Chuck: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

Chuck series finaleAfter five seasons and narrowly escaping being cancelled several times, Chuck has come to an end. Tonight, NBC aired the final two episodes of the underdog TV series that got a true series finale — one that you’d hope that any beloved show could get.

As promised, the finale hearkened back to the early days of the series and provided more than a few references to the early episodes. Chuck was determined, in his old geeky way, to bring Sarah back to her senses. He did but she still didn’t have her memories.

A bomb that was attached to the General’s chair at the opera house would go off as soon as the musical performance (thanks to Jeffster and Morgan conducting) stopped. Given the choice to use Intersect himself to diffuse the bomb or use it to restore Sarah’s memories, Chuck of course makes the hero’s choice. He saves the day, at the cost of losing what he’d built with his true love.

For any longtime viewer, it would be tough to hold back tears as the trio disbanded, first Casey and then Sarah left Chuck standing alone.

Still, there were plenty of happy events. The Jeffster guys are offered a big record deal with a German music company. Subway (a longtime Chuck sponsor) buys out the Buy More. How fitting. Morgan moves in with Alex. Ellie and Captain Awesome move to Chicago to work at a hospital. Casey goes after Verbanski.

The series ends with Chuck finding Sarah on their beach, still confused. He tells her that he’ll always be there for her, whatever she does and wherever she goes. She responds by asking him to tell her a story. And he does, recounting the events and details of their time together over the last five years. They share a lot of laughter and tears.

Chuck then says, “Morgan, has this crazy idea… He thinks that with just one kiss, you’ll remember everything.” She asks, “One magical kiss?”

He says, “Yeah…” Sarah quickly responds, “Chuck… kiss me.” And he does, and they kiss over and over on the beach, as the camera pulls back and the scene fades to black. End of series.

What do you think? Were you satisfied by the Chuck series finale? Was there anything missing?

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  1. Keith says

    It’s definitely one of those endings that you won’t like right away, but a few days later you’ll come to appreciate. Gotta give them credit for eliciting an emotional response from so many people. The very fact that so many of you wanted to see how their life turned out proves that they did a good job.
    Finish the scenario yourself, they left it open to absolutely whatever scenario you’d like to happen next. Enjoy that.

  2. angry says

    i am soooo mad….no chuck and sarah are supposed to be together forever and ever….the worst ending to this season…i want that from of security from a tv show that things can urn out ok…there is enough negativity in the world and on tv shows…i though the creators were better then this…this just shows that they are just another place”trying to show real life”…people can end up together in the end …..yes there are those who break up and there are always going to be problems but i really thought that the creators were above that breaking up

  3. Bdawg says

    I felt cheated too! The ending needs another rewright and make one last episode so we all can understand the end instead of leaving us with this huge empty bowl inside that don’t make any sense. I was waiting so long for the house, the ending, the baby and ofcourse the happy faces.. ! So NBC! MAKE ANOTHER EPISODE FOR THE VIEWERS. WE NEED IT BAD..

  4. Tamerlan says

    i really enjoyed the show… i started watching this show from S3 E4, when i saw 3 episodes i already loved it! so I bought s1-s3, so i would understand whats going on…. okey my point: Yes i LOVED the show i Loved the plan, My eyes got tears. and i never get tears specially by watching tv. So the plan worked. But it was not how i wanted it to end. I would really like it if we got to know happen’d next, how they got together, how their life turns out… but i guess its to late for that. THANK YOU guys very much for the show! you guys always made my friday :’)
    Sometimes happy, some times sad ( in a good way). if i saw you in the street you would hug you soo hard! THANKS!!!

  5. Kennedy says

    HONESTLY, i hated the ending!! CHUCK was/is my fav show and for it to just end like that?! wft, we all know that we need the ending where the geek gets the girl and the house. it was the worst ending of all time and i blame the director… if they dont make another episode or a MOVIE, i might cry for the rest of my life.

  6. ady says

    I didn`t liked the final at all.They have to make one more episod to explain,to show what happened with each other.The same thing happened in Prison Break .For the fans they have to make one more episod because isn`t right to end like this.I`m dissapointed

  7. archie codera says

    it’s a sad day for me and my daughter. we have sat together and watch all the 5 seasons. i just hope they extended it to a full season. but i guess everything has to end. anyway, to all the cast, writers and everybody else involved with the project, thank you for creating CHUCK. will definitely miss it. more power to you all!

  8. Nancy says

    My husband and I loved the final Chuck show and are sad
    That it’s over. We loved the show. Well miss you Chuck and Sarah .
    Who sang the song while they sat on the beach ?

  9. Chris says

    Did not like this ending. Felt like I had this huge buildup and then was majorly let down. Hopefully will be revived at some point.

  10. Emma says

    i NEED to know if it worked haha it may have kindof suggested that it did but it never said so umm did the kiss work?

  11. EPX says

    The end was promising yes dark, elusive and generate questions more than giving answers.
    But the main problem of this series was the fact that from season 1-5 in many episodes the plot was simplistic, naive. In many episodes if y made simple connections y could realise that scenario wasn’t good.
    The actors on the other side permormed really well and the creators manage to form genuine characters and authentic.
    This fact was the reason why the series was beloved to so many fans and not because scenario was good.
    If scenario and plot were well founded the series would probably have-from my point of view- great commercial and longlasting success.
    Finally this specific end is giving the sense- not the certainty- a sign possibly of a new beggining in future i think!

  12. PAMELA UNGER says

    I think the ending was a hugh cheat. I was so disappointed that Chuck didn’t get his Sarah back before the end credits. I kept waiting and waiting for it to happen. I guess we’re all supposed to assume whatever we want to be true. It certainly leaves it open for a follow-up of some kind. Of course now that he has the intersect back, that could be fodder for new story lines. I hope so.

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