    I am sad they cancelled the show, which I found hugely entertaining. Sadly, The Cartoon Network finds Clone Wars a better cartoon than B & B.
    Lately the track record on the Cartoon Network on comic-based shows has become questionable lately, with Legion of Super-Heroes and Krypto getting quick boots too. I hear they couldn’t wait to dump Teen Titans when they could. I do not expect Young Justice to last beyond season 1 with this track record. Only how Fox treats their comedies could be worse than how CN treats their superhero shows…

  9. Jane says

    I was pleased when this came on. I miss the old school Batman shows and could do without the darker variations of the Caped Crusader that have permeated the screens throughout much of the last three decades. I would love to see Warners do a Batman team-up with the Super Jetsons, in which Batman visits the future.

  10. Catherine says

    Super sad to see it go. One of the few Batman series that my little boy could watch without being scared. We love all the super hero shows, but it was nice that there was at least one that was age appropriate that I could sit and enjoy with him. My 16 and 14 year old boys would always end up watching it with us even though they would never admit that they liked it.

  11. Steve says

    great way to introduce Batman to my little kids. They loved it and I grew to hate it less. It was a fun weekly event.

  12. Zack says

    While I’m glad to finally get to see superman I’m super pissed that it’s getting cancelled! I am huge bat fan and like the retro batman as much as I like the dark batman from the movies and arc asylum. A spin off of the show would be cool or maybe another show staring the justice league. I think the new show that this article is talking about is Young Justice and batman sounds funny in that show.

  13. Gotham says

    This was the Silly version of the Batman, and sadly the character did actually go through this phase in the 50s-60s in the comics and of course the TV series. Thankfully the writers managed to bring him back to his dark roots (the guy basically terrorizes the criminal element; how effective in that could he be if he’s being played for laughs??). The Brave and the Bold had a few nice spots, and it was nice to see some of the lesser-known DC universe characters, but overall wasnt my cup of tea and certainly never rose to the levels of excellence of the 90s Animated Series. No one can replace Kevin Conroy as The Batman.

  14. John Shepherd says

    I will miss this series, I enjoyed, Batman teaming up with the various characters. I also enjoyed the one were Batman went back in time in the 1890’s as the “Gotham by Gaslight or elseworld” Batman. It was Great Animated series. It will be sadly missed.

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