Dollhouse: FOX Cancels Joss Whedon Series; No Season Three

DollhouseWith such low ratings, it had to happen eventually. The Dollhouse is closing after two seasons on FOX.

From the mind of Joss Whedon, Dollhouse revolves around a group of people whose minds are wiped of their own identities and implanted with temporary memories for jobs-for-hire. The cast includes Eliza Dushku, Harry Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, Olivia Williams, Amy Acker, Reed Diamond, and Miracle Laurie.

Though loved by many fans, the series has been ratings-challenged from the start. Surprisingly, Dollhouse received a second season order last May, despite low ratings. The second season’s ratings have been even worse but FOX publicly committed to at least produce and air all of the 13 ordered episodes.

While it looked highly unlikely that Dollhouse would be given a full season or be renewed for a third year, many fans have been hoping that it would still happen. After all, conventional wisdom indicated that the series shouldn’t have been renewed last year.

FOX has now officially cancelled the series. Production is currently underway on episode 11 and all 13 installments will be completed.

Whedon had previously said that he was planning to include some amount of closure in the last episode of the season. The FOX announcement is likely timed so that he can give the show a more definitive ending.

Dollhouse is currently on hiatus. It’s expected to return to FOX on December 4th and begin burning off the remaining nine episodes of the season in double installments.

What do you think? Are you surprised by the cancellation or were you reconciled that it was going to happen? How would you like to see it end?

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  1. unknown says

    I know that dollhouse hasnt been on long in AU im sure we are only about half way though first season guessing only. I saw the tv add for it and thought it looked S*** just from the add. Anyhow a friend of mine downloaded both seasons i sat down to watch it with them just to see what it was. We have now finished watching both seasons i must say that it had a story line they could take all most any where but i must say the last few episodes were VERY disappointing. It looked like the show was on to something but from the add i must say didnt give off anything of what the show was really just looked like a bad chick flick. just a shame that it was cut short.

  2. Michelle says

    I can’t believe they are taking this show off the air………….It’s one of the best shows on T.V., they’ll take this off and leave CRAP on like Jerseyshore, The Bachlor and other mindless reality shows. People want to see weekly shows with a plot. This was VERY good and exciting to watch each week. BRING IT BACK WHAT R U THINKING GIVE IT A CHANCE TO CATCH ON……………..THERE IS A FAN BASE HERE. THE ACTOR WERE GREAT.

  3. TRoberts says

    Very disappointed that it was cancelled but I did loved the ending. I’ll always watch anything Joss comes up with, and I’ll tell everyone I know to watch as well!

  4. Bitter Bear says

    FOX never learns. They completely set up Firefly for failure and let possible one of the greatest shows they have ever had slip away and here they go again with Dollhouse. Honestly I wish Joss Whedon’s shows were picked up by another network that doesn’t make mistake after mistake like FOX has.

  5. Catherine Beeley says

    I can’t believe that Doll House has been cancelled it was a brilliant show and I always looked forward to it being on.

  6. Lisa says

    I am just ticked off that they canceled yet ANOTHER of my favorite shows! I will NEVER get wrapped up in any shows put out by Fox again, that’s for sure. This show was AMAZING to me, the story lines, the action, just the whole concept. I am really disappointed. Eliza, you are AWESOME, as all the actors/actresses were, but this was your “shining”. The parts you portrayed were amazing and convincing. For you to take on so many different persona’s was incredible to watch. I loved EVERYTHING about this show, and it had an incredibly talented cast who all fit their parts perfectly. I could sit here forever praising the show. I am so sorry they are canceling it. I am truly disappointed.

    Best of luck to all the cast and all involved. Kudos to all. xoxo

  7. ERIKA says

    this is some bull ****……………………….. dollhouse was the ****……… just like tru calling. eliza you my girl, your the **** i think you need to bring tru calling or doll house back but forget fox they will be the ones missing out very disapointed

  8. Del says

    I can’t believe this is the end! I love this show…this is the ONLY show I watch on TV. I can’t believe FOX has cancelled this. How disappointing…

  9. Mary Kierstead says

    This was one of my favourite shows, so sad to hear it has been cancelled. The premise of the show was so unique and different than any other series. I will really miss watching this show on Friday nights. Perhaps with some encouragement, the Fox Network might rethink this cancellation……

  10. Vicky says

    I love this show! How can you let this show end? Why don’t you change it to Thursday where it might get better viewers and PLZ do some advertising for this show. I anticipate this show every week and make time for it on friday. Its the ONLY SHOW I look FORward to on FOX. Its very unique!! Why are you canceling? ARGHHHH

  11. Mattie says

    SOOOOOOO sad to hear this show is ending. I LOVE Dollhouse, it gets better and better every week and I don’t understand y it’s ending!! Fox is so stupid, they always seem to cancel all the really good shows. I’ll never again get wrapped up in a show shown by Fox, they suck! Y not let another network pick it up or change the day and time it omes on??? Stupid Fox, as usual they’ve disappointed me again!! Grrrrrrr

  12. Amanda says

    I have watched this show since the very first episode and was even a fan just hearing about it’s creation. I am so sick and tired of all the good shows that actually take some creativity and real acting being taken off the air to allow for some ridiculous reality televison that is unlike my reality. The events that take place in dollhouse are more realistic to me than those. Shows that deserve to be on the air like “Three Rivers”, “Trauma”, and “Dollhouse” are thrown out so that we can pay already rich celebrities or random people to show us how they buy corvets and have super duperly sweet sixteen parties. If my internet was not conected to my stupid cable I surely would not bother paying for it anymore. Everything worth the air time is gone. I’m sick of watching “dancing with the stars” to see washed up celebrities with minimal talent make a few extra dollars after their careers are over. Seriously half of those celebrities I have not even heard of and yet I’m forced to watch them for entertainment because the younger and more talented stars are taken off of the air. How about you put “dancing with the stars” on a friday night so that the old elderly and well generally people with no lives can watch it. Fox put Dollhouse on FRIDAY night. Whedon has a majority teenaged based following, and honestly how many teenagers are at home on a Friday. Give us a Tuesday or a Wednesday and the show would have had a better chance. I’m confused as to why it is so hard for people who get paid to figure out spots for show to place a show in an appropriate time slot based on the demographic. The elderly people who have no more imagination left they are the ones who watch TV on a Friday, they do not want shows to make them think. I do…on a week day when I am up doing my homeowork all night.

  13. indiegirl says

    come on FOX! maybe you should just do some better advertising! i love this show!

    what is wrong with you people? first you cancel arrested development. now you cancel this?

    no wonder people don’t watch TV anymore. this is one of the only shows i actually like.

  14. Carmen says

    I LOVE dollhouse !! i cant believe its ending!! the did it to sarah conner 1st and now dollhouse!!! those to shows are AMAZING! the actors and story lines r always amazing week after week!! i even got my dad and my friends hooked after 1 episode!! cant they like record em and sell em or something?! i reeeeaallly hope FOX changes their mind.

  15. Tiffany Tallent says

    I can’t believe I am just hearing about the cancellation of of Dollhouse! It is one of the best shows on right how. I make it througth my work week because I know Dollhouse is on Friday nights. What are you thinking FOX network? Give it one more season. Try to get people interested. Promote, promote, promote! That is your job, afterall. It was just happenstance that I even learned about the show in the first place, as there was little publicity. I fell in love with the characters and plot. Poor Eliza!! First Tru Calling, now Dollhouse gets thrown out. Both shows were awesome! Yeah, cancel this one and i bet sons of tuscan and til death will last a decade. Do people not know quality when they see it? Rethink and recommit FOX or you are going to lose a lot of viewers to your network.

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