Lingo: GSN Reviving Game Show with Bill Engvall

LingoGSN has announced that they’re resurrecting their popular word game show, Lingo. They aren’t calling venerable host Chuck Woolery back into action though. The host of this version will be Bill Engvall, the comic who starred in his own comedy series on TBS that was cancelled in 2009, The Bill Engvall Show. Here are the details from a GSN press release…

From the Producers of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”

(SANTA MONICA, Calif.) JANUARY 13, 2011 – GSN announced today that it is starting production on LINGO, a mystery-word game show. Produced by “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”‘s ZOO Productions (a division of ALL3MEDIA group), LINGO will be hosted by popular comedian Bill Engvall. Well known to audiences as the star of the TBS series “The Bill Engvall Show” and as a co-star of “Blue Collar TV,” Engvall will be joined by a co-host who has yet to be cast. Airing as a daily strip show with an initial run of 40 episodes, LINGO will premiere on GSN in June 2011.

“Bill Engvall’s humor is a great fit for our audience,” says Kelly Goode, SVP, Programming for GSN. “We look forward to his joining our first-class line-up of talent.”

“I look forward to the new challenge of hosting a game show,” says Engvall. “I have lots of experience yelling answers at a TV set, and will certainly bring that expertise to my new role as host of LINGO.”

Engvall now joins a GSN talent roster that includes Jerry Springer, Sherri Shepherd, and Carrie Ann Inaba.

Known for his talent at sharing the humor in everyday situations, Bill Engvall is one of the top comedians working today — and among the busiest. He is a multi-platinum-selling recording artist, a Grammy nominee, and has starred in and served as executive producer of the half-hour TBS sitcom, “The Bill Engvall Show.” His feature films include “Bait Shop” with Billy Ray Cyrus and “Delta Farce” with Larry the Cable Guy and D.J. Qualls. Prior to his big screen debut, Engvall was one of the stars of the sketch comedy show “Blue Collar TV” on the WB network. The ensemble cast included Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.

LINGO is an update of a show of the same name that has been on GSN’s air since 2002, and has consistently been one of the network’s highest-rated and most durable shows. The rights to LINGO are controlled by All3Media International and licensed to ZOO Productions.

In LINGO, two teams of two contestants are given the first letter of a five-letter mystery word and five chances to identify it correctly. When a team guesses a word correctly, they earn points and a chance to win on their bingo-style Lingo card. In the final round, the team with the highest number of points earns the chance to correctly identify as many words as they can in two minutes, and another chance to achieve “Lingo” — now for even higher stakes.

Barry Poznick, John Stevens and Charles Steenveld of ZOO Productions, and J.P. Williams of Parallel Entertainment will serve as Executive Producers.

LINGO will be produced by ZOO Productions, producers of the smash hit “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” With more than 350 hours of original programming since its inception in 1994, ZOO has quickly become one of the U.S.’s premiere production companies for reality with the emphasis on comedy. Other ZOO productions include the “Celebrity Scavenger Hunt” for NBC, “Southern Fried Stings” for truTV, MTV’s “Busted,” and WE TV’s “Joan Knows Best.” Owned by London-based ALL3MEDIA, ZOO’s programming can be seen in over 150 countries worldwide.

Beverly Hills-based Parallel Entertainment has produced the Blue Collar Comedy projects, as well as a wide range of other entertainment projects, including feature films, DVD premiere films, and specials for network and cable television, including “Larry the Cable Guy’s Hula Palooza Christmas Luau,” “The Bill Engvall Show,” “Bill Engvall: Aged and Confused,” Larry the Cable Guy’s “Tailgate Party,” “Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live The Queen” and the feature motion pictures “Witless Protection,” “Delta Farce” and “Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.”

Bill Engvall, Parallel Entertainment and Zoo Productions are represented by the law firm of Del, Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein & Lezcano.

About GSN
GSN is a multimedia entertainment company that offers original and classic game programming and competitive entertainment via its 75-million subscriber television network and online game sites. GSN’s cross-platform content gives game lovers the opportunity to win cash and prizes, whether through GSN’s popular TV game shows or through GSN Digital’s free casual games, cash competitions and social games. GSN is distributed throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Canada by all major cable operators, satellite providers and telcos. GSN and its subsidiary,, Inc., are owned by DIRECTV and Sony Pictures Entertainment. For further information, visit GSN at

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  1. says

    You’ve taken a great family show, Lingo, with a touch of sophistication and turned it into a low brow UNFAMILY type of sexy, double entendre romp!! Good grief! You’ve lost our family plus friends who used to gather together to watch Chuck Woolery’s Lingo!! Shame on you………..


    You have lost a Lingo watcher. The new format needs to be dropped. We don’t need clues and we don’t need innuendos. In fact we don’t need jokes that are innuendos.

  3. Kimberly says

    What difference does it make who the host is? It’s a game show!

    Why don’t you give Bill Engvall a chance?

  4. Boricua girl says

    I want chuck back! :-( I love lingo. Anyone knows of a good website to play lingo on or if it is out there for the playstation3? What about a phone app for the game?

  5. Now Casting For LINGO says


    Do you love playing word games?
    Are you a vocabulary whiz?

    We are currently searching for 2-person teams to be contestants on GSN’s new version of LINGO hosted by Bill Engvall! Do you have a big, bold personality and consider yourself to be an expert at playing LINGO? Do you have a friend, sibling, co-worker, or spouse who you have always wanted to be on a game show with? If you have a knack for making words and can think on your feet, then this could be the perfect chance to put your skills to the test and win cash and/or prizes.

    If you’ve got what it takes, email

    Be sure to include information on each teammate including: FULL NAME, AGE, PHONE NUMBER, occupation, the city you live in, a RECENT PHOTO and a brief description of why this is the game show for you!

    **You must be 18 years of age, a U. S. citizen and be able to get yourself to Los Angeles for the audition and taping of the show.**

  6. rose says

    I can’t wait until Lingo comes back on. I agree Chuck is the only one that can do this. I am glad I switched over to DISH Network when I started working for them. I use to have Cablevision and I would not have been able to get the GSN unless I paid more for their sports package. I switched over just in time.

    • mimi b. says

      I also love Chuck and Shandie and their amusing banter. Please reconsider them when the ratings tank. OR how about 2 shows? Lingo and Red-Neck Lingo! It could be fun!

      Mimi B.

  7. says

    It’s ashame that when people get use to the Host and Hostess of the game Lingo (Chuck & Shandi), someone like the Senior Vice President (Kelly Goode) pulls the plug and has a new idea to replace the present and popular Chuck and Shandi. As far as the choice of Bill Engvall to replace Chuck, well then he just won’t fill the shoes of Chuck. As far as Shandi, again the replacement for her will be the same, and cant fill her shoes. There is a special connection between them and they work well with each other. They are very entertaining and the viewers sense the way they can connect with each other. Your choice of the change has been what many who watch the program, will agree, is a bad one! Chuck and Shandi are the best choice for the program and, they will be missed very much ! Most of all, You, SVP- Kelly Goode will miss all of the people that will no longer watch the program . Let me be the first to say, I will find another channel and NOT WATCH any of the programs offered by GSN. You did not give any reasons for the change and how the present Host and Hostess feel about their loss of the job, or what they will be doing afterward. It would be nice to hear what they have to say during a program in the real near future. I may change my mind depending on what they have to say. WHO’s with Me !
    Big Ron
    2/08/2011 @ 4:54P.M.

  8. Jane says

    I like Bill Engvall. I also like Lingo. I really don’t care who hosts, I just like playing along. I hope they updates some elements of the play that I never liked though. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  9. Jerz Grl T- From Indy! says

    Awe Man! I want Chuck!!! Where is Chuck??? Did he not want to do it any longer,or did you guyz not want to cough up the money he deserves or what?Chuck are you alright with this guy taking over your show?I may let him slide are long as he did use your
    signature phases, like: “Back in 2 & 2″ or “Nicely Done!” that’s your trademake phase.
    I only use those words in honor of you. I’m listening to LINGO right now, and I can’t
    stomach someone else running this show, darn it!

  10. rabbitchaser says


  11. samuel says

    please bring chuck back dont drag out this loser i like lingo but if they have this a–hole hosting i will not watch

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