Cupid: ABC Gives Second Chance to Jeremy Piven Series

CupidIt’s not often that a series gets a second chance but that’s just what’s happening with the cult favorite show Cupid.

Cupid debuted on September 26, 1998 on ABC. The series starred Jeremy Piven as Trevor Hale, a man who believes that he is the mythological Cupid. As punishment for his arrogance, he’s been sent to Earth by Zeus to connect 100 couples without using his powers. Not surprisingly, he finds himself in an institution and is put under the care of Chicago psychologist Dr. Claire Allen (Paula Marshall). The state mental health board agrees to Trevor’s release providing that Claire continue to monitor his progress, a professional situation made all the more difficult when the two begin to fall for one another.

Cupid was one of the early projects by writer Rob Thomas who went on to create the very popular (yet ratings-challenged) Veronica Mars. Though Cupid was cancelled after only 15 episodes (one of those left unaired), the series attracted a small but devoted group of fans. They’re likely going to be very happy to hear that Cupid is coming back, albeit in a new form.

As part of a previously announced development deal, ABC has now asked Thomas to develop a new version of Cupid. The creator told Variety, “For the last couple years, I’ve been talking to ABC about how to do an anthological romantic comedy ala Cupid or Love Boat. We kept beating around ideas and kept coming back to Cupid as the best of the group. So they said to me, ‘Why not go back and do Cupid again?”

Thomas was “shocked” but by the suggestion. He continued, “I’m getting a chance to do what writers never get the chance to do, which is to go back and try” to improve a work. While Thomas will rewrite the pilot, the premise will remain virtually unchanged. “I’m not going to reinvent it. What they’re buying is the show.”

Minor changes in store will include the casting. Emmy-winner Piven is busy with the Entourage series so he and the rest of the original cast won’t likely be taking part. The new series’ main title sequence will communicate the show’s premise so that Thomas won’t have to re-explain it within the episodes. The series local will also change — from the windy city to Los Angeles, in hopes of doing some high-profile stunt casting. Thomas shares, “The plan is to try to hook some really good guest stars every week.”

Though Cupid wasn’t a ratings success the first time around, Thomas feels the time is right for a revisit. “The zeitgeist is better for the show now, and ABC is a much better network for it now. They’ve got a lot of shows that could lead into it.”

For the original series, Thomas admits that he hadn’t fully decided if Trevor was indeed the mythological character. Though he’s not sharing secrets this time around, Thomas says that, if the new Cupid sticks around long enough, viewers won’t be left hanging. “If we make it into syndication, this time I promise that I’ll answer the question.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Blone_n_FL says

    I didn’t see the first run of Cupid, but have taken a liking to the newly released version. I hope to see again in the Fall!

  2. says

    I love this Cupid show, I never saw the one in 98. I only watch great shows 21/2 Men, Rules of Engagement and Cupid. I love realistic shows with comedy not drama. Now it’s Tuesday and Cupid is not on. Please let me know where you moved it to.

  3. Fran says

    I loved the original and was very disapointed when it disapeared. I watched the pilot but I think they have the wrong Cupid, the original was the best, he just was the part. I look forward to liking future episodes, but I think I will still compare to the original Cupid. Glad it has had a chance to comeback, it is a fun show and we certainly need those now.

  4. musha says

    I never saw the previous series, anyways I didnt like that other guy , it looked weird. This new guy looks very interesting and has appeal . I will keep watching , hope it gets on NY.

  5. VikingLibrarian says

    I’ve been a big fan of many short-lived, critically well-received shows, including Doctor Doctor, Sports Night, and Cupid. Sports Night is an over-the-top ensemble show that suffered from Aaron Sorkin’s apparent ADD problem. Similar to West Wing, it started out being a high energy show full of humor, but then began a descent to unfunny personal stories. Doctor Doctor and Cupid were very much single character/actor driven, Matt Frewer for Doctor Doctor and Jeremy Piven for Cupid. I was excited to stumble across the new Cupid, and another Rob Thomas production (I watched Veronica Mars regularly). I was disappointed with the first episode of Cupid. Bobby Cannavale comes across as a somewhat overbearing dufus, and the show lacked the humor Jeremy Piven brought to the original. I’m willing to give the new Cupid another chance, so I’ll watch it for a few episodes. I’m not convinced Sarah Paulson is a psychologist, but I’m willing to give her another chance, too. Time will tell if Cupid goes the way of the last disaster Sarah Paulson starred in, Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60.

  6. says

    I loved the original CUPID. Jeremy Piven was perfect. This new guy, his wit and delivery just isn’t that good. I want to see the Original one more time.

  7. urq says

    oh, if we are remaking shows that didn’t pan out, can we at least try sports night?

    every person in america who knew anything about it knew it was incredible (except the people with the money), though we are ten years dumber now, so it would be even less received, but still worth a shot, sorkin, you out there?

  8. urq says

    honestly, this does not make any sense…i remember thinking the show was alright the first time around, mainly because piven made it such, but with new actors and all, this show will not succeed…

    remakes of great classics are not doing well, why would a remake of what was in most respects a dud succeed. we are obviouusly in a time where originality is rarely rewarded, and certainly not expected in film and movies, but are we this desperate that we are going to redo shows that failed the first time around? cupid ver. 1.2 will be constantly compared to the first one, though most people won’t remember the first one. at best, you will say, oh this is what they should have done the first time around.

    what’s next, ALF in Charge?

  9. BetC says

    I have been harboring great bitterness towards ABC for years for canceling the original Cupid. Looking forward to giving this one a chance.

  10. ian says

    Surprising and good news.

    Gotta trust Rob Thomas as his first effort was the best TV show ever.

    Jeremy Piven will surely be missed.

  11. Quentin says

    I am concerned at how the new show could possibly manage the feat of finding a cast with as much chemistry as the original Cupid cast. Also Piven really left a large space for some new actor to try and fill. Location-wise LA is a big visual and cultural jump to make from San Fran, the locale in the original series was very charming, stylish and a bit bohemian… not the same vibe most would picture LA generating. Hopefully though the greatness of the original wasn’t just the alchemy of fate matching the right creatives with the only right cast for them. Also that Rob Thomas gets a chance to really get the show up and running this time.

  12. JJ says

    I loved the first Cupid and I will definitely watch the remake. Piven did such a great job as Trevor Hale. Those will be big shoes to fill. Either way, I’ll be watching!!!

  13. WolvenSpectre says

    Although Rob Thomas was one of the major forces behind the show, which I was an avid fan of, the big key was Jeremy Pivens incredible performance as a man who maybe insane, psychologically troubled, amniesiacly challenged, or actually Cupid.

    If they do this show this way they have a BIG mountain to climb. Also one of the big points about Cupid is that it wasn’t the usual Hollywood centric star studded show.

    I am caught actively anxiously anticipating the next Rob Thomas project and worrying that they will ruin a favourite yet ratings unsuccessful show.

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