Geraldo at Large: FOX Says Goodnight

Geraldo at LargeIt looks like Geraldo Rivera, the longtime newsmagazine host and controversial reporter is leaving the airwaves. But don’t shed too many tears for him. In typical Rivera fashion, he won’t be gone for long.

After nearly a year and a half in syndication, FOX has pulled the plug on Geraldo Rivera’s newsmagazine Geraldo at Large. The Twentieth Television show’s production will shut down this month and the series will leave the airwaves on January 26th. The At Large staff was informed of the cancellation on January 4th.

FOX Television Stations CEO Jack Abernethy praised Rivera and the At Large staff in saying, “We want to thank Geraldo for always bringing viewers compelling news stories through the syndicated program. His strong in-depth reporting and that of his correspondents was well-received in top 10 markets such as Dallas, Atlanta and Detroit, and we appreciate the hard work and dedication put forth by the entire Geraldo at Large staff.”

Geraldo at Large aired predominately in late evening time-slots and was averaging under two million viewers each night. In light of the cancellation, the FOX Television Stations group will likely replace the series with “new syndicated fare” such as off-network situation comedies.

Chairman and CEO of FOX News and chairman of FOX Television Stations Roger Ailes said that there were several reasons for the newsmagazine’s cancellation and will continue to work with Rivera. Roger said, “His (Geraldo’s) ratings were climbing in several markets, including New York. However, with the soft ad marketplace, the lack of an early news lead-in for his show in several cities and the timeline for financial success, I’ve asked him to come back to FOX News Channel.”

Rivera has signed a new multi-year contract with FOX News that includes the return of At Large with Geraldo Rivera to the FOX network. At Large with Geraldo Rivera will air on Saturday and Sunday nights, though the show’s specific premiere date and time slot have yet to be determined. Rivera will also continue to make guest appearances on FOX News Channel ‘s The O’Reilly Factor and to serve as a correspondent at large during major breaking-news events.

If he’s upset about the cancellation, Rivera isn’t showing it. He said, “I’m proud to work for Roger, and I’m a team player. FOX News Channel is the best outfit in the business, and the new deal allows me to cover breaking news and work with one of the most talented group of reporters in the world. Roger and I go back decades, and I want to thank him for another great opportunity.” TV Series Finale home page

UPDATE: There was later a change in plans and Geraldo at Large moved to Fox News Channel on February 10, 2007. It runs twice a weekend in the evenings.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tom Hoy says

    Geraldo Is a illegal mexican raceist and a George Soros, and Obama , Pro Marijuana lacky . I have worked in the drug research and even a monkey knows that it is a gateway drug , to harder drugs. It effects the learning abilities of it users and many other disabilities. He furthered his career by appearing in safe war zones with as many soldiers standing in the background to make him look like a man. He is now dragging his brother around to second his image. Watch him closely Fox. He knows the difference between Legal and Illegal. I brought my Latin wife and daughter into the U.S. legally and paid all the fees, physicals etc.

  2. Colene Barrett says

    I am upset with your attitude and treatment of Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County, AZ.
    We have a huge “ILLEGAL” ALIEN problem here and he is the only one willing to try to uphold the law. If the illegals want to become illegal, send them back to Mexico and have them apply properly. We have re-elected Sheriff Joe several times and will again.

  3. Amo Adjepong says

    Mr. rivera, my name is Nana Amo Adjepong. I will like you to help my son to find a job in the field of production, wriring, film making and editing. He has a degree is mass media and specializing in film making. Currently, his newest movie is coming out soon and has advertised it at MY SPACE and getting very good reviews. He has received a number of awards in film making. He is 24 years old.
    I know as a friend of immigrants, you will be the best person to be contacted.


  4. Stella L. Ryndak says

    Mr. Rivera:
    I saw you on Hannity & Colmes last night. During the Rush Limbaugh segment you were loud, obnoxious, argumentative and totally “off the wall.” I have a question for you. Do you apologize for something you haven’t done? Then, you should not make the statement that Rush Limbaugh should apologize for something he hasn’t done.
    Another thought. As regards illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico, you do not make any sense. Legal immigrants come into our country following our laws. They wait their turn. Illegal immigrants do not follow our laws. Mexico is at fault for its citizens coming into our country illegally. It should work to provide for all of its citizens so that they would want to stay in their own country. But, they prefer to allow their citizens cross our borders illegally, work in the U.S. and then return our American dollars to Mexico. How can you in good conscience defend the influx of illegal immigrants? Again, you are “off the wall.”

  5. Bev Schummer says

    Geraldo, I have followed you in the war zones, watched your true sympathy shown towards the children of New Orleans as well as exclusive reporting on many issues. For this reason, I want to give you an exclusive story, with documentation, that proves a small town in NE is corrupt. This begins with a State Trooper Henderson that admitted he was a member of the KKK. His wife divorced him (also self admitted)for a Mexican and Henderson was fired from his 18 years of NE State trooper job. His partner McNeese allegedly was told to arrest any Mexican driving on Interstate 80. This has happened. The Judge residing over all of these cases is Judge Owens and his daughter is employed after graduating from law school at the NE State Attorney General’s Office. Geraldo, there is so much to tell and I have all documented proof that this is going on. Please contact me as soon as you can. I trust you and will assist in any way that I can.

  6. LaVerne Romero says


  7. Sandra says

    Here’s a story for Geraldo!

    This is my third attempt to contact him, I do not know if my other two attempts were not received through the Geraldo at Large website, ignored or intercepted.

    The story is DOMESTIC SPYING. I have been under, literally under, the watchful eye of helicopters N991SD and N996SD (check it out for yourself, I have pictures) for over a year that I have noticed. I am followed everywhere I go by multiple vehicles and the helicopters. For lack of a better term I call them “stalkers.”

    I have spoken with my local police who told me that it is not against the law to follow someone and that they cannot do anything unless I get forced off the road and I get hurt. If I am interpreting the 4th Amendment correctly, I have no reasonable expectation of privacy when I travel on public roads. I also spoke with the duty agent of the local FBI office who indicated that what is going on could be a case a mistaken identity or some bigger conspiracy. He also said, “The FBI doesn’t get involved with something like this unless they force me off the road and I get hurt.” He then said, “We can’t let our “citizens” get hurt.”
    I spoke with a Chief Deputy of the Sheriff’s Department (names I will provide upon request) who found my plight to be quite amusing. He left me a call back message to say that, “You are not being investigated by any law enforcement agency anywhere and he is convinced of this to his satisfaction.”

    Geraldo, I do not have the resources to hire private detectives to help me find out what is going on. I have done nothing wrong and I don’t know why I am the target of this constant surveillance. I can prove what I am saying; I have pictures and license plate numbers to substantiate what I am writing to you about today. I will also provide information about myself that Geraldo can personally verify.
    Thank you.

  8. Arlene says

    I won’t watch geraldo anymore after the O’riley arguement. I’am so sick of the illegal aliens in this country, demanding more and more. I really have reached te point of disgust. I’am a legal Immigrant and what I saw in Los Angeles really finalized my decision. On March 25th 2007 they were in the streets in down town LA. These people tried to burn the American flag, were shouting they hate America and they hate Americans. the news media does not report these stories they are biased in the extreme. We do have pictures of this and more. they say the southwest belongs to them and they are taking it back. My disgust is justified.

  9. says

    I’m with Israel’s Green Leaf Party and we heard that he covered the marijuana/Passover story. We’re interested in meeting him if he ever comes to Israel – we’d throw him a party in the street!

    Also, we’d really like a copy of that episode, if it’s at all possible. Thanks!

    Michelle Levine

  10. Michael Scott says

    During last week’s TV confrontation with Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo made the unsupportable accusation, “Lou Dobbs has regenerated his dead career on the backs of illegal aliens.”

    In point-of-fact, Dobbs has consistently & successfully challenged two of the granite pillars that support the ideology of illegal alien advocates. The first is Dobbs’ challenge to the pathology that supports the notion that once illegal aliens have entered our country illegally, and subsequently evaded our enforcement efforts, they somehow qualify for legal residence and eventual citizenship.

    The second is the reminder that the inscription at the base of the Statute of Liberty concludes, “I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” It says nothing about welcoming people who bypass our entry doors by climbing walls, swimming rivers, and sneaking under border fences. It also says nothing about inviting every human being on this planet to move to the United States.

    Michael Scott
    Glendora, California

  11. Don Alanen says

    Here’s your next assignment, Geraldo:

    Travel to Cameroon, West Africa and bring the world up to date on Dr./Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu, at Clinique d’Espoir, Essos Neighborhood, Yaounde, Camroon. Dr. Ngu developed the controversial VANHIVAX antidote for HIV/AIDS.
    I believe the best treatment and possible cure for AIDS lies in the tropical rain forests of west Africa. Years ago a botanist from the UK discovered a rare vine in Cameroon that kills HIV in the test tube. Later, the CDC discovered a species of chimps in this region that are immune to HIV. I asked the UK botanist if the chimps could have his vine as part of their diet. He said I posed an interesting idea. The UK botanist was back in Cameroon, last I heard. So are big pharma – bioprospecting. Wouldn’t it be great if an herbal product in Cameroon could be the world answer for HIV/AIDs – costing pennies a week, instead of $20,000/yr.
    Strange – ABC, CBS, NBC, TIME, BusinessWeek, etc. have not interviewed Dr. NGU. What are they afraid of? If he’s a fraud, get it out in the open. But, if he has the answer, they would have to report it to the world, right? Go get ’em, Geraldo.

    If you would like my years of notes on the subject, contact my e-mail.

    I’m a retired engineer spending my time researching health issues.

  12. mac says

    Geraldo did a story on Scott Peterson who was convicted for murdering his pregnant wife.

    Maybe Geraldo would be interested in following up on the information that shows his innocent, the police coverup and the occult links to other similar murders in the area?

    Oh wait looks like the FBI confiscated videotape that substantiate certain facts and unfortunately show the PD’s egregious errors or malice.

    Book: Presumed Guilty by Matt Dalton

  13. linda martinez says

    i have been attempting to get in touch with geraldo for several weeks now. i do have a very good lead for him and need for hime to contact as this is breaking news and will really raise a lot of eyebrows;as this has been going on since G.W. was our governor. i really think he is the one to break this right out in the open. i can’t let anyone know where the information has come from as my husband would be fired for a breech of confidently. there is no protection for a wishtle blower in this republican state and they certainly don’t want anyone to know about their dirty laundry in austin.

  14. Sally Decker says

    In my oopinion ,Mr. Riverra was the life line to a dyeing socialstandard ,called Justise. With all the coruption in our judissial system. Mr. Riverra was the last hope for finding the truth.I believe his show would have been a success ,if the issues targeted ,were more to the method ,as Mr. Riverra had done in the pass. I see so much in justice in Texas ,You could not begin to imagine.,Yet our hope and life line ,is so hard to even send a message to.
    I believe Mr. Riverra needs to stay on the air ,to expose those corupted conservetists that run our country and states.
    thank you
    I would like an email address to send a message to Mr. Rivverra ,if all possible.
    sally Decker

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