Life Unexpected: Cancelled? CW Not Ordering More Episodes

Life UnexpectedAfter a season of lackluster ratings, The CW took a chance last May and renewed Life Unexpected for year two. They hoped that the audience would grow this season but it certainly hasn’t.

Season one of Life Unexpected averaged 2.0 million viewers and a 1.6 rating in the network’s target demographic of women 18-34. This season, the show’s lost more than half of the demo audience, averaging just a 0.7 rating with 1.53 million viewers.

As the network’s lowest rated show, CW execs asked for a couple additional scripts but didn’t order them into production. Life Unexpected is the only series on the network that’s been limited to 13 episodes this season.

While The CW has not officially cancelled Life Unexpected yet, it’s impossible to imagine that they’d renew it for season three. The ratings have just gone too low. Series creator Liz Tigelaar thinks so too. She told the TV Addict back in September that she believed that, if they didn’t get an order for a full season, the show was finished.

The season (likely series) finale will air in January. Deadline is reporting that the writers are treating it like the series finale and will wrap up many of the ongoing storylines.

Tigelaar was skeptical about how fulfilling the end could be. In September, she said, “Obviously if you were doing the end of this story, what I feel the fans want are Cate and Baze together, so that would be a natural series end in someway. Unfortunately, that is not going to to happen by episode 13, at least I don’t think in an artful way. So we’re just going to hope for more and if 13 ends up being our last one we will have some closure, it will feel good and the end, but it won’t be the true end.

What do you think? Should The CW have renewed or canceled Life Unexpected last spring? Why have so many viewers stopped watching? How would you like the series to end?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I just started watching the show on Netflix and am absolutely hooked. Bring it back and my girlfriends and I promise to follow it through.

  2. CFaith says

    I definately think there should be a season 3!I can’t believe this show is over! Years later and I still wonder what caused Cate and Baze to become a couple,Julia and Ryan to get and everything in between! I think CW can successfully bring the show back by filling in key details of the 2 year gap and life in college with Lux and Tasha and even Lux’s relationship with Jones. Life Unexpected is definately a lot better than other shows by CW and if brought back I will DEFINATELY be watching! I personally think there wasn’t enough done to advertise the show. I remember just seeing a few commercials just a few weeks before the new episodes. Nowadays there are a lot more social networking sites and opportunites to try and gain that fanbase back. I believe CW at least owes a 3rd season to the loyal fans to at least tie together some loose ends,answer lingering questions,and to give Life Unexpected a chance to gain back popularity. I don’t think the show started off with a great start,because it wasn’t debuted at its full potential.

  3. Destiny says

    Hi there,
    I have recently started watching life unexpected and I love it!!! I can relate to it in so many ways then one. It brings me 2 a time in my life when I felt I had noone and nothing. To having lost my mother at 15, I could only imangine how “bong girl” felt at her age in the story. I was close with my mother but not so much my dad, due to my childhood growing up. Anyways I can not seem to get enough of the show its soo amazing!! It brings tears to my eyes and in a good way as well. I hope that one day sooner then later more seasons come out… They did it with smallville and may other shows why not this one?? People can be patient and so on.. So many kids that go into foster care go throught the same thing as the dughter of the show… Maybe if there were more shows like it, it could even help the kids that feel like they have nooone and nothing maybe it could give them something…. Maybe it could give a insight of those who do not know what its like going through that growing up etc.. I believe this show if advertised etc enough that it could even possibly make a difference in society, to parrents wanting to adopt, to fostercare in general. I mean I was the lucky one , only in fostercare for a short year or so, but I always had Child services in my life till I was 14 and it was not to fun at all. Being called a lier to my face, being told by counnclers my mom was no good for anything, that I would never live with her again etc…. Just please bring the show back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    e-mail me at

  4. Kay says

    I would love to see another season! I watched season 1 yesterday and season 2 and couldnt believed I hit the last one and the way it ended was a good ending but it left so much up in the air on how things fell. Tv now days isnt as good as it once was with good family shows that also shows alot of what other people go through and with good actors. its sad to think thats all there was to it and its not to late to start the next season. alot of people may have not been tuning in when it was on the “air” but you also have to rememeber alot of those ratings are more then liking A.People watching it B. people setting DVR’s so while they are away at work they can come and miss it. and Now C. off netflix and its getting to be more known and people want to see me.

  5. STEPHANIE says


  6. says

    Was searching for something my 12 yr old daughter and I could watch on netflix and stumbled onto life unexpected. It was so captivating that we watched all 13 episodes at one time. Please dont cancel this show! Most of the things on tv are trash, inappropriate for young girls her age. There are many life lessons in this series and it opens doors to conversations mothers need to have with their daughters. Please give us back our mother/daughter time! At this age it is difficult to get without resistance. We love to watch love stories and this is truly one of those.

  7. Aly says

    I remember when this show started and watched a few episodes. However it always seemed to go on air at a time i was always working. I started viewing the show on Netflix, and I am really disappointed about it being cancelled. I think if the CW can’t keep a decent show up like Life Unexpected they may as well start showing more trash like they already do. I’m really embarrassed by the tv shows of today. It be nice to watch a show for once that i don’t have to hide my face in shame because of the content.

  8. Anonymous says

    I hope you guys do bring it back. It is a good sitcom, and u may never know if there are people out there is going thru the same thing. Please bring it back just 2 season aint enough..

  9. Emma H says

    I just recently discovered this show today, and I watched the whole 1st season in 1 day! Now, I know that just says, “I have to much time on my hands”, but I loved it so much I couldn’t stop watching it!! I’m currently listening to a song from one of the episodes, that I had heard and loved. I know I may be a little late on this post, but I was wondering why the show was cancelled, and found this website in my quest for the anwser. I think the show was wonderful! I loved the characters, the drama, the acting, everything! So, if this doesn’t give you an idea about how much I enjoy the show, then you’re on your own there. So please bring it back!

    P.S. It’s not to late to renew the show, and start a 3rd season!

  10. amy says

    i do like the show, all shows have a couple slow episodes but the series as awhole was pretty good. i hope you can give it another year, try a few new writers maybe it can bring in a few new watchers.

  11. Anonymous says

    I enjoyed watching life unexpected it was on of my favorite show if you don’t bring it back then please have a finale

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