My Boys: Will It Be Cancelled or Continue for Season Five?

My BoysTonight, TBS kicks off the fourth season of the My Boys sitcom. Will it be back for a fifth season? Some of the actors expect it be cancelled but TBS doesn’t agree — not yet anyway.

My Boys revolves around sportswriter Penelope Jane “PJ” Franklin (Jordana Spiro) who has several close friends that are mostly guys. They include her brother Andy (Jim Gaffigan), competing sportswriter Bobby (Kyle Howard), DJ Brendan Dorff (Reid Scott), commitment-challenged Mike (Jamie Kaler), socially inept Kenny (Michael Bunin), and Stephanie Layne (Kellee Stewart), a fellow female writer.

The show began in November 2006. It was successful enough to be renewed for seasons two, three, and four but TBS only ordered nine installments each time. Anticipating a cancellation this time around, several in the cast have found other work, or at least they’ve tried to.

Co-star Jim Gaffigan has already left the show and won’t be in the nine episodes of season four. He’s reportedly spending more time on his stand-up career. Tonight’s season opener explains that Andy’s job has sent him to China and PJ has a hard time replacing him in the weekly poker game.

Should My Boys return for season five?

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After filming season four, both Spiro and Howard signed on for new NBC series. Spiro secured a role in Love Bites and Howard landed one of the lead roles in Perfect Couples. Unfortunately, both had to later bow out. Though it seems very likely that My Boys is finished, TBS is unwilling to say that yet and is holding the actors to their contracts.

As a result, NBC felt they had to replace Spiro and Howard in their projects. If, as expected, TBS does cancel My Boys, they’ll have lost two jobs.

Scott is a little luckier. He was hired for a recurring role on a new dark comedy series for Showtime, The Big C. Scott is still under contract to My Boys but, because of The Big C’s production schedule and his role is a recurring one, he’ll be available in the unlikely event TBS wants season five of My Boys.

What do you think? Would you like to see a fifth season of My Boys or is it time for the show to be cancelled? How would you like the TV series to end?

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  1. hbinski says

    I love my boys! I think it is a really under-rated show. It was disappointing when they decided to only order nine installments each season. I still maintain that there is nothing better than season 1 My Boys. I think this show has a lot of potential if it would be given a chance, and advertised to pull in new viewers. I feel that most of the people I know, once they watch it, they like it… its just a matter of getting people to watch it! TBS has done a better job advertising the show this time around though. So I hope it stays on for a fifth season, it would be missed!!

  2. Angela says

    I love this show. I live in Canada and I have to either illegally watch it on the internet or wait years for it to come on DVD. I love this show. It is underrated and I wish that they would order more episodes and not wait so long in between seasons. Come on TBS you have a hit on your hands give it some love.

  3. Erika says

    This show is one of my favorite shows. Witty dialogue and a female character who’s believable and NOT annoying make My Boys a must-see. I really hope it doesn’t get canceled. It would be a mistake for TBS to kill such a great show.

    ¡Una más! (or two or five seasons more)

  4. Karen2 says

    Sorry, after the first two episodes and the lost of Jim Gaffigan, My Boys look like it’s in Jump The Shark waters. I hope Rachel Harris helps, she’s so funny and I hate the thought of her joining as the ship is sinking. With the bad TBS scheduling, the main actors looking for work and weak start, lets us know it’s time to say good bye.

  5. OUTRAGED!!! says

    I agree with all comments already posted here, especially rj & karen. TBS: This is a GREAT show. PLEASE don’t emulate abc by killing the best shows (UGLY BETTY, BOSTON LEGAL, etc.) through unpredictable scheduling before they have built enough viewer loyalty for the networks to consider them lucrative enough to continue. This show is absolutely addictive! How many seasons was SEINFELD (nbc) on before anyone discovered it? (Okay, we don’t like Michael what’s-his -name for his racist rant that reached near Mel what’s-his -name lows, but that occurred later and so is irrelevant to a discussion of giving a good show a chance to take off.) I really think greed is counter-productive in this process. Recently the idea seems to be: Start a bunch of new shows (little fires), don’t promote them much, don’t air re-runs (don’t fan the flames). Just do nothing and wait (for a spark to somehow turn into a raging forest fire). If after doing nothing (at least a fire engine would not be necessary to extingush a fire) [the show is not “successful” (i.e., $$$$$$$$$$)] kill it (using a garden hose). Repeat. Wouldn’t it make more sense to approach this as an INVESTMENT (throw some gasoline on a campfire or bonfire) and give it TIME to explode?!!!!! I was disappointed to see Jim Gafigan (and his real & tv wife) gone. His married-guy persona was a nice contrast to the singles. Loved their impressions of him in the season opener. BRING ANDY BACK FROM CHINA!!! Ew. This ice tastes like freezer. Complain. Snore. Repeat. (Okay, that was paraphrased.) Anyway, PLEASE –give PJ’* (and Bobby & the gang) a chance. [*Pronounced “peege”; (give peace a chance)]. Yeah, I’m really sleep deprived, I’m about to start making references to Yoko Ono. But then, this is a smart audience. This crowd would GET the jokes. Good Night. P.S. I’m seriously considering getting rid of my tv if this show is cancelled.

  6. Dena says

    I love this show but TBS makes it so hard to watch. It’s not on very long and they don’t film many episodes. Maybe if TBS would put some effort into it. Maybe USA Network should pick it up. They know how to create new shows and make them successful. But what’s up with Bobby’s Justin Bieber hair? Ugh!

  7. Karen says

    Having seen the first 2 eps of the the fourth season of My Boys, this show is better than ever. It has always been awesome to watch the incredible chemistry the cast and the witty banter they have together that losing this show would be like losing a friend.

    I only wish that TBS would really give it the push that it deserves and market it out until people cannot refuse to see it. Most would be very happy with the result. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if TBS could allow it to air more frequently and with more eps per season.

    Please do not abandon this show. It has a lot more left in it!

  8. Brauny says

    Agree!! Keep in on… It is one of my favorite shows. TBS just re-ran some of the old episodes in prep for the new season, and I re-watched them all. They are hilarious! It would have a much bigger following if they had more episodes in a season and didn’t wait soooo long between seasons. They are not doing any justice to the show by scheduling it that way… I haven’t watched last nights new episodes last night, but looking forward to it – even though I will miss Andy! He was sooo funny.

  9. Anony says

    Not every girl is “Sex & The City” or “Desperate Housewives.” This is something different for those girls who were a little more like PJ. I hope they have another season. Or more than 9 episodes this season.

  10. kc says

    Love “My Boys” I hope it is not cancelled. Great characters & dialogue. Jim Gaffigan will definitely be missed but the other cast memebers are so great I think it will hold it’s own.

  11. Joy says

    Love the show and would definitely want it to keep coming back. Since it’s only 9 episodes each season, the episodes are almost always home runs. Missing Jim’s one-liners, but glad they decided not to really replace him, but just include Stephanie more. It would be such a huge shame and really poor taste on TBS’s part if they don’t pick it up again after forcing Spiro and Howard out of work. Upset that it’s on at 10 o-clock on a Sunday night, that seems like an even “deader” time than Friday nights. Besides, it’s the only sitcom on TBS that I even watch. Everything else is extremely annoying.

  12. rj says

    i LOVE my boys and hate to learn that Jim Gaffigan has already left but would continue to watch the show anyway. I hope it does not get cancelled. I love all the characters. To me the biggest problem the show has in creating a following is it’s inconsistent viewing schedule. It seems like i tune in at the same times each week and that it’s not there. why don’t they show re-runs in the show’s off season to create more of a following for the new season? Everybody I talk to who has seen the show, loves it.

  13. Elizabeth says

    I love this show. I will really be disappointed if they cancel it. I hate the fact we have to wait so long for the new seasons. I hope that if they decide not to keep it going that they will give it a proper ending.

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