I Wanna Marry “Harry”: New FOX TV Show Cancelled

I Wanna Marry Harry TV show on FOX canceledThe wedding is off. FOX has cancelled their new dating reality show, I Wanna Marry “Harry”, after airing four episodes.

Co-produced by Ryan Seacrest, I Wanna Marry “Harry” follows a group of young American ladies who believe that they’re in a dating competition to be with Prince Harry of Wales. In truth, “Harry” is a lookalike bachelor named Matthew Hicks. Are they falling in love with the man, or the crown?

The series debuted to a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.9 million. Those might be okay numbers for The CW but certainly not for a FOX series. The numbers have gotten even worse in subsequent weeks and this week’s episode drew a 0.4 rating with 991,000 viewers.

With four episodes remaining in the season, FOX has pulled Harry from the schedule effective immediately. Reruns of FOX comedies will fill the timeslot starting next week.

Because Harry is a Fox show, the remaining episodes will be released online via sites like Hulu.com starting tomorrow afternoon. Riot, another new FOX show that’s also now been cancelled, won’t be as lucky.

A FOX rep says that the series may return to the schedule at some point but that seems highly unlikely given the numbers.

What do you think? Were you watching I Wanna Marry “Harry”? Do you think that it should have been cancelled? Was a second season feasible?

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  1. sam says

    All episodes including the finale is available for free at hulu.com. having watched reality shows 4 a long time, I can tell u that this show is as close to reality as u will see on tv. All networks stage their reality and story is scripted.

    I was not wanting to see Harry again. But they can use the same concept using a different personality to create a practical joke on gold diggers. This show combined a lot of different elements like comedy, reality, romance, drama etc. Great concept, got thrown out by fox. Some other network might pick up this idea with a twist thrown into the idea.

  2. Meg says

    Personally, the show probably should never have aired because that’s really playing with hearts……and why continue the show if he already chose the “girl” he liked the best?

  3. Myrna says

    Guilty of watching it too! But it was entertaining and “Harry” was a sweetie.
    I get so irritated with networks cancelling new shows after a few episodes, without doing a final episode. Not really fair to those of us who put our 1 hr a week in to watch it. AAAAHHHHHHH! Sometimes I think I shouldn’t watch the new shows….just wait for the summer repeats if they make it.

  4. says

    What happened? I was quite enjoying this show,but could never find it. Since most of the regular TV shows are “rubbish” in the US anyhow,I rarely watch anything. Thought the fake Harry was too classy and a real gent. Too good for most of those trashy girls. He was a “real” person despite being an actor, and the girls were more fake, in many ways. How about some women on TV with less make-up,no fake tans,boobs,hair etc,and then see what we really have?

  5. Helen says

    I found this show better than most of the realities. It was actually hilarious. Each episode I asked where did they find these girls that had never heard of or seen Prince Harry. I find shows like Big Brother, Bachelor, etc. just stupid and not enjoyable. I too would like to know how I Want To Marry Harry played out.

  6. Janice Crocker says

    I would at least have liked to see the final outcome of the show. Did Harry end up with one of the girls? Did he reveal his true identity to the girl? Did she turn and run for the hills when she learned of his true identity? Could you at least show the FINAL EPISODE???? I was rather enjoying the show.

  7. Wilma McKenzie says

    With only four episodes left……… Even with the low ratings, the series should have been completed to the end for the viewers that were watching I Wanna Marry Harry!

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