Hole in the Wall: Cartoon Network Reviving Cancelled FOX Game Show

Hole in the WallThe outrageous FOX game show only lasted for 26 episodes and eight of them never even aired. Still, the execs at Cartoon Network feel like the series could be a success for them. Hole in the Wall is being tweaked to pit two families (instead of just adults) against one another, to see which can contort themselves to fit through cutouts in a moving wall.

There’s no word on when the new Hole in the Wall will debut but here’s the official press release…

Cartoon Network Finds Perfect Fit With “Hole in the Wall”
Network Orders 10 Episodes Of Global Game Show Phenomenon
From American Idol Producers FremantleMedia North America

How many ways can you bend your body? Cartoon Network is on a mission to find out with a 10-episode order of HOLE IN THE WALL, the global game show phenomenon produced by FremantleMedia North America. Casting is underway and production will begin shortly for this new, “twisted” half-hour game show featuring two teams of families in competition as they face down a series of moving barriers with ever-changing cut-out shapes.

Speed, agility and a hearty sense of humor are essential tools to survive HOLE IN THE WALL -one of the trickiest, fastest, funniest and wettest shows on the planet – as contestants contort their bodies every which way to fit through the wall or else end up being swept away into a pool of water. As the rounds progress and the pace heats up, mind over matter, quick thinking, coordination, and clever teamwork play a crucial role as each team strives to maneuver through walls literally closing in on them.

HOLE IN THE WALL became an instant ratings success story on-air and online after launching on Japan’s Fuji TV in July 2006, where it continues to rank No. 1 in its timeslot. The format swiftly created waves around the world, with FremantleMedia currently producing versions in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Sweden and the U.K.

FremantleMedia North America (FMNA) is the U.S. production division of global media giant FremantleMedia. Based in Burbank, California, FMNA produces entertaining and innovative programs for network, cable, syndicated and online platforms, including the Emmy-nominated musical/reality phenomenon “American Idol” (FOX), “America’s Got Talent” (NBC), “What Chilli Wants” (VH1), “Kirstie Alley’s BIG LIFE” (A&E), “Let’s Make A Deal” (CBS), “Downfall” (ABC), “Family Feud” (syndicated), and the longest-running game show in television history, “The Price Is Right” (CBS).

What do you think? Is Hole in the Wall better suited for Cartoon Network and families of contestants?

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  1. teddy bear says

    I love the show and I hope it comes back so I can go on the show with my best friends and finally feel the experience of flexibility and movement in the show and till this day I remember the teams names like tidal wave and giddy up and booty kickers and abracadabra and girls rule boys drool and musical mayham and nerd herd and awesome and we know it and beauty and the beasts and the hairdresser geek and jock and party posse and bust a move and super supers and buff and bronze and steer clear and flipped out and bug lady and fly boys and.the schmerlsters and big bro and disco sistas and the good the bad and the stepdad and mamma trucker and mudflaps and hot lava and born to be wild and the shape shifters and wall pass and school you and sly foxes and wall nutz and more so I hope you change your mind and put back on the show and email me if its back on so I can come on the show

  2. Megan Mcknight says

    I think hole in the wall is the best game show out of all game shows in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **************

  3. says

    Is this show over. Finally got a chance to watch a few shows and the overt discrimination was absolutely disgusting. The episode of the Booty Kickers vs The Schmeltzers was fraught with inconsistencies. The Booty Kickers shapes on the first three walls were simple vs the intertwined shapes of the white team. Then on the second wall the teenage girl jumps through the wall not in the shape of the wall and receives credit. The Schmeltzers youngest son does the same and receives no credit. Of course, the kid also doesn’t seem to understand that he must stand in the play area but that’s another story.
    In another episode, the Blue team was down 10 or so points and then on the last wall before the final challenge, they got through the wall but only by keeping a third of the wall in the hands of the mother. Outcome, they win. Okay, I figured it was allowed. But wait, in another episode, the caucasian team does the same and did they get credit? No, it is not valid because they broke the wall. WTF?!!!
    I’m not white or hispanic, so I am impartial to this game. But such overt racism is absolutely disgusting and exposing a new generation of kids to a society that permits two sets of rules depending on the color of their skin is immoral indoctrination of the public in hopes of making up for past wrongs. Oh my this country is definitely going to the proverbial hell in a hand basket.
    My kids have been banned from viewing this show because of the inequities that the show continues to perpetrate despite simple methods to rectify the seeming racial inequalities.

  4. says

    I am only nine i got two brothers and i have a cousin that is 19 and my mom her birthday was thanksgiving and hole in the wall looks like a fun game.well i bet it is.

  5. paula says

    I love watching hole in the wall it like watching wipe out I really love these game shows and pray they bring them back with new episodes

  6. Anonymous says

    I love watching hole in the wall it like watching wipe out I really love these game shows and pray they bring them back with new episodes

  7. anonymous says

    I think this show will do better on cartoon network because the kids would enjoy it. I have an Eight yr old and he dont miss a show. He actually wants to be on the show.

    • Anonymous says

      My eight yr old and yours could hang out – he always watches it and he wants to be on the show too!

  8. Because says

    Because its based more on family and not some random teams of supermodels or wrestlers or whatever crap they were doing on FOX. It s a good show for comedy kind of like Wipeout in a sense.

    It should be perfect on CartoonNetwork. Speaking of which…I was watching DisneyXD last night and they said this summer they would be showing WIPEOUT MOMENTS inbetween shows…

    Made think that DisneyXD might do their own verison of WipeOut in the future.

  9. Jeremy Rynek says

    Well if it didn’t do well on Fox I don’t think it’ll do better on Cartoon network?? Why them? I don’t know but it’s better than nowhere. Maybe it’ll be like Law & Order Criminal intent. NBC canceled that and its been on USA now for qutie awhile. So who knows.

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