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  1. Jennifer Shearer says

    I was watching Dracula on NBC.com on the computer. I thought the season finale was excellent. It wrapped up some things but has left us with many other cliffhangers for the next season, and I do hope that no one is so shortsighted as to cancel it before giving it a chance to take hold. Good writing, good cast, with the possible exception of Harker.
    I definitely want a Season Two.

  2. Perez says

    You people are insane. Dracula is a good show to you? It is HIGHLY unlikely it will be returning as it did POORLY in ratings the entire time.

  3. Martha Salemi says

    I know Dracula Season 1 is loosely based on the classic story by Bram Stoker but nonetheless it was a refreshing change from all the reality garbage that is on most stations now. As far as I am concerned the acting, cinematography and story line were well worth continuing into Season 2.

  4. Zabber says

    Hated how the swapped Enlisted and R. Hope w/o prior notification. Not a fan of Enlisted, and I was worried Hope got bumped off the map.

  5. Angela says

    I eagerly anticipated the first episode of Dracula and have been hooked ever since! Hoping it doesn’t get cancelled, what a shame that would be. So so tired of all the reality TV we are subjected to these days. Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula is fabulous! For any of you who agree and who have not seen The Tudors, you MUST — he was brilliant as Henry VIII!!!

  6. Monica says

    I agree: DRACULA is EXCELLENT!
    I love everything about the show,my husband and I are hoping to see season 2,give it a chace!

    • Dennis Lessick says

      Thank you Monica—I am avidly watching the ratings for DRACULA because I am afraid these idiots in charge of programming will just take it off and not give it a chance for a second season!!!! Ever since I was a little kid DRACULA has been my favorite movie “monster”! I don’t know what it is about DRACULA that fascinates me but he does! I think the reason may possibly be that after reading the original book “Bram Stokers Dracula” and then seeing the movie based on the book and the movie actually follows the book and then seeing the TV show following both with a few minor changes,all 3 have shown me that DRACULA is not only a “blood sucker” but he is also intelligent, erotic, powerful, and just plain old mystifying! ENOUGH of these idiot shows about absolutely STUPID things that make no sense and the so-called comedies that are not even funny!!!! DRACULA has been around forever and this story will BE around forever—-All of us fans of DRACULA need to band together and let these programmers know that we WANT DRACULA back!!!! It is a FASCINATING tale and the writers of the tv show have made it extremely interesting and watchable!!!! And if anyone else like me has been following the book and movie you know the TV show is only 1/4 of the way through the story—-with much more to come!!! Our battle cry should be–“BRING BACK DRACULA” or else lose a lot of viewers of the FOX network!!!!!!!!

  7. Dennis Lessick says

    If they do not bring back DRACULA for a second season then whoever does the choosing of shows needs to have their head examined! DRACULA is EXCELLENT!!!!

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