Friends: Would You Like a Central Perk Reunion? Take the Polls!

Friends was one of the favorite sitcoms of the 1990s and remains incredibly popular today in syndication. Who’s your favorite character? How do you rate the series?

Ever since our favorite group of New York City friends said goodbye in 2004, some viewers have been wondering they’ll ever get back together. Some of the castmates seem like they’d be open to the idea while at least one seems set against it.

What do you think? Express yourself!

Who's your favorite Friends character?

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Should Phoebe and Joey have ended up together?

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How would you rate the last episode of Friends?

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Would you like to see a Friends reunion?

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In what form would you like a Friends reunion?

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Would you still watch a Friends reunion if everyone didn't take part?

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Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. avery says

    omg i watch friends everyday and dont get tired of it please have a reuion i loved joey and they canceled it they have to make one it would be so cool to see them before and now catch up on everything seeing emma grown up the twins monnica and chandler dealing with parent hood and telling the twims there adopted seeing joey move back omg soo many things

  2. I'LL be there for you says

    Oh damm Yes I would love a friends reunion. When the show ended Ross and Rachel should of gotten married they made a cute couple. A made for tv movie. Well keep our fingers crossed and everything else crossed. Just bring it on.

  3. angela gray says

    I would love a (2 hour) tv reunion of friends.I was SOOOO mad when they quit the show.U really can’t find shows like that anymore,with close friends that really love each other.Please do a tv reunion movie.

  4. lollypop says

    i love friends!!!! i watch the re runs every day. they should definatly do a reunion film, only if everyone in it though. please do a film. i love friends for ever !!!!!

  5. Chuck says

    A one hour sitcom reunion would be nice. Usually the two hour movies with any reunion sucks. Also, it would be nice if all were good with everybody and no catastrophes, such as divorces, splits, etc. Just pick up kind of where they left off, only some time later. Y’all know what I mean. You’ve seen the bad reunion shows.

  6. Badigaa says

    The producers said they will not make a Friends film because the characters have aged and the TV series was devoted to youth. Friends is a sitcon for the youth so a film with aged characters would allegedly inappropriate now. But I think the viewers who were the youth back then have aged too. The Friends viewers want a film with aged characters of friends.

  7. Mary says

    This website is great!!! You should definitely have a 2- hour FRIENDS episode reunion. ONLY with all the characters though. It’s just not the same if you only do a few characters. I watch the FRIENDS series set all the time, over and over again. I ABSOLUTELY love FRIENDS!!!!!!!!

  8. Shannon says

    I Think They Should Have A Friends Reunion, Because It’s Not Everyday You Get 6 Friends That Close On Telly And Do Everything Together. I Think It Will Also Give Us The Opputunity To See Them All Together Again And See How They Have Changed. I Would Love To See Them Having A Good Time Being On A Show They Once All Loved. I Love Friends (LL) x

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