Gilmore Girls: Graham Tired of Movie Talk, ”It’s Over for Me!”

Gilmore GirlsThough there may be thousands of fans waiting for news about a Gilmore Girls reunion movie, one of its stars apparently doesn’t have much interest.

Gilmore Girls centers around young, single mom Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) raising her daughter, Lorelai “Rory” Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Other significant castmemembers include Keiko Agena, Scott Patterson, Yanic Truesdale, Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann, Melissa McCarthy, Sean Gunn, Liza Weil, Liz Torres, Jared Padalecki, Matt Czuchry, Jackson Douglas, Michael Winters, Sally Struthers, Emily Kuroda, and Todd Lowe.

The series is well-loved for its quirky characters and its fast-paced and pop culture-filled dialogue. The series debuted on October 5, 2000 and ran for six seasons on The WB network.

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When The WB folded into The CW, Gilmore Girls made the move but then declined in the ratings. The new network considered picking up the show for an eighth year but it didn’t happen, supposedly because of salaries and schedules. The series ended on May 15, 2007 and many felt that, after seven years on the air, the finale was a letdown.

Shortly afterwards, Gilmore creator Amy Sherman-Palladino expressed interest in doing a two-hour reunion movie. At the time, most of the cast expressed interest.

Though there hasn’t been any news on the project in awhile, fans are still hoping that it will happen. Graham, however, apparently feels a bit differently. As she recently told Jimmy Fallon, from her point of view, the show is “Over!”

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  1. Chris says

    I would also like to see L and L get married we all waited so long and then a kiss is all we get. It would also be good if while Rory was campaining she ran in to Logan to see if there might be something there after all the campaining was done she has a job that keeps her in one place most of the time and maybe rekindle their love.

  2. Olympifan says

    One of the best shows ever! I feel so bad for Amy Palladino (sp?) she didn’t get to finish her masterpiece. Like most of the others I would love to know how it was supposed to end. If a movie is not possible please write it all down and publish it as a novel. I rematch the series at least once a year, I would love to curl up and read it in book form!

  3. AC says

    In response to Mara and Susan’s response. I agree whole-heartedly. I met LG at opening night on Bway- “Guys and Dolls.” I asked her about the possibility of a reunion and I got SCREAMED at! She then kind of caught herself. I wanted to meet LG for quite a while. I found her to be very nasty and an angry person. Silly me, I went back a few times, including closing night. The other actors were so nice, but she was snippy right to the last day of the show! It’s a shame because I think she is so funny and talented, but in real life she is a grouch and an angry woman. She should count her blessings; few people get the chances she has had in life. She’s 42; time to grow up LG!

  4. Jenn says

    Agree that more of Gilmore Girls is needed. Future seasons of the show should be brought back- the level of interest two years after the show has ended is amazing- the industry should capitalize on this and bring it back in either TV (preferred) or movie format. Hope and pray that Lauren and cast will see the light

  5. Steve says

    I used to watch the show and enjoyed it too but you people do know that it was just a television show…. right? Apparently people used to write letters to CBS all the time asking why they couldn’t ever get those poor people off of Gilligan’s Island. Did you write those too?

  6. susan says

    I agree with Mara, Lauren Graham should watch what she says, I watched the show for the full seven years, My daughter and I watched it together, it made that cast who they are today and when LG opens her mouth like that I almost wished we didn’t make her famous because she does certainly seem ungrateful!
    The fans waited forever for Luke and Lorelai to get back together, and all they gave us was a two second kiss at the end, we deserved more! SO MUCH MORE!!!

  7. Mara says

    I got into thie series late–after my sister and nieces were into it and said how good it was. The last season was disappointing and the finale was stiff between L&L. Maybe their personal and professional relationship was finished as well, so continuing the show would have been painful to watch. Graham wanted out, and now continues to be annoyed with anyone who mentions a reunion or movie. While that may be so, she NEEDS to be reminded that the fans of that show (which continue to grow on ABC Fam and SOAPnet with GG in reruns) are what fuel her career and bank account. Dissing her fans and constantly being ungrateful turns people off. The show was much better when Amy was the producer. We know there was another ending planned. I guess that fuels the fire. LG could be more gracious in how she handles the meer mention of the show. (She now acts like she could gag.) It was a great acting job. She and the other actors deserved more honors and awards for their performances. But never say never–someday you may need the pay check and no one will care! Her new show “Let it Go” — well, we will see where IT goes.

  8. Erica says

    It’s been over two years since the Gilmore Girls series finale and I’m still eager to know how ASP intended for it to end. Until we get to see (or hear about) Amy’s envisioned ending, the current ending will always be incomplete for me!

  9. Mishez says

    I miss them alsready, i JUST watched the last episode and cried so much, i would have liked to have seen a bit more kissing from L and L and also want to know about suki and jackson’s new baby!! how come no1 mentioned that? boy or girl? named what? i love star’s hollow and wish i could move there and live there forever! 2 HOUR SPECIAL IS NEEDED!!!!!! I want to see luke and lorelai on their honeymoon!!!

  10. linda says

    i for one think a reunion movie would be great….we all want to see Luke and Lorelai get married just as we wanted to see Carrie and Mr. Big get married in Sex and the City…and it did happen in the movie…i was content…and would be again if we see Luke and Lorelai tie the knot…and NOT in my imagintion…ON FILM…*grinning*…come on Ms. Graham get with the program…we love you…*hugs*

  11. Emily says

    I think Amy owes it to the fans to make a movie or if thats not possible, at least tell us how its really SUPPOSED to end…please! i didnt think the ending was bad, but i want to know the REAL ending!

  12. Patrick says

    Count me in with the folks who were NOT disappointed with the final episode of Season 7. While I understand that it would have been nice to have additional closure, neither the writers nor actors knew that it was going to be the series finale. From a standpoint of ending the show, I think the cast and crew frankly got lucky that there ended up being as much closure as there was.

    Luke and Lorelai end up headed down the path of re-starting their relationship. Rory is off on the campaign trail with Obama. Yes, she picked her career over Logan, but that is “closure”; perhaps not the closure that many wanted to see, but closure nonetheless. As far as the other characters, Paris and Doyle were moving on, Lane and Zach were beginning their journey as parents and Suki and Jackson were entrenched in the community. One of the often overlooked “characters” – Stars Hollow was going to continue as it had, with fun, goofy residents who made the town special.

    The reality was that an 8th season would have had to take a completely different direction as Rory could not have legitimately been in the picture. Sure, they could have tied her in with phone calls (remember how well that worked with Suzanne Sommers on 3’s Company!) from the campaign trail, or introduced a new relationship for her, but if you are honest with yourself, it simply would not have been the same. As for a possible movie (doubtful, and if they are going to do it, it needs to be SOON), it would certainly make more sense then doing another season. Obviously, the big event that people wanted to see was the wedding of Luke and Lorelai. A movie could do that along with providing the desired “closure” that so many of you want to see. But unless ALL the creators and writers and actors come back and put everything they have in a “movie”, I’m just afraid we’d be witness to something like “The Growing Pains Movie” or “A Very Brady Christmas” – just an awful attempt to rekindle the magic of the show.

    Again, I thought the final episode provided enough closure with which to end the series. It may not have all been happy, but to me, it made it seem more real and thus better to end it just the way it did. It made it so that now, in my mind I can see Luke and Lorelai married and with a new baby. Rory went from reporter on the Obama campaign trail to accepting a position with the administration as an associate press secretary; still looking for the right man to be by her side (just like her mother did for so many years). Paris goes on to school to become a doctor, but finds herself pregnant and in the ultimate irony discovers that she’s in love with being a Mom and quits Med School! Richard and Emily are Richard and Emily – solid and still pains in the rear! Zach joins a band has a successful music career, but leaves it to come back to Stars Hollow and raise his kids with Lane and they open the first Music School in the town. Taylor is caught breaking one of his own town ordinances and needing money to fight the charges, sells his store to Kirk, who now finally has just one regular full-time job running the newly named Gleason’s Market.

    Okay, so let your imaginations run wild; let the show end how YOU wanted it. Isn’t that better then trying to force an ending into a 90 minute movie???

  13. Ash says

    Hey with all the shows that are coming back I wouldn’t be surprised if in 5 years they bring back the Gilmore Girls too.I would love to see that.This was my favorite show on tv and I didn’t like the way it ended at all.

  14. Kelly says

    I was disappointed in the ending i felt that Lorelai and luke should have got married, he has always been there for her and Rory. It may be too late but i just recently finished collecting and watching all seasons and am starting over again because i am love the series, i think that a movie would b great.

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