Men of a Certain Age: Phil Rosenthal Slams TNT Over Cancelled Series

Men of a Certain Age canceledIf you were upset by the recent cancellation of TNT’s Men of a Certain Age, you’re not alone. Many viewers are upset that there won’t be a third season and Ray Romano’s friend, Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal, feels the same way. He had harsh words for TNT at the TCA press tour.

Rosenthal said, “Those idiots put six episodes on in November and then waited until July to schedule the next six as if they were trying to make sure the audience didn’t connect to it… Then they cancel it because the audience doesn’t connect to it. That’s why I say the only thing I hate about this business is the business part.”

What Rosenthal may not be considering (but what our readers know) is the fact that the ratings for Men of a Certain Age took a serious hit before the long (and annoying) hiatus. The first half of season two attracted a 0.5 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and an average of 2.16 million viewers each week. That’s a significant drop from season one which registered a 1.0 in the demo and an average of 3.19 million.

What do you think? Do you agree with Rosenthal? What could TNT have done differently? Do you think the ratings would have gotten better if they ran all of the season two episodes together?

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  1. Anonymous 2 says

    I understand that TNT thought the show would do better during the summer months (why they came to this conclusion is beyond me). However, rather than scheduling all the episodes together in that time frame, they split the season, a rather stupid idea. Just when people were refinding it during its 6 episode run, they lost it, again, and had no idea what the heck had happened.

    IMHO, if TNT really wanted this show to survive, they’d have given it a regularly scheduled time (9 PM instead of 10 would have been their first move) and then perhaps keep it the same day of the week as the first year (Monday)…and most importantly, PROMOTE IT MORE, and not just on TNT.

    Yes, Ray was on a few TV shows mentioning the show was back but really, where was Kimmel, Letterman, Leno, Fallon, Ferguson, Conan, Regis & Kelly, The View, etc etc etc visits by not just Ray but by Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher?

    THIS SHOW WON A PEABODY AWARD. It had Emmy nominations (though not nearly as many as it deserved). This is not a piece of garbage. It is/was a wonderful show on every level and if some other network doesn’t pick it up, then they’re all nuts!!!!

  2. Beth Coccaro says

    It’s getting to the point where I am ready to cancel my Comcast cable subscription because there’s nothing left I want to watch. At some point, when do I matter? I’m 44, in the demo market, and I watched this show and a bunch of other shows canceled recently – Caprica, Medium, Saving Grace, Human Target, Law and Order-Criminal Intent, Lights Out, Rubicon, Terriers and V. Give me a ********** Nielson’s box already, because I want my vote to freakin’ matter.

  3. Jeff says

    I’m so sick of hearing about this “all-important 18-49 demographics”! The only audience for t his show is over 40. When you insist on including pretty much every age as all-important you don’t get an accurate representation of viewership. Change this ridiculous importance and you probably change ratings.

  4. Craig says

    The sad part is if the network focused on the 18-49 demographic, if the overall ratings were indicating more interest. I might expect the show to have done better with viewers out of that demographic who could relate more to the show.

  5. Bonnie says

    Too good for TV. The ratings slumped because people couldn’t find it, idiots. Or perhaps having rotted their brains for years on reality garbage, people can no longer distinguish the good from the evil.

    The best show to come along in many years. Congrats to all involved for their wonderful work. Already missing you badly, but getting a lot more reading done.

  6. Henry says

    Men of a Certain Age was a really good show. I wish TNT had shown a little patience. I am wary of investing my time in any more TNT shows because they tend to get yanked after a season or two. You’re basic cable guys. Stick with your shows or switch to reality TV already.

    Oh, and Franklin and Bash is awful.

  7. Justin D says

    There are so many horrible shows on television now that get renewed year after year. A show like MOACA comes around with a great cast and storyline and it gets cancelled. Pretty much teaches me to only watch shows that are garbage, because they will stick around forever.

  8. Beth says

    Yes, there are 6500+ strong (in less than 2 weeks) who agree that TNT could have done more. There was very little visible promotion for Season 2 and the spilt season turned people off to the SHOW not the network until now it has become clear that it was a network decision. People were commenting that Ray Romano didn’t really need to work, he was just doing this as a pet project… odd opinions like that that were perpetuated by TNTs crazy scheduling! Join us on our Facebook page to save this show! We wan it to go to another network and flourish!!/SaveMenOfACertainAge

  9. Doug says

    I enjoyed the show as I am also in the age group of the men in the show. I was very disappointed in the short season. It just got started and then it ended. I was looking forward to another season, even if it was one that tied up some relationships and maybe a maturity or total breakdown of each character, especially Terry. Good luck.

  10. says

    I think that one season is only a start to attracting a loyal audience. I didn’t find out the show even existed until the middle of season 2 and I watched all of the previous episodes online to get caught up. Now I’m REALLY caught up and it gets cancelled.
    As far as the numbers go, if you have 100 million viewers in the fickle 19-49 age group, watching 50 different shows a week, that’s great. But what about having maybe 30 million viewers in the 35+ age group (a group which is rapidly growing) who you KNOW are going to faithfully watch EVERY week? (As long as they know where and when to find it).
    There’s a huge, untapped market for Men of a Certain Age. If this show doesn’t get picked up, there will be programs similar to it in the very near future. The baby boom generation is expanding and TV will have to expand with it. Which network wants to be the first to make the leap into the new 21st century?

  11. Anonymous says

    Of course I agree with Rosenthal! And I will repeat what he said….THOSE IDIOTS knew exactly what they were doing! People in this world are so vicdictive! They will go to anything to get their misconstrude points across, making it seem as though they did the right thing covering their asses, when all alone they are setting people up for the downfall! TNT needs to quit it! STOP ******** over people and DO THE RIGHT THING!

    My husband and I loved this show…we looked forward to watching it together EVERY WEEK! It was realistic, funny, and entertaining. You should get rid of some of the really dumb, predictable, boring reality shows!

  12. CJ says

    Making potential viewers search for shows is a bad idea. We have lives too…just put it on a regular schedule so we can plan it into our schedules….DUH!

  13. Grandizer says

    I never connected with the show from the beginning.
    I have watched one episode, the one where the father reposses the son’s car and gives it to another salesman…
    I will not miss it.

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